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Posted by Jim (Usa) on 06/04/2014

Dear Sir, I know you recommend lysine and threonine for ALS patients (in the earthclinic.com site). I am extremely interested on the issue since my sister was recently diagnosed with this disease. Are there any newer discoveries? (since that post was 3 years ago).

I am also a little concerned because in 06/09/2012, someone named Chris made a post at that site, saying that an ALS patient who took these two amino-acids had a breathing deterioration caused from extreme mucous (after stopping threonine her breathing capacity improved). Is there any answer to this?


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Everyone with breathing problems has mucus issue whether on the amino acid or not. I always give two things NAC 1000 mg four times a day and drink a small amount of hyaluronic acid .5 grams to 500 cc water mix with sea salt 5 grams also. The small amount tsken each time is 50 to 100 cc of this to help loosen up mucus. Lithium and potassium iodide are two additional ones essential. At 1 to 2.5?mg lithium chloride and maybe some potassium iodide to prevent a deficiency ftom lithium use.?

I went much further in developing a protocol for ALS but because clamp down by authorities on me and attacked by local newspaper I decided to contribute less to earthclinic.

Mucin or mucus is important for gut health and is important for protection of intestinal barrier or you get constipated and further deterioration of ALS. So you must address the mucus with NAC and hyaluronic acid to help breakdown in lung as a result of thiocyanite deficiency that kill pathogens in the lung.?