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Posted by Alfred Barron (Ransit, Thailand) on 04/09/2009

Ted: We can cure the Kid on my Block. He is 5 years old and has CP. Our reference will be...Your Knowlege....The Book "The golden Seven Plus One, By C.Samuel West

His Quote Session 1 Page 11..Item 12..Scientific Fact: the Sodium-Potassium pump is the rotation of the sodium single positive ions(Na+1) and the Potassium single positive icon(K+) in and out of the cell , which generates the electrical Field produced by the Life process of the cell.. The main purpose of this pump is to bring potassium, calcium, iron,glucose, and other minerals and nutrients into the cell and to pull any excess sodium out of the cell. This is the key to the Life process and the Electricicaal engergy prodcued by healthy cells. Ted one more book..Super Foods by Steven Pratt,MD & cathy matthews. Ted Your a very busy person..I know you can save this Kid.
My Best

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The general method of approach for cerebral palsy is often to normalize electrolytes first, in particular is the sodium potassium and magnesium. Magnesium is peculiarly important. Alkalizing the brain is an important part as this is how the brain heals and regenerate itself. When this is added with methylene blue and some ribose sugar after small amount of chelation of heavy metals. Usually the brain will regenerate. It is important that the blood cells do not stick to each other and hence amino acid such as serine, and ornithine appears promising amino acid. Usually cells regenerate itself when there is sufficient electrical potential being build up, as in exercise and vibrational therapy as in whole body vibration. Electrolytes is one mentioned but electrical potential is also created through electrical charge differences between the body and the stomach and this can also be measured using Dr. Robert Becker's method of measuring electrical potential differences. Stem cells can be created with just a proper mix of colloidal silver and colloidal gold also. That's where Dr. Robert Becker discovered stem cells on people on bone fractures after a silver laced bandages was placed. Sea salt may also create some electrical potential differences more so than common table salt. When the brain is more alkalized there is more oxygen into the brain. DMSO may reach parts of the brain that's inaccessible, but a milder therapy that can be taken at larger dose includes MSM. Certain nutrients essential are taurine, possibly glutamine, vitamin B complex, some vitamin C and fish oil.

Exercise is helpful such as swimming and certain exercise so that the brain much like a person who had to walk again needs to practice after a brain concussion. The approach would be similar.

If I have time I will write a small remedy for cerebral palsy, as I also have no inquiries on cerebral palsy at the moment, so just catching up with backlogged emails are my main focus at the moment!

Replied by Paul
South Atlanta, GA

Good info, I'm 21 & I have mild cerebral Palsy, I currently am taking Zinc to balance my hormones & I want to start taking Magnesium-Calcium pills.

I need to know what would be the main nutrients to use for CP?

Replied by Jen
Tully, New York

My daughter is 10 and has CP she is spastic diplegic. I am curious to know more about home remedies. Ive read through what was written. I understand what was said about the ACV but not the last bit, is there a way to perhaps explain it more more lamen terms that I might understand better? Any help and suggestions would be great. Her muscles are so tight physical therapy is not working any more. She seems more confused and tired every day falling asleep in school even though she gets plenty of sleep.

Replied by Debbie
Port Orange, FL

I too would like to hear more about what Ted has to say about CP. My daughter is 9 and also has spastic diplegia. I too did not understand completely what was being said above. I look forward to more discussion about this. Thanks!!

Replied by Suriya
Pathumthani, Thailand

My son age 5years borned with a Cerebral palsy with no Oxygen at birth. Stayed at the hospital for 2months with Oxygen. Till now we can only do therapy massage for him as there is no cure to help him to be better condition. Right now he can start sitting but with our security watch. He could talk a lot because of taking Pig cell and Sheep cell and we saw improvement but still the physical is no change much with a SPASTIC.

Please suggest what and how to cure my son.

Thank you very much,

Replied by ZePaul
South Atl, GA

What is the best supplement to get for the highest amount of potassium?

I want to start taking potassium but it doesn't make sense to only take 99mg if you don't get near the RDA, Plus I cant afford 3-5 bananas daily

potassium &magnesium is good for Mild Cerebral Palsy which I have

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

there are a couple brands of Coconut water out in the groceries... they have around 650mg of potasium per glass... However a little pricey... but a great drink when you feel faint in the heat of the summer...saved me a couple times.

Replied by Ashively
Boise, Id

Here's a little background on my condition: I am 30 year old male living in Boise, ID. I have had CP since I was born. I've always been told it was due to hypoxia (or something like that) because I was born 12 weeks premature and my lungs weren't fully developed. I have a reasonably good level of function. I have had multiple "muscle lengthening" surgeries at the Shriners Hospital in Salt Lake City, UT and have done fairly regular physical therapy up through my last surgery 10 years ago. I can drive, speak, walk, etc. I have a job and a college degree. I am married, function "normally" sexually. I'm not sure how much info you need. I have had an MRI as recently as June 2010, my first MRI ever that showed the following diagnosis: "There are mildly enlarged atria and posterior bodies of the lateral ventricles with associated periventricular T2 hyperintensity and decreased white matter. This is consistent with the chronic periventricular leukomalacia from perinatal hypoxic ischemic episode although could be related to other chronic ischemic or inflammatory disease. "

Do you think I would benefit from your therapy? I would be interested in learning how to get started. Thanks,

Replied by Val
Bangkok, Thailand

I have been looking after an orphan child, who is 6 now, for three years. He has cerebral palsy... can't walk or sit up..though can speak quite well now... This took a long time. I am desperately searching for a way to help him.I am sure with the right help he could have a bright future.I don't know where to find the remedies Ted mentions here in Bangkok. I think with Ted's help we could do wonders for this little boy. val

Replied by Ruchi Chitkara
New Delhi, India

My son vansh is now 3 1/2 yrs. He was born premature at 7mths. , wt-1900gms. By LSCS. He cried immediately after birth but developed respiratory distress after 8hrs. Both his lungs ruptured and was given surfactant at 11hrs. Then , shifted on H.F.O. Ventilator for 11 days. He developed infection in his lungs after 5 days. Then taken off ventilator after 11 days. He had bilateral wrist drop on 13th day which was corrected after physiotherapy. Discharged on 22nd day after normal MRI which showed only incomplete myelination. He had no head control at 5mths so again MRI was done which showed diffused cerebral atrophy. Physiotherapy started thereafter.

IMPORTANT MILESTONES-His milestones are delayed. Physically and mentally he is lagging behind children his age. Started changing sides at 14 mths, he started sitting at 18 mths. He started creeping and standing with support at 2yrs and started crawling and kneeling at 2yrs. 5mths. Speech came at 2yrs. 6mths. He speaks papa , baba and mumma now. Earlier he was not able to see at 1ft. Distance but can now see at 11-12ft. But at times gets confused and closes his eyes. Short concentration span of about 5-10 secs. Mild squint is also there. His upper body is normal with good hand function but has spasticity in legs. Has a weak trunk, underdeveloped hip muscles , tightness in abductor , hamstring and ankles. He walks with support and is able to stand by pulling himself. He recognizes all family members, can tell body parts and other basic things. He tries to express himself by pointing with his hands. His stools do not have a bad smell
Pls pls let me know a treatment plan for him.

Replied by Rainbow713
Brookline, Ma

I have a 9month old son who suffers from seizure disorders but is unable to roll over, sit up or crawl and is currently taking Keppra. He has not been diagnosed with CP but would I be able to follow this regimen for him?

Replied by Laurie
Branson, Mo

Hello, I have a 20 yr old son with spastic quadraplegia CP. He can say some words ie mom, dad, good, bad, dvd, etc. He has fairly good mobility on right side but very little with left hand and leg. He's had hamstring release, and most recently a spinal fusion due to scoliosis from sitting in his wheelchair. He loves cruising the internet, tv, playing games. He's really smart. I intend to try your cure. Am I understanding correctly to do the three stages of detox first and then follow up with the remedy. Thanks so much. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa

Hi Laurie, In USA there is Sharry Edwards who practices Bioaccoustics, look her up on the net & see if it suits you but she is doing wonderful work & curing the incurable with sound. & there are trained practioners in other cities in the USA. All people in the USA should take note of this info. She treats the cause & then the symptoms go away. She is a very sympathetic lady with with a very special talent.