Natural Supplements for Motor Neuron Disease

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 11/30/2011

Dear Ted, I found your email address on the Earth Clinic website, having read all of the page dedicated to Lou Gehrig's Disease/ Motor Neuron Disease/ALS.

My Mum was diagnosed with the disease in the Summer, having had Breast Cancer (November 2009) followed by Radiotherapy treatment here in the UK. When the Radiotherapy treatment ceased, she became unwell and has not been well since then (January 2010).

On the Earth Clinic website, you recommend a variety of different vitamins to try and stop the further progression of the disease and also the reversal, if possible. I note that the main vitamins prescribed are as follows:

  • Lysine
  • Threonine
  • Humic Acid
  • Piracetam
  • Hydergine

Please could you advise how much she should take of the above, for how long and at what dosage. Thank you very much for your help. It is greatly appreciated. Best wishes

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The remedy would significantly delay the progression of Lou Gehrig's Disease. As far as remedies are concerned, you won't generally die from it.

The sources of Lou Gehrig's disease I found were mostly from the hospital. So people often get it in the hospital mostly via invasive surgery and other medical procedures. I had a client of mine stabilized and recovering until he needed a minor surgery for an unrelated condition and it got terribly worse once out of hospital and he had to be stabilized again. No hospitals today use any UV light bulbs, which kill viruses. They were replaced with alcohol gels, which kill bacteria but never viruses. That is the major change and is resulting in deaths from virus related diseases such as Lou Gehrig's. Now I don't have the equipment as do hospitals but these can be easily eradicated, but politics is what is preventing the hospitals and administrators from doing the right thing.

The key remedies initially are lysine and threonine, then later glutamine, and zinc is really to stop the progression more than anything else. But that won't work with eventual recovery or reversal, that needs a lot more work.

If you can afford that's mentioned, then the schedule will be:

  • 1000 mg lysine every hour for 4 hours in the morning and evening
  • 500 or 750 mg of Threonine every hour for four hours in the the morning and evening

The above is usually done for three days, in order to reduce cost (cost is a major consideration in my clients), it is given at every hour for 4 hours in morning and maybe, every hour for 3 hours in evening.

The above will stop the progression, but piracetam and hydergine are not major parts of the remedy, they are just to help neural growth somewhat, but mostly certain types of neural growth, and it may not be motor neurons that is needed, The above remedy is to kill the adenovirus, but these are tough to kill and you may need other remedies, zinc acetate is one, but their eventual accumulation will lead to vomiting if given in excess of 1 month. And glutamine must be given, to help muscle recovery, and that can be given in the 4th day or 5th day, at 1000 mg x 4. And for further recovery is BCAA (branched chain amino acid) is needed after the second week, which is needed 1000 x 4. The homocysteine is critical to maintain blood homocysteine near optimum such as 6 or 7, most people have higher, and may be lowered quite easily with TMG or Trimethylglycine (the regular kind without the HCl). It is taken at 1/2 teaspoon twice a day.

Now Lou Gehrig's sufferers may have breathing problems and lowered lung capacity if you measure it, and this may be increased to twice the amount by vitamin D2 20,000 iu taken every other day, with magnesium chloride usually 8 drops before meals twice a day.

These are the most important ones I know of initially anyway, but there are problems you need to be aware, such as mucus issue is serious for Lou Gehrig's which get clogged. We must give more than the required, as it has also antiviral properties, such as 1/8 teaspoon every hour for 4 hours, in evening, and morning maybe just one dose. These developed around the lungs, but also appears in intestines as soft form mucus or hard form (mucoid plaque you hear about in detox clinics). The cause is not detox per se, it is lack of cysteine, the preferred form is N acetyl cysteine. This will prevent obstruction of breathing passages. The zinc is ideally between 10 mg to 50 mg for only a month, thereafter just maybe once a week.

For cancer you must be also aware that blood sugar is the issue, and the three important supplements to really get the sugar levels down are vanadium, chromium and lecithin, and MSM. Vanadium, maybe vanadium sulfate 10 mg, chromium polynicotinate 1 to 2 mg, and lecithin granulated (never softgel) 1000 mg, and MSM, maybe 1000 x 4. Once blood sugar is between 80 to 90 mg/dL, then the Lou Gehrig disease and cancer won't spread. That's a 97% probability (within) one year, so that's a good one. No sugar, no sweet fruits is the major theme in treating cancer. The vitamins necessary for weakness are vitamin B 50 and vitamin C, and maybe vitamin E 200 iu. minimum.