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Posted by T. (Usa) on 12/27/2014

Hello Sir,

Hope you are doing very well. I have been reading your information given on ALS at Earthclinic and appreciate your time, effort, and knowledge given in the subject of remedying ALS.

I would like to ask you, when your time allows, the protocol you would suggest for my dad as he has been diagnosed with

The primary problem now, and what seems to be in his case, the initial symptoms he had experienced, is breathing problems. A little more than a year ago he was finding himself short of breath on a walk, then this past March he noticed when he went to lay down flat, he could not breath comfortably, in July he started mentioning it a little more, we went for another walk, and I found his endurance had severely diminished.

We initially thought it may be blood vessel blockage, but when seen by a cardiologist, the cardiologist noticed twitching in his upper body and referred him to a neurologist. We didn't get very far with the neurologist, my dad had gotten himself out of breath one day, we brought him to the hospital, they put him on oxygen, he was fine for a while, then his CO2 level went very high. That seems to be the greatest problem right now. They are saying due to ALS, his neuromuscular action in his chest is not sufficient enough to engage his lungs as proficiently as they should be. He can take a good inhale but does not exhale proficiently. We can see in the lower third of his lungs in an xray there is white which is said to be from hypo-trophy of the lungs due to ALS. His arm and leg strength has never been terrible, they are only now showing deterioration due to the ALS but more so the amount of time in bed.

So right now he is on a trach with a vent. He went on the vent 28 Oct 2014. He has a lot of anxiety which is not helping his coping with the trach and vent. He is also on a peg tube for feeding.

May I ask you when you are able, would you please lay out what your protocol would be with him if he were to come to your office at this point.

In the reading at earthclinic, I see there may be an initial 48 hour regimen you may use, then a maintenance regimen after that. If you could address the ALS, and also anything that would help support his lungs while we stop the ALS.

If you could prescribe it as something like:

"For the first 48 hours for ALS I would prescribe: item "A", the dosage, and the time of day to take each dosage item "B", dosage, time of day, etc.... for ALS maintenance I would do/take this: For lung support I would initially do/take "this" at this dosage, for "this" amount of time, and maintenance would then be "this"

Also anything for anxiety you would suggest?

If you would include any topical treatment as well as the internal elements you would list above, I would forever be grateful.

Thank you very much for your time Mr. Ted, my appreciation could never be justified with words. Take good care, thank you again, and I'll look forward to hearing from you when able.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Unknown to most doctors the body can regain the ability to breathe if NAC and taurine is given consistently at least 3 weeks to one month. But this is needed for the long term for mostly ALS patients. The amount to take is usually 1000 mg 4 times a day for both NAC and taurine. Lithium to prevent the adenovirus from growing maybe 2.5 mg before sleep. Will extend lifespan. Should strengthen immune system with beta glucan.

Replied by Hhk
Austin, Texas

Mr. Ted

Have been on your treatment for about a year...

Just found you posting again and was reading about polylysine and having hard time finding any where to buy it... do you know of any sources?

How else have you updated your protocol?


Replied by Sara

Hi, I'm hoping you can help me out by getting back to me on your regime/treatment you have been on for the past year and how you are doing on that. My mom, who has ALS, has been on Deanna Protocol since Feb and Rilutek since April. Her arms are consistently getting weaker, she has foot drop and walking with a limp now, along with problems projecting her voice. Any input for me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Sara

Replied by William

Mr.Ted, Als, diagnosed 2012. On coconut oil and L-Lysine. Still declining. Sleep with C-Pap ventilato. Please help me. William

Replied by William

Als disease 20 12 declining on walker. Foot drop and getting weaker. Thx. William austin Texas,

Replied by Oyinlola

Hi Ted,

Please see the below.

Had progressive muscle issues since September last year. I started twitching less than some months after. The weakness is now on both arms and tongue. I started using Tudca hoping this can help and was wondering if you have an updated plan on nerve issues?