6-year-old with Low Muscle Tone

Posted by SC (Anonymous) on 04/30/2012

Hi Ted, I have been reading alot of good things on Deirdre's website, earth clinic. I have a 6 year old daughter that has low muscle tone, a form of cerebral palsy. She can sit really well but is not walking or talking is there something natural that can help her and how much do i give her?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There are some forms of virus (usually) in the central nervous system that are responsible for much of the problems since mothers get infected during term pregnancy, whether the mother knows or not, and the birth was infected from the beginning with a virus. But if during birth has some infections, the bacteria enters that way. The best treatment overall is lysine for a 6 year old, on basis of weight, I would say 1/2 teaspoon for the first four hours, in the first 3 days, thereafter, 1/2 teaspoon an hour for at least 2 hours a day. This is the minimum, to kill the virus.

The past three weeks has been hectic for me as I managed to borrow, a rife machine, is called the BCX ultra, and I would test frequencies having to do with virus clear function, using the ray tube in their MP program, and there is a Cerebral Palsy frequency that help inactivate that. I have tested and find that it does, in only one or two sessions, if there are services available in your area. From there you concentrate your efforts with lysine, centella asiatic for neural growth, and possibly to help the circulation, bromelain and digestive enzymes.

Every cerebral palsy patient is different, but it helps to pay attention to stool smell, if it is unusually smelly, you don't have to smell, you know it! There are problems of the digestive system, usually linked to liver congestion. The remedy I would concentrate on is the B50 given for only a week to help with normalization of digestion functions, thereafter how much B50 she needs depends entirely on digestion and eating problems. Another area is urine pH, people with cerebral palsy may have very alkaline pH and high ammonia, and to make them more acidic to neutralize the ammonia, my favorite remedy is vitamin C ascorbic acid only, and I will concentrate on pH of just 7.0 or close to that, such as 6.8 to 7.2 for example. Anywhere over 7.4 pH is unacceptable.

The reason why she doesn't talk and walk is there is not enough energy to go to the brain to order it, it could be due to neural toxicity of the ammonia found whenever the pH of the urine is above 7.4, or it could be due to virus (usually) infection of the central nervous system, but it could be due to circulatory system in which case bromeliad will help the breakdown of clogged protein caused by sticky blood platelets. It could also be due to the digestive issues so that the liver is depleted (such as B50) and improper movements of the bowel, such as constipation or diarrhea (usually) that needs to be addressed. If the child has bloating for example, it is due to lack of stomach acid due to liver depletion of vitamin B complex, at which the addition of betaine HCl will help or concentrated Hydrochloric acid 2 drops per glass of water during eating will also help.

You mentioned muscle tone, that is helped with BCAA (branched chain amino acid), maybe one teaspoon a day is a good start, and creatine monohydrate HCl, 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. The creatine should boost some muscle tone, but there is two more that will do that, vitamin D3 5000 iu for a child a day with magnesium citrate 50 mg. It takes a month for the muscle tone to improve. But remember, neural control is vital to keep muscle tone in shape also, as neural toxicity from ammonia can also worsen the muscle tone.

There is more to this remedy but I can't post them due to legal issues, but I think this will more then keep you busy for the next couple of months anyway.