7 Year Old Daughter with CP

Posted by Anonymous on 07/16/2011

Hello Ted - in researching a possible move to Thailand which would include my 7 year old daughter who has Cerebral Palsy, I came across some of your commentary on earthclinic.com. I am very concerned about moving to Thailand and leaving behind the therapies we currently utilize for her (Anat Baniel Method is the main one). However, I've been pretty pleased to find there are some options for us there, one of which is Thai massage. I saw a very interesting study on how it helped CP patients (in this document: http://ajp.physiotherapy.asn.au/AJP/49-4/AustJPhysiotherv49i4Abstracts.pdf).

Anyway, in doing more research on that I found your work with supplements. I am very interested in hearing more and figuring out what might be a good route to take with my daughter. She has Ataxic CP - MRI shows an underdeveloped cerebellum, she does not have enough balance to stand but is fine sitting and she bottom scoots mostly to get around.

Any information you can pass along would be most appreciated!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I think why Thai massage works is that it helps mostly circulation, but I think you should use bromelain enzyme which goes deeper into getting the blockages out of the circulation. You have to understand also that there is presence of bacteria and virus in most cerebral palsy patients and therefore need multiple, antiviral natural supplements and antibacterial natural supplements and which I think Thailand is especially abundant.


Replied by Liny
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Hi. May I know what you have done to help your daughter and were you able to give the bromelamine enzyme as suggested by Ted. My daughter too has an underdeveloped cerebellum and would love to be helped by you. Thanks in advance.