Cerebral Palsy/motor Neuron Disease Treatment

Posted by C (Anonymous) on 02/09/2012

Hi Ted, I have read your treatment of motor neuron disease on Earth Clinic's website. I see you address mainly viruses as the cause of most motor neuron diseases and your treatment would then comprise of remedies to kill viruses and heal brain.

My daughter was born prematurely at 30 weeks and was in neonatal ICU for a month. She developed an infection from one of the tubes which took a couple of months to spread to her brain. We saw the regression happening right before our eyes. The doctors diagnosed her with cerebral palsy. She is now 9 years old and immobile and in a wheelchair. The reason I am writing to you is that I don't think she has a viral overload in her brain as I don't think viruses would grow on a tube in hospital... but I am not a doctor or scientist so I may be wrong. My thinking is that it could be bacterial or a parasite of sorts. Would your treatment protocol still be effective in this case or should I add something more to address parasites and bacteria?

Your assistance in this regard will be greatly appreciated as we have no-one else to help us.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Basically a mother may have an infection of some kind, once out of the womb, the baby's immune system takes over. If not treated properly within 24 hours from birth the infection spreads very rapidly within only 6 hours on the average, the only known infection that can spread that rapid is a virus, usually a hardy adenovirus because it resists all sorts of disinfection. The bacteria is a pretty slow grower as is a fungus. The treatment is still the same, but my focus to treat them more effectively instead of preventing them from the spread which does keep the patient surviving for a very long time (none of them actually died yet) maybe an accident (such as incompetent hospital administering the wrong medicine) but not by the disease itself, whether they be motor neuron disease or specifically Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS). The virus is always still there, but the lysine and threonine prevents their spread, thus locking in the adenovirus from spreading. And they do spread, every time the patients goes to the hospital! The adenovirus is a non-enveloped virus, and they are not destroyed by destroying their envelope as they don't have any, the only way to destroy them as well as the rest of these non enveloped virus, is some from a benzyl ring structure, such as para aminobenzoic acid (PABA) or benzoic acid, what I know is PABA will destroy it but how well, remains to be seen, but I believe their blood sugar has to be monitored, not to be too high and too low, such as keeping the blood sugar within a narrow range between 70 to 90 mg/dL after meals 1, 2 and 4 hours, and fasting blood sugar at a similar range. One exception being that 1 hour after meals shouldn't be higher then 100 mg/dL is good enough. That is to prevent problems, as a virus grows when blood sugar is high, and the other problem is PABA may cause blood sugar to be low if given at too high a dose.

The dose for an adult is given at least 500 mg x 3, on base of say small adult, say weighing at 60 kilogram, so it can be extrapolated on the dose on weight. This is the new information I might add to the protocol for the Lou Gehrig's disease, ALS and motor neuron disease.

The presence of virus is what prevents the nerves to be healed, in fact Stem cells therapy make it worse if there is more than 2 injections or treatment. So the stem cells doesn't really work, even for Parkinson's case, which as actually cured with the same protocol as for ALS, but Parkinson's is easier than motor neuron as the virus I found to be hardier and more difficult to kill.

You must make sure the bowel movements is at least 2 times a day, or the conditions may get worse.


Replied by C

Hi Ted, Thanks for your reply. I am a little confused. My daughter's symptoms took 3 months to develop from the time she got infection... took 3 months to spread to the brain. So according to your previous email it can't be viral because it took a longer time to multiply and spread.

So it is probably bacterial or fungal. Can we treat her with BHT, NAC, Colostrum, L Threonine, Vitamin C, Curcumin, Lysine, Andographis Paniculata, Trytophan, Beta Glucan and Centella Asiatica as you recommended on Earth Clinic's website?

Also where can I find L Threonine? Can't seem to find it in South Africa as a single ingredient in a supplement.

Thanks for your assistance."

02/15/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "No. It always spreads from the beginning but the symptoms sometimes don't manifest itself. But you can make the infection worse with vaccinations however at a time when the baby's immune system is under developed. The baby's immune system must be developed first before the baby can take vaccination, this fact has been known for a long time.The virus was in the brain from the beginning any additional stress brought on, then the brain becomes infected, then the symptoms show but the virus has to be in it already. The virus has to be there before it begins.

Bacteria if it goes to the brain is deadly, in the form of sepsis, or more popularly known as blood poisoning, death is often immediate. As for the fungus, that is unique in itself, from most of the clients, they manifest themselves as "autoimmune disease" where the white blood cells attack healthy cells. What was the mistake is they don't attack healthy cells, these are invading the fungus' internal cells, so if it is a fungus the baby should express itself as autoimmune disease or allergic responses, however if it is fungus it is easily taken care of (usually) by hydrogen peroxide, and other anti candida supplements such as sodium thiosulfate, etc. It's likely to be a virus, but it may form a symbiotic relationship with other anaerobes. It would be good news if autoimmune disease or bacteria, but bacteria causes constant fever, which the baby doesn't have I assume, but in virus, it can be non fever and fungus can also not manifest itself to be a fever also, but it can have allergic responses.

It would be nice to say it is a bacteria or a fungus, the reason is bacteria is treated with antibiotics and fungus is treated with antifungal remedies. So the solution for treatment is still the same.


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Bangkok, Thailand
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Thank you so much for your reply. It is much appreciated and it puts everything into perspective. I will start her on the BHT, NAC, Colostrum, L Threonine, Vitamin C, Curcumin, Lysine, Andographis Paniculata, Trytophan, Beta Glucan and Centella Asiatica right away. 2 questions:

1) Is this treatment protocol for 3 days or for 2 weeks? Or perhaps longer?

2) Also, what is the ammonia smell in the urine attributable to? The smell comes and goes. Sometimes it is so very very strong."

03/23/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "1) Is this treatment protocol for 3 days or for 2 weeks? Or perhaps longer?

The critical period is 3 days but it must be continued much longer.

2) Also, what is the ammonia smell in the urine attributable to? The smell comes and goes. Sometimes it is so very very strong.

It is a neurotoxin, it must be dealt with immediately. Vitamin C ascorbic acid is given every day until pH is 7.0, basically urinary pH.

Replied by Paul
Canton, Ga

I plan on using Methylene Blue 0.01 % soon I'm about 6 weeks in. How would this benefit me at this point?