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Posted by Alison (Bothell, Washington) on 03/31/2010

After studying Ted's thorough Cerebal Palsy remedies, I think I have come up with an easy to follow plan. I hope this helps all interested in trying it. Ted, jump in and correct/adjust if I've missed anything.

Stage 1 - Detoxification (1week) Ammonia

Magnesium Chloride 2-3 drops 3xday, 70% MC powder/30% distilled water
HCI - concentrated HCE, 1 drop per glass * optional
stop using once ammonia is under control

End of week 1 add:
B complex - B-50 1x day - grind 1/2 put in juice.
Vit C 100mg per glass - 1x day in juice

Stage 1B - Balancing (optional)
Methylene blue 1 drop .0.1%

Stage 2 - Circulation (3-4 weeks)
1/4 tsp plain white vinegar or ACV (week 1 of stage 2)
DMSO 1 drop (week 2-3 of the 3rd week of remedy)
1/16 tsp Potassium Citrate 3xday
1/16 tsp Sodium Citrate 3xday
EDTA 10-20mg 1x day, give briefly near the end of stage 2
disodium EDTA, PH buffered or a tetrasodium EDTA, magnesium EDTA never use calcium EDTA

Magnesium Chloride 2-3 drops 3x day
B -50 1 x day
Vit C

Stage 3 - Building (3 months)
hydergine 1x every 2-3 days
Nootropil 1x every 2-3 days
lithium Carbonate 12mg per dose

Replied by Z-block
Flint, Ga, Usa

Great summary. So, i would need liquid MG chloride as well as MG Chloride powder. I need to find lithium carbonate powder though. This may cost between $200 & $300 but I just i'll do 1 step at a time.

Replied by Brigitte
Lima, Ohio

I am so pleased to have found this. I was born in 1975 on the island of Guam at 26 weeks gestation to a mother who did not know that she was pregnant. Lack of oxygen caused my cerebral palsy. I've been searching and searching for exactly this. Ted's remedy. All of which makes complete sense as I have been studying natural medicine for nine years on my own accord I can follow what he's saying. Thank you so much Ted!!! Thank you Alison from Bothell, Washington for putting the simple recipe system together. Now off to find what I need to get this started. I suffer from spastic diplegia by the way.

Replied by Brigitte
Lima, Ohio

Ted's formula is working. It's late so this is a quick little note. I will come back with more tomorrow. I am a 34 year old woman with Spastic Diplegia. My father who is a physical therapist tells me that it is in fact spastic quadriplegia that I suffer from. I do have hemiparetic tremors. Now as of tonight/ this early a.m. DAY THREE OF TED'S remedy I walked down the hall into my kitchen to make a ground turkey sandwich. As I walked I felt different. I felt that my legs did not feel stiff or heavy like cement. I asked my husband to watch me walk down the hall. He watched as I walked both away from him and towards him. He said that my gait was not swinging in the hips so wildly from left to right. He said that there was no wide swing at all. As I stood at the stove making my sandwich I said to him that I indeed felt very different. By this time of night I am usually so stiff that I am cranky and in a bad mood. I told him that my legs did not feel locked or tight as they usually are which is something I have never felt in my entire life. Usually when working with my upper body my lower extremities are just miserable. Hard to explain as it's late and I need to go to bed. So I asked my husband is this how you normal people feel? Do you normal people feel as if both your upper and lower body are in symbiosis and relaxed and doing tasks is simple as if you don't have to constantly think to tell yourself what to do next, you just can do it? He said yes. I was so happy to feel this. Of course I still look the same as muscles have pulled in certain directions for so long, my bones, I'm all crooked. But it was the feeling of not being as stiff as normal and flowing (well what to me felt like flowing when I moved instead of cement. )

This is day three as I said and I use a dosage per that of my body weight. I'm running low on my liquid magnesium chloride and I fear that I will run out before I order some of the flakes from somewhere online. What will happen then? Will I have to start all over as if this never happened? Also the Hydrochloric acid I ordered is of PH 2 I believe. I take the recommended dose on the bottle which I believe is one once. I have to order the Methylene Blue as well. More vitamin C as I just ran out tonight. I will continue to log results. THANK YOU TED!!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Brigitte: Cerebral palsy in many cases (including ADD/ADHD), part of the problem is auto toxicity induced by excessive levels of ammonia, being one of them, and toxic gas from hydrogen sulfide. One of the antidotes I used is magnesium chloride, and the other is the hydrochloric acid drops. More drops may be required is magnesium is missing. Suppose, magnesium chloride I just ran out, then I might add hydrochloric acid before meals and during meals between 1-3 drops per glass of water, as the minimum dose twice or three times a day. This will neutralize the toxins mentioned. So this doesn't mean like starting over. If the toxins is out, the body will begin to recover relatively quick. But it's that long term neurological damage caused by the toxins that I am more worried about. I also tend to update my cerebral palsy remedy, not that I have a lot of cerebral palsy people here. I am practically chasing the disease while most other people are chasing cures.

In any event, I am looking along the lines of adding some lysine, glycine and threonine in treatment of cerebral palsy, especially the threonine, to increase production inside the nervous system, to produce glycine to reduce spastic condition. L Threonine powder dose I believe is 1/2 to 1 teaspoon, three times a day, should reduce spastic condition. Some neurological damage is due to permanent damage to the brain cells, such as brain death from no oxygen, but in many cases of other neurological conditions, I believe they can be reversed, but cannot due to two other conditions, namely, autotoxicity (e.g. usually ammonia and hydrogen sulfide gas) and presence of a pathogen (usually viral). In the first condition of autotoxicity, magnesium chloride and hydrochloric acid is the preferred ones I used. However, for cerebral palsy the vitamin C ascorbic acid is also seen as beneficial, to neutralize that too. As for the pathogen issue, I believe two more addition to the remedy is needed here, at the very least is 1000 mg of glutamine and 1000 mg of lysine three times a day.


Replied by Paul
Atl, Ga

How many Tbps of Magnesuim Chloride powder do I use in a solution?

Replied by Liny
2 posts

Hi. Can someone pls help me. I don't know which form of the supplements to be taken.

1.Is1000mg of L-Lysine the total dosage divided into three per day that needs to be taken or is 1000mg each to be taken three time since a day

2. I am not able to find anything under the name L-Threonine. But can find L-Theanine. Are they both the same?

3. Glutamine, is it L-glutamine?

Pls. Help. Thanks a lot

Replied by Waltz

1. It is indeed the L-Lysine.

2. L-Threonine is required and not L-Theanine. Threonine can be found in India from a company called HealthVit and insavialbale in Amazon, snapdeal and flipkart.

3. It is L-Glutamine.

Replied by Liny
2 posts

Thanks Waltz.

I am still unable to get the L Threonine. Let me search more and find it. Would you also be able to help me regarding the dosages.

Ted says Lysine 1000 mg to be given four times at an hourly dosage. Does this mean 1000mg divided into four doses per day or 1000 mg each four times making it a total of 4000mg per day?

Any idea what would be the dosage for Glutamine and N Acetyl Cystiene?

Thanks a lot.

Replied by Waltz

Please find the link for Threonine below


Lysine should be taken at 1000 mg each four times (hourly) making it a total of 4000 mg per day

Glutamine can be taken at 4 grams twice a day totaling 8 grams

NAC to be taken at 600 mg twice a day totaling 1200 mg.

Hope this helps.

Replied by Liny
2 posts

Thanks a lot, Waltz. I have got the Threonine now, thanks to you. The Lysine ( 4000mg daily) and Threonine (2000mg daily)are to be taken together, is what I have understood, and dosing is 3 days ON and 4 days OFF.

Meanwhile the Mg Cl, B 50, ACV continues throughout the week. In addition, the Glutamine ( 8 grams per day), glycine (250mg per day), taurine, cod liver oil and NAC continues all throughout the week. Am I right here?

Can an you also pls guide me with the dosage for Taurine and NAC too. Thanks. This is al for a 7 year old delayed child.

The bones of her lower limbs are having less density. Would there be any remedy to help increase the density. She doesn't yet crawl, stand, walk or talk ( except Amma and some random sounds) though she understands well. Doctors are of the opinion that once she develops sufficient core strength to sit up by herself, she will speak fluently. She had dislocated her hips about 3 years back and this was found only last year. She has undergone surgery for its correction and soon will be undergoing another surgery to have the metal work removed. But the surgery left her with flexed knees . ( Spica cast was done too tight over her ).

Waiting to hear from you.

Replied by Waltz

Taurine can be 500 mg once a day. NAC 300 mg 3 times a day totaling 900 mg per day. Also add Selenium 100 mcg once a day. Lysine 1000mg and Threonine 500 mg are to be taken every hour in the morning for 4 hours thus totaling 4000 mg and 2000 mg respectively. These are to be given 5 days a week and 2 days off. Glutamine is mostly to eliminate sugar cravings, so it can be reduced to 2000 mg per day too if the cravings are not there. Importantly, add Celin (Vitamin C) 1000 mg three times a day too. For bone density, in addition to calcium (which already your daughter may be receiving through dairy products) also ensure to give the following Vitamin D 2000 IU per day Vitamin K2 mk-7 100 mcg per day Borax 1/8 teaspoon per day (5 days a week) Magnesium Chloride is already being given. Don't loose heart if these do not show significant results in short time, it takes time to see results. All the Best.

Replied by Liny
2 posts

Hi Waltz. Would you be ble to guide me as to where I can get Borain India?

ALso is it posisble to private consult you, kindly let me know your clinics name and address. Thanks a lot

Replied by Waltz

Hi Liny,

I presume you meant Borax.

Its easily available on amazon.in


I do not have a clinic nor am I a doctor. Everything I know is through reading and learning from others and help out my friends and relatives with various ailments. You can contact me through EC or I can give you my number if you wish to call me.

Replied by Liny

Thanks Waltz. I am still not familiar with this site. I have difficulty in locating my queries and finding the responses to it. Hence I often find your responses quite late . I would love to contact you thru email or number.

The borax in Amazon, is it safe to be taken orally? Or is it supposed to be used as a foot soak only? You mentioned above 1/8 tsp borax per day .

EC: Liny, please see Earth Clinic's borax page here for details on taking borax. Waltz is referring to Ted's borax solution: https://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/borax.html

Sorry for the issues you are experiencing. If you login to your account, you'll find links to all your posts in the "My Feedback" section. We'll be redesigning the site again in 2017 and the next version will make it easier to find the information you need.

Replied by Waltz

Hi Liny,

Borax can be taken internally for the link shared although I have used a different product of the same manufacturer. Alternatively, you can also buy 20 mule borax which is available at


This is more expensive but I have used it personally for internal purpose and it is of excellent quality.

You may contact me at naturewonder707(at)gmail(dot)com

Replied by Mismaj
Lagos, Nigeria

Appreciating for your passion & Great works on CP. Pls my twin nephew, 1yr8months is diagonised with CP. Our concern now is how do I get a summary of procedure to follow given his age also the therapies, He has developmental delays, possible eye effect and all other basic cp symptoms like spasm, stiffness, constipation etc.Thanks Always

Replied by Florida

Hi, Happy New Year,

Plz if u can help me, I have a 8 yr old daughter, Scarlett who has cerebral Palsy, she is in a wheelchair and eats from a gtube, If u wud plz tell me what Teds remedy for Cerebral Palsy is, It wud be greatly appreciated, and also, I hope you are well, how are you doing with Teds remedy? I saw ur post about teds remedy and that it was working for yo, an update would be very hopeful to know so I can use the remedy for my daughter. Again, Thank you for your help and have a very Happy New Year.