Spinal Cord Viruses and Als

Posted by Chanida (Bangkok, Thailand) on 04/19/2010

Dear Ted, have been one of your fanclubs in earthclinic for many years and have read your post concerning ALS. I understand that your remedies are based on the presumption that ALS is caused by virus around spinal cords and focus on killing those virus. Is my understanding correct? However, it is unclear that virus infection is the exact cause of ALS. So if it is scientifically proved later that virus is not the cause, is your remedy for ALS still helpful? Also, it is commonly said that ALS is potentially a 10% heredity disease which supports that no viral factor should be involved. Please help me get out of this mystery!! Your kind response in this matter would be much appreciated kha. I can be contacted via [email protected] Thanks, Chanida

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Chanida:

In 1983, a neurosurgeon in Montreal found the presence of adenovirus in all the ALS patients but not in the controls. As to whether using the antiviral remedy would work or not on people who don't have adenovirus or virus,a very easy way however, to test whether my remedy will work on a non-virus is not the issue, it is whether how successful would the remedy be in all the patients with ALS. The answer is simple, I don't have that many clients with ALS. All I know is one in Bangkok and another one from earthclinic and has been responding well. The one Thai local hospital that I know of zero successes with ALS and that's about 12 deaths in a row. As for the update for the ALS patient here in Bangkok, she's regaining the leg movement and can now walk, with her walker of course, something she can't do even before she was admitted to the hospital. Therefore the treatment is two fold: one is to kill the virus and prevent their advancement. For me the second part is most difficult: regeneration of motor neuron, which is doing well so far, although a slow one, using acetyl l carnitine and alpha lipoic acid, where total alpha lipoic acid portion exceeds 500 mg a day in somewhat equal ratio more then alpha lipoic acid on dose per day, plus colloidal silver prepared in a 3% H2O2 solution (yes, silver has extremely high surface area to absorb the oxygen!), and centella asiatica (Thai name: buabok) or another common name Indian pennyworth that's taken everyday. I believe most of the successes are the centella asiatica and the colloidal silver prepared in H2O2 3% mix. Proving whether there is or is not a virus on live patient is not generally recommended since the method of finding adenovirus, at least by the neurosurgeon who reported the adenovirus required performing autopsy, which means the patient has to be dead before proving whether there is a virus, only after the fact. Of course its not helpful to go that route. Assuming that doctors KNOW the cause is a virus, doesn't mean they can kill it. There is no known antiviral cure by their present conventional methods. Since adenovirus is the similar in some respects to polio, looking from the point of view of infection along the spinal column and their resulting debilitation of walking, you would think by now that if there is an antivirus medicine they could also easily cure the polio, without the need for vaccines, further more the doctors would have cured any flu in one day if there was such an antivirus drug, which they don't So I am faced with three issues, one is to find the most likely cause, the second is to find the antivirus remedy and the third is to regenerate the nerves once the virus has done it's damage. Therefore it was not that easy since I also have to determine proper dose, frequency and other things such as getting them out of a coma, which required other remedies altogether. Maybe someday we can have diagnostics, but the antiviral remedy I have here had done very well in Alzheimers and Parkinsons.