4 Year Old Son Just Diagnosed with CP

Posted by J. (Jakarta, Indonesia) on 01/21/2011

Hi Ted I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. I found your blog about cp method. I just found out that my son 4 years old has cp diplegia. Here in Jakarta they don't have proper remedy for it. Can you please please help me with ur method that I can do it at home.Thank you so much for your help

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The basic supplements has to deal with the issue of autotoxicity. Basically vitamin C, ascorbic acid should neutralize that if taken for a couple of days and is the simplest of the CP protocol. Vitamin B complex, such as B50, is taken to neutralize the toxins and support liver function. Lysine maybe now accessible in some countries and this should get immune systems up to kill the unknown pathogens that are neurotoxins. Lysine is also the simples remedy that you might be able to find. There is lack of CP here in Thailand and hence, I wasn't able to have a more exacting protocol. However, the lysine is taken at for adult dose at 2000 mg, so if a child half the weight of a 150 pound person, then the dose is calculated accordingly. It is taken ideally four times a day, but first two or three dose, maybe taken hourly. Vitamin C, for adult dose is 1000 mg, so a child based on his weight is taken proportionally less, but is taken at 3 to 4 times a day. In conditions of a CP, it is required that a vitamin C ascorbic acid is used. I believe there is an underlying viral most likely, perhaps bacterial in the system that are of a neurotoxins. The best ones to kill the virus in the nerve cells or deep in there is the Threonine, at same dose as lysine, but is not absolutely required as the lysine, and is also hard to find. One overlooked numbers is to get blood test to see other neurotoxins, such as homocysteine. In my standards, if the numbers are above 7.5 I believe it is too high and homcysteine must be at a bare minimum so no further damage will cause neurological damage in a CP person. Finally I am beginning to use N acetyl Cysteine and MSM as a source for sulfur to detox heavy metals as all sulfur supplements including selenocysteine, and of course garlic, are very important in the detoxing of the system. However, this sulfur supplements are only taken separately to see if the person has positive or negative response. For sure the foundation of CP protocol for me, requires ascorbic acid vitamin C, lysine and vitamin B50 (if half the weight then likely half a tablet), as a start. If homocysteine is high, the supplements to take is betaine, or TMG (Trimethylglycine). Should the child respond positively to garlic, then there is the possibility of sulfur is needed to detox, and hence MSM, N acetyl Cysteine and selenocysteine is worth the try. Sulfur is chemically unique in that it is one of the few elements that detoxes the body of heavy metals, but also detoxes the system, as well as kill certain pathogens, especially the fungus and fungus bacteria, such as mycoplasma.

Therefore an easy home remedy that you can find locally is vitamin C, lysine and vitamin B complex for the CP treatment. The other one to help digestion is the lemon juice, three times a day, but no sugar and absolutely NO WHEAT PRODUCTS, these damage the body pancreas and may cause autoimmunity.


Replied by Deborah
Houston, Tx
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Ted! I have been reading about you.

Ted I have a 4 years old child, she was born cezerian because she was very hug the doctor said, she was always crying after I gave birth to her, they said she will be fine after 3 months of age, she eats very good by mouth, she makes sound when ever she want, the love to stand on her feet but can not, she's always laying down and smile.

Ted! Up to now that she is 4 years old, she can't sit on her own, stand, crawl! Talk or walk, but she makes a lot of effort to do them.

Please Ted tell me what supplements and directions on how to use them. Thanks.