Ted's Advice For 3 Year Old Son with CP?

Posted by Lotte (Malaga, Spain) on 10/31/2010

Dear Ted, I just found the earthclinic-page and I am very excited about the cerebral palsy remedies. My 3. son was born 3 weeks early 2,8 kg 9/10 apgar test, that is all perfectly normal, but when he was 2 weeks old he got very ill with apnea. What seems to have happened was that I had without knowing it had hooping cough which I passed on to my son who so young and a little premature couldn`t breathe; later after 2 weeks in hospital (1 of which he was attached to a breathing machine a respirator(?)) he also had meningitis, which gave him an epileptic crisis and in the hospital they gave him a too strong dosis of valium, so they almost killed him.

He was 2 months when we got him home again and I was lucky to be able to pick up breastfeeding him again continuing that untill he was 2 years old and I had his little brother. Summing up it has been 21 years of fisiotherapy, speech-therapy, indian baby-massage with lukewarm oil, riding, swimming and even sailing for disabled, special sports like "race-running" (cpisra-sport); and for some years now dietetic suplements such as : phosforiserina, e-epa, and carnosine. These 3 product have made my son improve in various aspects such as speech, socialiability, maturity, intelligence. And that improvements makes me certain that things can be done by healtfood-suplements.

To describe my son now, he is a wheelchair user, he has epilepsia, he was blind untill 1 year old has now a usefull vision, he has spactic form of cerebreal palsy with a distonic component. He took "Depakine" (valproic acid) untill 14 years old when he had been without seziures for 5 years so we stopped giving it to him; but this year he has had an epileptic attack and the doctors have ordered him Depakine 500mg 2 x day (I only give him 500 mg x day though) Lately I have read about magnesium clorid in one of those e-mail letters that is send around where it was told all the benefits you have from magnesium one of them being an epilepsia remedy, so I started giving him this magnesium pills from Biosym which contains magnesium in these 2 forms Magnesium-L-Pidolat and Magnesiumdioxid. Now in that e-mail it also said that magnesium could cure cerebral palsy so I searched the internet and ended up finding earthclinic´s page.

I will start with your cerebral palsy remedy-cure, when I can afford it which will hopefully be by next month, by now I am starting up with 2 x 300 mg of the magnesium pills a day. I will be keeping you informed of his progresses but I would like to ask you if you have any special indications in my sons case? I have also tried to look up Edgar Cayce on cerebral palsy but was not able to find on the internet any specific recomendations about it. The dietist recomended me to give him also b-vit-complex together with the magnesium but I understood that that comes in later, is it so? Finally, I would like to thank you so very much for all your work helping so many people!


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Lotte: I believe most of the problems is the ammonia, there is some debate as to the toxic hydrogen sulfide, if it is in excess, usually evidenced from bad smelling stool, found in nearly all people with mental disability such as ADD, ADHD, cerebral palsy, and then some, has to do with this sort of gas. The good news Hydrogen sulfide, in the presence of hydrogen peroxide is converted into more safer sulfate form. This remedy was missing in my original cerebral palsy remedy and might be of further help also. The dose is not necessarily taken everyday, but is a 3% H2O2 one capful per one liter of drinking water. It's also not taken everyday, but once every three days should be sufficient.

Ammonium once they are gone will usually keep coming back for various reasons, but the dose can be taken in intervals if you think it's not needed or gone. However, in practice I will keep on giving them until it levels off, at which time I give at regular intervals such as twice or three times a week being the bare minimum for the betaine HCl, vinegar, apple juice and B complex. Those four things tend to neutralize the ammonium, by acidity, and if you don't have all of those, B complex and vinegar is required, unless it's severe, so you may need the HCl, which in my case was a severe one. Unfortunately the parents I treaded, the child can walk and everything, at which the parents of that child, started saying that they don't need these supplements anymore and the child just need exercise. At which case the child started deteriorating after discontinuing for about a month. Then they went to other things, such as exercise, and other things, but was not helpful.

As to your questions:
fish-oil 650mg of E-EPA
250mg vit. C
300mg Potasium
300mg l-carnosine
500mg l-lysine

As for the above supplements you are taking, I believe fish oils, you need once or twice a week. Human in general generally has a low tolerance to ANY oils, but they do take it much not sufficiently large, because liver's limited capacity to process them, with one peculiar exception to some extent is the coconut oils. They tend to benefit from these as liver concerts the coconut oil component, the Middle chain triglyceride into ketone bodies and is needed by the brain cells for energy. Hence coconut oil at the very least 1 tablespoon once a day to twice a day maybe helpful.

As for the vitamin C, I have found that a form of vitamin C most helpful is the ascorbic acid, rather then sodium ascorbate, as this too neutralize the ammonia and possibly hydrogen sulfide, that tend to exist in larger quantities for people with mental disability due to intoxication of these gases.

As for potassium, due to lack of cerebral palsy people here in Thailand, I haven't quite tested this idea yet, but is required in having some calming effects. The form of potassium I prefer is potassium citrate. Magnesium is absolutely required also, but the only form that is helpful, without ANY CALCIUM added to the supplements, is the magnesium chloride. If you can prepare your own magnesium chloride solution it is roughly 60 to 70% magnesium chloride and 30 to 40% water. It's given in drops, such as 10 drops mixed with the lysine and other things such as vinegar is fine. It's taken usually twice to three times a day.

As far as carnosine is concerned, its quite fine as it is a heavy metal chelator and 250 to 350 mg a day is roughly an optimum dose. Usually taken once a day.

Now my question to you is about l-lycine: should he take 1000mg 3 x day ? If it is so we will have spent the box in 10 days; will that be enough time to have eliminated the pathogen?

Lysine works best if taken hourly dose for 4 doses for a minimum of two or three days. The absolute minimum dose as a long term maintenance dose is taken at once a day or twice a day. The dose required is 1000 mg once a day, after the critical three days to kill the pathogens. Lysine IS required as part of human diets and 40 years ago in the U.S. they did request the FDA to be fortified in the human diets, which they didn't. So the manufacturers decided to give them to all the livestock animals, except humans. It costs less maintanance if lysine is added to livestock animals, but commercially it is more profitable to keep maintenance in human health as high as possible through susceptible diseases. You buy more pharma drugs.

I have asked the dietist about threonine, taurine (which seems to help against epilepsy) and glutamine and glycine; now my question when and how long and how much of these?

You don't need to take them very long for these. A month would do. Also glutamine must be taken together with taurine and glycine. Theronine increases glycine in the nerve cells and are neuroprotective and reduces spastic condition. If the cerebral palsy children DON'T HAVE spasticity, then they probably don't need this. If we want to reduce some costs of amino acid, to keep costs down, then whey concentrate, with NO sugar, NO sucralose, is taken instead, but never the recommended dose on the bottle or on package. The dose are way too high. I prefer a much smaller dose, such as 1 teaspoon only once in the morning, or perhaps twice a day. I DO NOT USE SCOOP dose that is recommended in the bottle. They tend to worsen the condition. The human digestion system is not a perfect system, it can't digest all that protein in one sitting. At any time, it may digest roughly 1 teaspoon per hour of whey. Again these are my estimates.

What is clearly missing in the supplements you mention that I use on frequent basis, in most mental disability that is very helpful is the hydergine and piracetam. Hydegine 2 mg a day and piracetam 800 mg a day. This is taken for 5 days out of a week with 2 days off. The 2 days off is absolutely require to toxins and metabolites don't build up. If they do they become auto toxic. I had a couple of cases like this and it occurs on the 8th day of the supplements and this prevents further improvement. Most centers that treat this may make a mistake by taking them continuously. In other case they take on one week and two week off which also take way too much time for improvement. They overlook the fact that hydergine and piracetam, if taken for too long the metabolites itself become neurotoxic and because the body's limited ability to detox requires on the average of 2 days after the accumulating substances for 5 days, requires 2 days clearance. The other thing not mentioned is the lecithin, which I see as helpful. I tend to use granulated lecithin.