Als Supplement Questions for Ted

Posted by E. on 05/05/2011


Hi Ted...We found you on Earthclinic and have just completed the 48 hour lysine and threoninet treatment. We do not know when and how to incorporate the glutamine in now. Do we understand correctly that once we finish the 48 hourly doses that we maintain it from there at four daily doses? When do we add glutamine? is glutamine really recommended for ALS? We have seen that it is not recommended for ALS. I have ALS, have lost most of my muscle mass and am very weak, having difficulty breathing. I can still walk, but now too fardue to breathing and blood pressure issues due to weakness. What do you recommend I do now that I have completed the 48 hours initial lysine and threonine dose? Also, my nutritionist says calcium is imperative for nerves, etc. Why do you not recommend calcium? Can I take calcium whole food supplememnts from spinach? I hope you can advise me most importantly about long term recovery and glutamine use. Please respond to me ASAP via email. Is it safe to use glutamine and when and how should I incorporate it in to my lysine program? Thank you very much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Critical is the first two, but I also give with glutamine. The lysine is antiviral the threonine enters the the blood brain barrier and kill the virus. The glutamine if added to the lysine doesn't to harm, but it gives the patients muscle mass which can be given mixed with lysine say glutamine 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon and lysine with 1/2 teaspoon. The remedy what it does is stop the progression of the disease.

There is a side note the story however. There was a family that that two children. The first brother who was about 7 was afflicted with the same condition which was a motor neuron disease. It's probably not the ALS kind but who knows: The brother dies of the diseases a year prior to meeting me. The it happened again to their little daughter I believe she is 5 years old. The child was paralyzed from the neck down. He couldn't eat and her whole body movement was paralyzed. The went to many the hospitals in Thailand and gave the vitamin Bs and other things. Things went from bad to worse. As a last chance a foreigner recommended the patient to me. by the time the met me her condition detiorated very fast. I gave the a lot of antiviral substances and after three days showed no sign of improvement. So I assume it was probably a bacteria that was missed by the hospital. So I recommended doxycycline taken 3 times a day for three days after they were on my antiviral supplement for three days and showed no sigh of improvement. After three days a they called me and the child has regained most of the movement back. Sometimes it is virus and sometimes it is bacteria. The reason why I used it is not commonly recommended by hospital and it has some amazing properties one of which is its ability to activate the P53 genes which prevents cancer. but also promotes anti-aging, and a host of other benefits. So it may have been the P53 it is activating that the virus or the bacteria is bound which prevents this paralysis.

As for the lysine after 48 hours. I think you need 4 - 8 times a day, along with threonine and glutamine.


E. responds, "Aloha Ted...Thank you so very much for your quick response and all of your info. We are very thankful to have someone like you out there in the world. Just to make sure we understand correctly, now that we have done the 48 doses, we should continue between 4-8 maintenence doses from this day forward? I am wondering do we add the glutamine to each of those maintence doses and for how long do we keep the glutamine added to the lysine and threonine maintenence doses? I have been worried about adding the glutamine because of reading that people with ALS have high acidic levels and glutamic acids and that the glutamine may make the ALS worse. I trust your advice though, so I will add it, I just need to know how long to keep it in the maintenence dose. Another question I have is: Once we have done the 48 hour doses, do we ever need to do that again? Eddie was just hospitalized for four days, so we did it again to make sure the virus did not wake back up again while he was in the hospital without the lysine and threonine follow-ups. Now we will begin the follow-ups again and include the glutamine. Did we do the right thing? Also, we read in one of your postings that ALS always has a low-grade fever, but Eddie never has what is considered a low grade fever whenever they check it, but he has been diagnosed with ALS. What is a low grade fever with someone who has ALS?? Please keep up the good work and when you find the cure, please advise us..Until then we will try to keep it at bay. When we finished the 48 hour treatments, Eddie's blood pressure has stabalized. It was getting real high everytime he moved around or tried to walk even short distances. It has been normal! He seems to respond well, but his muscles are really getting weak, so we will add the glutamine. I wonder if the motor neurons are dying in the brain due to the high acidic levels causing an ammonia effect in the brain?? And could the virus be causing the body to be so acidic? Could the motor neurons be dying due to the high aciditic levels in the brain? Oh yeah, what kind of a diet should we use? Also, we are wondering how 48 maintenance doses will keep the virus sleeping? Couldn't it wake back up during all the other hours? SHould we do the 48 hour treatment again every once in awhile? or perhaps 12 hour treatments periodocially or just regular maintenence doses? Thank you so very much. Mahalo Nui Loa! Hawaiian for thank you very much!!!! You give us hope...Blessings to you."

Ted replies, "My recent follow up on ALS is I have cured at least one case of ALS, yes he is beginning to walk. There is possibly one cases of Motor Neuron Disease I cured that I have mentioned. But the ALS I cured requires elaboration.
Yes glutamine is always added but it has to be added with the lysine and glutamate and glutamic acid is not exactly te same chemically. You need to check your pH urine and saliva. Each must be at least 6.5 to 7.3 but at least 7.0 would be acceptable.

The case ALS I cured I gave something extra which I believe to be as follows:
1. vitamin C without calcium. 500 mg three times a day
2. Asiatica centella (indian pennyworth) 1/2 teaspoon three times a day
3. Beta glucan (must be mixed with vitamin c) 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 teaspoon. Preferably 1/4 teaspoon twice a day.
4. Hydergine 2-4 mg
5. Piracetam 800 mg

The aspartame, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, and glutamate has to be avoided. There are two plans you and do this.

One is 4-8 doses once once. There is the second plan I also use, 4 dose in morning hours and 4 doses in the evening hours. I prefer you do the second plan.

Threonine is all important you can add 1/2 teaspoon if your budget is not limited like me, with the hourly dose for 4 doses.

There is the 3 day plan you can do which kills suspected bacteria as the cause which restored movement if child. But the adult dose is as follows:

doxycycline 1 tablet x 4 doses for 3 days.

I suspect some bacteria may also be responsible also, The cause is never one cause. You look at airline disasters and its always multiple causes also.

Low grade fever existed when ALS is on the lysine until it is extinguished is one case I did see. So it may not show or show when you have it.

After a few days you can give him 1/2 teaspoon of colostrum for about a week x 3. These will regulate and normalized his immune systems which is beta glucan and the collostrum.

As to your other questions: what kind of a diet should we use?
Fish and vegetables.

Also, we are wondering how 48 maintenance doses will keep the virus sleeping? Couldn't it wake back up
during all the other hours?

Yes it could.

Should we do the 48 hour treatment again every once in awhile?

Yes you could.


Replied by E.

Aloha Ted... I have finally located and been able to order the following:

  1. Lysine, Threonine, Glutamine
  2. beta Glucan capsules
  3. Lugol's Iodine 2%
  4. Magnesium Chloride
  5. Vit. C. powder
  6. Colostrum plus powder
  7. N. Acetyl cysteine
  8. Centella Asiatica
  9. Andrographis Paniculata capules
  10. BHT capsules
  11. Curcumin
  12. Doxycycline

I haven't received all of it yet, but I do have the Lysine, threonine, glutamine, and the Asiatica Centella. While I am awaiting delivery of the rest, could you please be so kind as to help me with a plan of how best to incorporate all of this stuff in to a daily plan for E? I am confused about dosages and what should be given at the same time with what. One of your remedies says to give Beta Glucan 1/8, N Acetyl cysteine 1/8 and Vit C 1/8 every four hours twice daily for at least three days. Another one says beta glucan is given at 1/4 tspn. twice a day. Although we have already done the 48 hour lysine and threonine treatment and have followed up with 8 daily maintenence doses, should we start over with the two four hour initial dose treatments with everything when it all arrives? or should we just do the 4 daily maintence doses and incorporate the rest? Eddie seems to be getting weaker and had to lift his left arm with his right arm today in the shower. I really want to get this treatment right and don't want to give him too much or too little of anything. Please tell me the best daily plan and adult dosages for all of these remedy items. Ted, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help. You are a real hero!!

Also, did I understand correctly that Iodine is only taken internally for one day???? Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Another one says beta glucan is given at 1/4 tspn. twice a day. Although we have already done the 48 hour lysine and threonine treatment and have followed up with 8 daily maintenance doses, should we start over with the two four hour initial dose treatments with everything when it all arrives?Start over is best because he's getting weaker. Eddie seems to be getting weaker and had to lift his left arm with his right arm today in the shower.

Iodine is Lugol's iodine consisting of 2.5% potassium iodine and 2% iodine. You have to to identify his weakness, is he lack energy or he is weak in the movements? My guess he lacks movement so it is best to start over to get his movement back.


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Aloha Ted... Thank you very much for the info. For the Magnesium chloride, you said it can be applied directly to the area of muscle twitch and left on for about an hour. Is this a one time treatment? or how many times daily and how long should we do this? Also you said it can also be taken internally. How much and how long? I am a beginner and novice to these items and their treatments, but I am following your lead. Thanks so very much."

06/13/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Magnesium can be applied topically as many times as you wish, often left for an hour. You can do it daily. It may be taken internally such as 8-10 drops 3 times a day. Ted

Replied by E.

Aloha Ted... Thanks again. At least I know that we are doing things as you would want us to. One question though.. you said that there may be a time when he will need tryprophan, but that's later. I have already been including the tryptophan because it was included in one of the plans you sent. When should we and when should we not be including that?"

06/21/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "You can take tryptophan once you have your basic plans straightened. Tryptophan is taken just 1/4 teaspoon in evening would be fine. It's for the T cells immune system to fight off the infection.


Replied by Anonymous

Hi Ted, Thank you so much for replying. He has been doing better this week. Nausea has not been there for 4 days. I did have him on milk thistle but stopped it Jan 11. Should i still start him on the vitamin C every hour anyway? and also for how many hours out of the day? is it just 10 hours for one day? please let me know when you can. I will restart the milk thistle, B50, digestive enzyme, vitamin c 500mg, vitamin B3 500mg at night with melatonin 20mg. Can he also take this while on xeloda pills? should i keep him on Essiac Tea and apricot seeds? I have not heard of Lugols? Have you heard any healing cases with B17? What protocols have you seen that had a good outcome with colon cancer with metastasis to the liver.

This week he is doing better. bowel movements are there and brown stool. Still feeling weak on and off, but he walks and has been driving this past week on his own. Lots better appetite. He had his bloodwork done today with a CEA and we should get results this Wed."

10/11/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "From your message:

I did have him on milk thistle but stopped it in Jan 11. Should i still start him on the vitamin C every hour anyway?

If he's ok, you can give him every two hours at 500 mg or 1000 mg.

and also for how many hours out of the day? is it just 10 hours for one day?

10 to 14 hours is fine

I will restart the milk thistle, B50, digestive enzyme, vitamin c 500mg, vitamin B3 500mg at night with melatonin 20mg.


Can he also take this while on xeloda pills?

It depends on whether xeloda helps or destroys the immune system. If he gets weaker, then in long run it's not going to work, since the body will give up before cancer gets killed.

should i keep him on Essiac Tea and apricot seeds?

Yes, it kills cancer cells.

I have not heard of Lugols?

It's iodine solution taken internally if no reactions to iodine, is actually beneficial for some really tough cases. take 1 drop every night to see how the body responds first.

Have you heard any healing cases with B17?

Helps for some and doesn't for some people but in general it helps support immune system, but it is always the lysine and threonine as the basic protocol first. N acetyl cysteine and green tea extract with EGCC also help, and the important minerals include zinc and selenium.


Replied by E.

Hi Ted... Thank you for this info. I am sorry for the delayed response. I have not been online for quite sometime. I am wondering about the supplements I have Eddie on: the lysine, threonine, glutamine, acetyl cysteine, BHT, Centella Asiatica, Andographis paniculatta, cholosterum, curcumin, and beta glucan... I remember that you said he should be on it for 3-6 months or until his symptoms improve. However, I am wondering if he should always stay on it??? I am afraid that if we stop using these things that the symptoms will worsen again. I know that the lysine, glutamine and threonine are permanent items, right? But what about the rest? Thank you very much."

07/26/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Most items are continued, if you know what each does. For example lysine, glutamine and threonine are the bare essentials. The centella asiatica is important for the building up of nervous systems that are destroyed by the virus. The andrographis paniculata gets the immune system up, colostrum also. Curcurmin reduces inflammation, beta glucan also gets the immune system up too.

If you have budgetary problems you can reduce curcumin, colostrum, beta glucan and you can reduce the andrographis paniculata to once a day. Centella asiatica is I think very important to build a damaged nervous system. The other new information is that alpha lipoic acid, at least is now required for stem cells regeneration too, perhaps at least 300 mg twice a day, and CoQ10 400 mg. once a day. These two are needed, and the minimum dose for stem cell regeneration. The other I like to try, but couldn't is homeopathy but since I couldn't access here, I didn't bother. It would solve some of the budget problems because we can just acquire mother tincture solution or other 3C to created 6C.

The key to solving budget problems is we have to find a source cheaper, at least wholesale sources. Retailing is too expensive.


Replied by E.

Hi Ted... It is nice to hear from you as always. I already give Eddie 400 mgs. of Co Q10 daily, but I did not know about the alpha lipoic acid. So we should add the alpha lipoic acid to Eddie's program for how long? Is it a capsule or powder to add to water? Oh also, I spoke to a gentleman yesterday who says you're one smart guy!! He has read about and heard about you as well. He says that Arm and Hammer Baking soda is the cure for lots of things. He says that people with cancer, heart problems, arthritis, and much more all have acidic systems and need to bring them to a more alkaline level.

I also remember reading from you that we can add baking soda to the remedy if too bitter. The ALS center told me that people with ALS also have acidic systems. I think the baking soda sounds beneficial to add to Eddie's program. Do you think it is ok to use water mixed with baking soda each time I give Eddie his lysine, threonine, glutamine, and Cysteine drinks? what about with the centella? and the cholosterum? It won't mess up the benefits of the amino acids, will it? Please let me know what you think on this. Thank you."

07/28/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Eddie his lysine, threonine, glutamine, and Cysteine drinks?

Yes, the 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda is the minimum dose, per meal. And the minimum number is two doses. The water to use is mineral water as distilled waters are too acid, if left out it is acid. We get a lot of nutrients from mineral water. Some you can never get such as trace elements that can only be found in natural spring water, such as technetium, ruthetiium, etc. I have practiced alkalization since 1968, since I first read on Edgar Cayce's alkalization importance, but I decided that baking soda made more sense as it is part of the pancreas in which is bathe in. If you should use distilled water you reconstitute it with sea salts from various places, Celtic sea salt, local sea salt, Himalayan sea salt, and dead sea salt, with 1/4 teaspoon per liter of water. We want full spectrum of minerals.

what about with the centella? and the colostrum?

Centella is necessary for developing nerves. Colostrum might be important for immune system and it is the failure of immune system that gets people in ALS in the first place.

It won't mess up the benefits of the amino acids, will it?

It is complementary or actually synergistic.

We should add alpha lipoic acid, as it has regenerative properties, given with meals so as not to upset the stomach. Preferably 500 mg x 3 would be fine. I know that N acetyl cysteine, alpha lipoic acid and CoQ10 have regenerative properties, there are others, but that's the main one.


08/04/2011: E. replies: "Aloha Ted... Thank you for this info. i have another question for you. I remember back in earlier communications that you mentioned transmission of ALS virus through surgeries in the gut area. Do you have any research or info on that that you could send me? I am positive that this virus entered into Eddie in 2007 when he had an intestinal bleed that caused massive blood loss, resulting in blood transfusions and heart attack. They had to go in and find the hole and close it with their tools that could have had the virus on them, and also the blood in the blood transfusions may have been carrying the virus. Do you have any info that would help me put a link? The medical world says they don't know what causes ALS, but if there is info linking it to a virus, I need to have that. Please let me know. Thank you."

08/04/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The medical world knows it is caused by it, because I went to the hospital, but they don't record the data for that, they only showed that after surgery, many patients get "hospital infection" which is a broad term they put on to anything acquired at the hospital. Anyway I can give you links:

I hope that is enough for the links, copy the files and store in hard disk as with most links they sometimes disappear, due to website changes etc.


Replied by E.

Aloha Ted... Eddie's condition continues to worsen. He continues to lose muscle mass and strength. His legs and hands lock up now. We continue the lysine, threonine, glutamineis, BHt, centella asiatica, N acetyl cysteine, etc... He seems ok in his mental alertness, but the locking of his hands and legs is scaring him. His muscles continue to fasiculate. like a puling heartbeat under the skin. He is also in pain from head to toe. This ALS degeneration is a nightmare. Have you read the recent new research breakthroughs and findings concerning the neural protein recycling malfunction or something like that that they believe is causing all forms of ALS? I wonder what they think is causing that?? Anyway, do you have any advice for us?? We really want this ALS progression to stop. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much."

09/06/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "You can try allopurinol to help muscles from locking up. Alpha lipoic acid 200 mg x 2 may help, it seems the virus is expanding so try lysine to help stop the advance, it's hourly taken 8 doses 1/2 teaspoon. I don' t have muscles fasculate here, the alpha lipoic acid, and vitamin C, some vitamin E, may help regenerate. I generally found that allopurinol and magnesium helps with the muscle contraction. The allopurinol is 100 mg given 3 times a day. It's really hard treating conditions by email.


09/07/2011: E. replies: "Aloha Ted... Thank you for your quick response and info. We have continued this daily supplement plan:

  • 9:00 a.m. Lysine 1/2 tspn., threonine 1/2 tspn, N Acetyl cysteine 1/8 tspn, beta glucan one capsule mixed with Vit. C
  • 9:30 a.m. BHT/Fish oil
  • 10:00 Repeat the 9:00 a.m. supps
  • 10:30 Centella Asiatica 1/2 tspn. mixed in water
  • 11:00 Repeat 9:00 a.m. supps
  • 11:30 Curcumin/ andographis
  • 12:00p.m. Repeat 9:00 supps
  • 2:00 Cholostrum 1/2 tspn
  • 3:00 BHT/Fish oil
  • 4:00 Centella Asiatica again
  • 5:30 Lysine and threonine only
  • 6:00 Curcumin/andographis
  • 6:30 Lysine and threonine again
  • 7:30 Lysine and threonine
  • 8:30 Lysine and threonine

Plus Alpha lipoic acid twice daily and Co Q10 twice daily. We are faithful in the daily supplement routine and I don't understand how the virus is progressing. Could we be using the wrong brands of supplements? What brands of lysine and threonine do you use and where do you get them??? I don't know how to get hydergine or piracetam in the U.S., so we have never had that. Please advise. Thank you very much."

09/07/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Alpha lipoic acid must be in powder form, or capsule form, and 200 mg x 2, and CoQ10 200 mg x 2, but if it doesn't work, try Alpha lipoic acid 200 mg x 3 with once a day of B50 b complex, the B50 is taken everyday for one week, and then weekly thereafter. And whey protein is taken in morning say 2-5 tablespoons and lunch 2 - 5 tablespoon. You may start with whey on the low side 2 tablespoons first. Take vitamin C 500 mg x 2. The other thing is he may have autoimmune disorders because typically in Thailand is rare, but is common in the States, so Low Dose Naltrexone 1.5 mg initially before going up slowly to 4.5 mg given a night. Should there may be sleeping problems I would try 1/2 tablet of Cetrizine 10 mg. to help sleep. Cetrizine don't have 5 mg so make one with just 1/2 tablet and if there's still a problem then one tablet. My thinking is this case is autoimmune related, but he should show improvement within a week, or at least stabilize by overnight to a week.

If it is autoimmune and unresponsive to above remedy, there is one addition to add in a few days, which is to add allopurinol 100 mg in evening and in morning. Addition of gingko biloba extract, 500 mg to help regenerate nerves along with alpha lipoic acid. Alpha lipoic acid encourages stem cell growth but it needs vitamin C and some vitamin B complex. I also suspect he is high on homocysteine, which for me is above 9 mg/dL, the figures we try to achieve is below 8 mg/dL as homocysteine is a neurotoxin and may be one of the causes.

Also he may be low on zinc, the zinc acetate is not taken before needs at 25 mg, or zinc gluconate for a week. It is antiviral as are lithium hydroxide 10%, 10 drops. These two I also give if he does not respond within the next 3 days. I have a 3 day rule, if it works it should work in the third day, if not we have to get some other supplements.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Allopurinol reduces muscle pain. Take more, it will help heart muscles. and also alpha lipoic acid and magnesium chloride.

Take allopurinol 100 mg, 3 times a day. It will reduce the muscle pain. Muscle mass if reducing means there is a huge requirement of glutamine. Take glutamine along with lysine, 3 teaspoon x 8 it should help increase the muscle mass, a requirement to build up his immune system. See this dose first if it helps. Then we can decide more later. Does he take zinc acetate? It is required to kill the virus thats causing it. If the recycling is done then he takes alpha lipoic acid 400 x 2 first then we might go to 1200 mg x 2. But if you take that, you are also required to take some B50 once everyday for 5 days and vitamin C, first until his system is normalized. It takes at least 1 days to maximum of 3 days to get normalized. Don't wait, and ask!!


Replied by E.

Thank you Ted. We really appreciate your help. Just to make sure, do I understand correctly that I am to increase the lysine and glutamine from the current amount of 1/2 teaspoon of lysine and 1/4 teaspoon of glutamine to three teaspoons of each together 8 times a day?? and for how long? what about the dose of threonine?? Do I still continue the centella, the BHT, the colostrum, curcumin, and all the other supplement routine as normal? Thank you."

09/09/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes, but the most important to regenerate the brain cells will have to be alpha lipoic acid, this is between 400 to 1200 mg per day in 4 divided doses, acetyl l carnitine 1000 mg to 2000 mg in 4 divided doses. You can start with 200 mg of alpha lipoic acid x 2 for the first day then move up day by day to 300 mg x 2, the next day. The acetyl L carnitine can be started at 500 mg x 2, and can be moved up day by day also. The optimum doses are within that range, you just have to try those ranges. Also, regular betaine (Trimethyglycine) is given to reduce homocysteine, 1/2 teaspoon x 2 twice a day. B50 is also needed. This part is critical it relates to recycling of antioxidants and regenerates the cells.

The glutamine is for muscle mass he's rapidly losing, so we must make up for the lost mass with increase in glutamine.

Do I understand correctly that I am to increase the lysine and glutamine from the correct amount of 1/2 teaspoon of lysine and 1/4 teaspoon of glutamine to three teaspoons of each together 8 times a day??

Yes. But we start with a more conservative dose, first to test water:

It is 1/2 teaspoon lysine and 1/4 teaspoon of glutamine, three times in morning, and fourth dose is 1/4 teaspoon lysine and 1/8 teaspoon glutamine in morning. For night dose is 1/2 teaspoon and 1/4 teaspoon of glutamine, three times in evening and fourth dose is 1/4 teaspoon lysine and 1/8 teaspoon glutamine. Then decide to add more of the lysine and glutamine based on the above feedback, if he's not responding, then go for larger dose. If he responds well with the above dose then that's the optimum dose. If he is not responding at all, but becomes negative, we stick to original dose, and it is extremely important that zinc acetate (or zinc gluconate) and lithium are given to kill the virus. These two things are strongly antiviral and will stop the attack if given at sufficient dosage.

I still continue the centella, the BHT, the colostrum, curcumin, and all the other supplement routine as normal?

Yes, but don't forget zinc and lithium.

I believe the supplements are not reaching the area that's needed, there are two ways it can. One is N acetyl glutamine, instead of glutamine. The other way is Sota magnetic pulser in the base area of the skull, that stimulated in the area for 3-8 hours a day. The electrical changes created by magnetic pulser should be more than enough to kill the virus. If you can get Sota magnetic pulser in time, it could be a life saver.


Replied by E.

Aloha Ted... Thank you so much for the info. I found the whey protein yesterday and started him on it. He is already on the alpha lipoic acid. so that is good. I tried to find him the B50 complex, but could not find it at the store. All I could find is B12 and B complex with all the B vitamins and C too. Is that one ok???? Also, I do not think I can get the prescription stuff here in the US like the lithium. Do you know if it is legal for me to order from outside the U.S.?? I don't want to get in trouble with the law, because there would be no one to take care of Eddie. I wonder if it is legal for me to order from Canadian pharmacies without a prescription. DO you know how I can get these things that require a prescription?? Thank you."

09/13/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "All I could find is B12 and B complex with all the B vitamins and C too. Is that one ok????

That will be fine, for now.

Also, I do not think I can get the prescription stuff here in the US like the lithium.

Lithium chloride is legal if obtained from a chemical supplier as a chemical reagent or analytical reagent, and you need a lot lower doses than what they give you in drug stores. So it doesn't require a lot. A baby dose say 1.5 mg to 3 mg can be obtained, but in other forms, but not lithium aspartate. It is not critical if you cannot get it, but it does have antiviral capabilities, lugol's iodine also has it too--one to three drops per dose. Lithium can be ascorbate, carbonate, chloride, and other forms too.


Replied by E.

Aloha Ted... thank you again for the info. I have increased the doses of lysine and glutamine and I have also ordered the ginko biloba, the B-50, the zinc and some more whey protein. His breathing seems to be becoming more labored, meaning his breathing muscles are weakening. I am also giving him proline. I wonder if he is already too progressed to stop it now. They say that by the time you are having breathing problems, you are already in late stages. I am hoping the glutamine and whey protein will hurry up and strengthen his breathing muscles. I wish you were here to assess the situation in person. Please advise. Thank you."

09/16/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "I have this same problem myself but it has turned around with the supplements I am giving, basically yes glutamine, gingko biloba, N acetyl cysteine, BCAA helps but lysine must lead the way. Now for someone whose immune system is compromised, i give him zinc, quercetin, and alpha lipoic acid (200 x2), and acetyl l carnitine (500 x 2) and i might add CoQ10 say 400 to 1200 mg in form of ubiquinone or ubiquinol. As to what forms is needed there seems to be a debate, but what I know is some of these supplements are also adulterated so I buy some from as it doesn't have additives. Since ALS is low on SOD, zinc acetate is the preferred form. As to what will help the breathing what I know is vitamin D2 or D3 will double the lung capacity, for me they work the same (D2 or D3), and this really helped. The dose I give is 5000 iu. to 10000 iu a day with plenty of magnesium chloride. I managed to double the breathing capacity by about 2 weeks.


10/09/2011: E. replies: "Thank you Ted for all this info... I apologize for taking so long to respond back to you. I have not been able to get online all month long and just opened your email this morning. I will add the D vitamins right away. He is still walking and talking, but breathing is seeming to be more labored. Thank you for all your help."

10/09/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Something that will help is SOD (superoxide dismutase) which is protective of nerves might help breathing, besides vitamin D is the jiaogulan or reishi mushroom. I think jiaogulan is better than ginseng as it has more active substances and with reishi mushroom I'm looking at germanium which is found in high amounts among the shelf fungus. The increase in SOD may further protect from further nerve damage, besides that, it is a good anti aging substance.


Replied by W

Hi, could you please tell me your experience and results of using this treatment.