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Posted by J. (Usa) on 10/06/2014

Hi Ted,

I wonder if you could help with some advices on treatment for a late stage of ALS.

I have a friend which is in ICU at the moment as he is not able to breath and they keep taking out lots of mucus from his lungs. He was diagnosed 2 years ago with Lyme Disease but all the antibiotics and antivirals made him worse and worse. He is not able to walk or talk since last summer. Also he was fed through a tube all tis time.

Do you think is anything we can do to help him or is this the end? The doctors in ICU keep saying that there is nothing they can do as ALS doesn't have a cure.

Please reply to my email asap as he is in a very critical state.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There is a lot of things you can do. The most important is the mucus and toxins. N acetyl cysteine 4000 mg 6 times a day and taurine 1000 mg 4 times a day. This will remove toxins. Methylene blue 0.1% 20 drops morning lunch and dinner. Adenovirus can be protected with poly lysine 1000 mg 3 times a day to kill it. Ted

Replied by J.

The boy with late stage ALS is now out of hospital, out of coma and much improved because of your advice on treatment. When they got him out of the hospital the Dr.gave him 24 hr to live but he is still alive and breathing on his own. From time to time he goes in a deep and long sleep and he also loose all his muscles. He is skin and bones and still can't move. His family is massaging him with clove oil and also follow ur treatment with lysine, n'acethyl cysteine, taurine and methylene blue. But we want to know how long we continue with this treatment and what we can add for further improvement. What we should give him for his muscles?

Please help us with more treatment advice!

Thank you.

Kind Regards.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Apple cider vinegar or distilled vinegar is applied topically to the lower neck area or lower base of the skull. This is fast acting antiviral to kill adenovirus in the nervous system and zinc gluconate.

For his muscles the needs BCAA or branched chain amino acid in addition to NAC or N acetyl cysteine and taurine. At 1/2 teaspoon each twice a day and BCAA and lysine at 1/2 teaspoon each 3 time a day.