Cerebral Palsy Regimen

Posted by Z (Anonymous) on 06/02/2012

I've been following your Cerebral palsy Remedy, I stayed away from wheat products & sugar. I'm 12 four weeks in now, yesterday I took put a few drops of 99.9% DMSO into 4 oz of distilled water 2 grams of MSM 1/4 tbs of DMG 1 crystal of Thiosulfate & a drop of atomic iodine. The goal was for for DMSO to help the DMG get to parts of the brain that are hard to reach. I've been putting crystals Thiosufate in a picture so that it could help detoxify ammonia. I have also been taking about 2 grams or more of Lysine & Threonine together an hour at a time 4 to 6 times a day through out the weekend. I take 2 crystals of thiosulfate every morning with water. I also take Mg Chloride 99% most days. I take at least 5 grams of Creatine Mono & Glutamine. A week ago I started taking Tablespoons of Ceyenne Pepper everyday. Is there any other Advice you give me? could You go more In depth?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The theory as to the cause of cerebral palsy is the presence of a virus (i found) in the central nervous system. As a result, a weak electrical field that passes through a person using a Rife device, Bob Beck's device, Hulda Clark, or even a foot detoxcan induce the proper electrical conduction into the body to kill a virus in the central nervous system. Doing it by supplements is difficult to pass through the blood brain barrier by L Threonine, and maybe glycine, and some lysine, and perhaps gymnema slyvestre, by lowering the blood sugar when blood sugar is excessive, increasing the immune system, but still the electrical seems to be the key. Without going into details. it only takes 30 minutes to see if treatment of cerebral palsy works using this method, but in that case the conduction of electricity in the head region or spinal column may work better than putting on the arm in a foot detox device.

The color created in foot conduction is for "show" but it is undeniable that there is electrical condition being strapped in the arms, or spinal column to complete some of the conduction. So it is both a scam and real if you look it at that angle, but it does work, as to the colors, that is out in the water, that is clearly a scam, but the conduction is real. As to which frequency works the best, try any viral frequency in a rife device would be fine. If it works, it will work in the first 30 minute sessions for any device to try. I have a man is partially paralyzed not by nerves, but by bacteria, virus, similar to a cerebral palsy he should be able to get arm movements using just one hour session of the Rife devices, so it is worth the try, but he can gain movement using the first 30 minute session.

The reason why electricity works is the body's cells are like large ships, while the tiny viruses and bacteria are like life preservers. A tiny electrical current of any kind is like a tsunami for them but it doesn't effect the larger ships, to them is like small waves on the ship's hull. The reason why a certain frequency works is everything has a particular vibration, like a Memorex lady breaking a glass or ultrasound frequencies of water create steam, in cold water. Technically specific frequencies, for different sizes or different conduction for virus and bacteria is referred to as impedance matching, such as the creams they used in an ultrasound scanners.

"I've been putting crystals Thiosufate in a pitcher so that it could help detoxify ammonia."

There are a couple of ways you can detoxify them, one is improving the constipation (if there is constipation), vitamin C ascorbic acid will react with the alkaline ammonium in the body, and the other way is ammonium gas or its amide products readily decays, is mixed with hydrochloric acid, such as taking betaine HCl supplements do that too. The sodium thiosulfate detoxify the liver by their thio compounds (-SH) that has an oxidative product in the liver, although it does not directly effect the ammonium directly.

The presence of ammonium can be detected indirectly by their smelly ammonium urine and their pH to be over 7.5 pH. The sodium bicarbonate may be able to buffer this, but also the others already mentioned. Glutamine will help reduce some ammonia also, but need to protect the nervous system from possible excitotoxins from glutamic acid and other things, by taurine supplementation too. There are others not previously mentioned such as B2, B6, selenium, carnitine and DHEA, for example.

Actually you should see some improvement if 12 weeks have gone into the remedy, but I received no feedback.


06/03/2012: Z replies: "I have seen improvement in my gait walk this morning I took DMSO last night with mg chloride & selenium in the solution. Most improvement I have seen has been in my lower body which Im most effected by Cerebral palsy Spastic deplegia. I havent seen any improvement in my hands, or my bad nerves ( I get Jumpy) & I dont think I'm any less spastic than when I started.

I'm going to try my best to continue on with what i've been doing though, to see results. I want to try Methyle Blue 0.1 & Gota Kola. I been Eating Pineapples & papayas to help digestion of Vitamins and such that I'm taking and I mentioned Cayenne pepper which also stimulates and increases this blood flow; which gets the blood and the healing nutrition and chemicals to where they are needed most. I started taking Korean Gensing a few days ago too. I'm taking Pyroxidal, Thiamine & Riboflavin. I also made a TriSodium Phospate solution with chlorophyll, serine, Phenylethylamine, potassium chloride, MSM, EDTA, Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamine, thiamine, Lysine, Threonine, selenium CoQ10, magnesium chloride, iodine & DMG. I take a gulp twice a day."

06/03/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "You cannot eat pineapples, it must be in bromelain form as pineapple in itself contains sugar and papayas only work if it is unripe papayas, which contains more papain.

You may see some results by briefly visiting any form of foot detox place, without the need of purchasing them, especially with one electrodes going to the arms and one on the foot. Never mind about the color, it doesn't work but the electrodes going through the body helps movement of the arms. Mobility is often gained as a result, and may help spastic conditions too.


06/03/2012: Z replies: "I know an herb shop that does the feet detox for 15 minutes, I'll try it at some point. What do you think about Potassium Iodide? How would i know if the Viruses are being removed & the Ammonia is being removed from the brain because I drink alot of water & tea so unless I take alot of Vitamins my Urine doesnt smell strong. I infuse Cilantro in my teas & put it in salads thats a good detox too right?"

06/03/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "OK, detox actually requires 30 minutes, but the point is electrodes must be attached to the body, that is the key or it does not work.

How would i know if the Viruses are being removed & the Ammonia is being removed from the brain

By doing the foot detox. You can tell within 30 minutes into the program.

because I drink alot of water & tea so unless I take alot of Vitamins my Urine doesnt smell strong.

It detoxes but does not kill them as it doesn't go through the blood brain barrier. The virus is right in the central nervous system. You will know with a foot detox if the virus is present, as it improves the condition enormously and you can tell the difference in 30 minutes, electricity goes through anything, as well as electromagnetic (pulses of them create electrical impulses as you do an electrical generator as we see in our nervous system, which conducts electrical energy.)


Replied by Z
Canton, Ga

I just got a pair of 12,000 - Gauss magnets I placed 1 in the back of my spine close to where the Cerebellum & one in front by my adams apple. Im hoping the magnetic frequency removes the virus out my spine & cerebellum