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Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 03/09/2010

My father was diagnosed with the worst type of ALS 09/2009. The specialist at Forbes-Norris Clinic in SF, CA gave him less than 3 months to live, he is still living.

He believes he is going to be a part of the ONE PERCENT that heals from this dis-ease and live to blog about it and empower others to heal themselves. We are all a family of great faith, it is how he and my mother raised us. My parents have created many miracles in their lifetime and are strong believers in self-healing. My sister, brother and I have moved home to help with his care. This came on him in May of 2008 and diagnoses as a stroke. By Sept of 2009 it was full blown. Everyone tells us we are a great family and that you can see that my father is well taken care of. We are ready for his next stage in healing. Perhaps you can be of some assistance. All the little hairs on my neck and arms stood up after reading your post.

I read your post dated 1/16/2010 regarding a patient with ALS in a coma and treating yourself as well.

My father went into the hospital 1/27/10 with respiratory distress, never used or needed oxygen and was put on ventilator at night (which he does not use because his breathing is really strong and steady.) A peg tube and trachea were inserted. He has lost most of his muscle in his arms, and torso. Lower body is still strong, but he is not walking nor standing. He can sit up, hold his head up for 15 minutes at a time. Has strong lungs, and strong cough. He is hydrated and receives Alkaline Water (KANGEN) on a daily basis now that he is home. My father has no diabetes, no heart disease, no high blood pressure/cholesterol nor breaking down of skin, outside of ALS he is very healthy. He is alert, full of life and unwavering spirit. He is 58 years young, 6'2 and weighs 145lbs. He spent 6 weeks in the hospital, 1.5 was in ICU, the rest in ACU. Initially he went in for Respiratory Distress. My dad is holding out for a natural remedy because he KNOWS he can heal from this. His motivation for healing is simple: LOVE My parents grew up together, and were high school sweethearts, and have been married for 37 years. Still in love as the day they met.

I want to know what you suggest we give him, in what amounts to assist him in his healing. These are some of the items in your post I found.

Clove Oil
Humic Acid

He is currently taking

Morphine SUL for pain as needed
Osmolite1.5 Cal 12oz/3x per day
Nystop anti-fungal powder for skin and privates as needed
Levaquin 500mg (antibiotic) 2hrs before eating
Zegerid 20mg-168mg powder packets for (to keep acid in his stomach from going up into his lungs)
Naphcon-A Eye drops as needed
Xopenex 1.25mg/3ml in a nebulizer as needed (currently at least 2x per day)

HE HATES the vent and refuses to use it. His breathing is even and stable and has a nurse (LVN) 16 hrs/day because of trach care & suctioning.

Anything you can share my family and I will be eternally grateful to receive. Blessings to you in ALL that you think say and do Ted

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The most important remedy to stop advancing ALS usually due to adenovirus, is the lysine and the threonine. ALS will have a low grade fever, and once the virus is killed, beyond detection (no low grade fever), the lysine and the threonine is taken as a maintenance dose. A couple of remedies worth mentioning, that you raised:

Clove Oil - this helps get the person out of the coma when it's applied for about 30 minutes along the lower back neck area, feet, and hands. The clove has antiviral properties and is absorbed transdermally during the clove oil rubbing in those area. However, when in coma methylene blue was taken by tube to get the person out of coma, but also is taken regularly to strengthen nerve transmission. Without this the person would no doubt go back into coma again, just too many dead motor neurons, so the remaining few has to be well taken care of (the mitochondria) as the methylene blue 0.1% support their cellular respiration.

Humic Acid. This stabilizes the heart, breathing, etc. by removing excitotoxins ouf the the system, which are aspartate and glutamate, which kills off the nerves. Another two I used in conjunction is the trimethylglycine and glycine.

Lysine as mentioned is antiviral and kills of the remaining adenovirus (and perhaps enterovirus) along the spinal column, all the way to the brain stem, which controls breathing, heart beat, digestion and muscle control during bowel movement. A vital operation if it is too badly destroyed, the person looses his ability to breathe, besides just no control of the leg. If ALS is identified early the disease progression can be stopped with just lysine and the threonine. Lysine dose initially is given 24 hours for a couple of days, thereafter maintenance dose, perhaps 1000 x 4 hourly is preferred. This is the minimum dose, not an optimum dose.

L-Threonine. Threonine is proven in research studies to help prevent progression ALS and has been shown to improve condition of the patient. Threonine works by raising the body's immune system against the adenovirus, and most other virus and goes across the blood brain barrier. Through observations, lysine also does so, but has to be taken with frequent dose for it to work. Research has looked at the use of BCAA amino acid, but with a disastrous result in a Spain study, and more people with ALS died. I did expect it not to work because the BCAA is not related to immune system in fighting off the virus. Apparently the researchers were looking from a nutritional standpoint instead of using the amino acid as a way to fight off the virus. Dose is same as lysine both amount and frequency.

The most difficult part of ALS, at least for me is not the progression of ALS. That can be stopped in matter of days. For me it is very difficult to reverse them, and regenerate the destroyed motor neurons. However, a good reversal is possible at least for me such as 50% to 100% reversal, in the case of Alzheimer and Parkinson's disease. Apparently motor neuron are harder to regenerate for case of ALS then virus that does not attack motor neurons. The rebuilding of non motor neuron is done through the supplementation 4 day a week hydergine and piracetam, but this work only limited extent in case of ALS.


Replied by Mary
Coosbay, Oregon

I have A question for you Ted regarding a supplement called DMG also known as N, N-Dimethylglycine. My sister was diagnosed with aggressive ALS. Her symptoms started about 11 months ago and she is already to the point that she can not stand, walk, talk (other then a couple words), or move any thing other then her right arm and hand. She is still breathing and eating on her own, however her eating is getting worse and she can not take pill form medication. She is taking prozac, she has a patch to help with excess siliva, she is also taking A liquid form of multi vitamins and minerals with 26 fruits and vegetables, and fish oil as well. She was taking probiotics and co-q10 as well, however she has stopped those 2 for now being that she can not swallow them and was giving her diarrhia. She weighs about 195 lbs. and is 49 years old.

I am very curious to know your opinion on using DMG (an amino acid and A building block for protein) with the supplements you suggest or can this possibly harm some1 with ALS? There is also TMG. Which of the 2 would you suggest trying? (if any). Thanks so much for your time and help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Actually I give them both for ALS, to lower the homocysteine to an optimum level of 6-7, especially if homocysteine is high as above 10. Homocysteine is a neurotoxin so anything that optimized their level to 6 actually lengthens the life of the person. I don't actually have patients dying on me of ALS, as a result. because it doesn't cause neurodegeneration. When you get ALS, you can't afford to get any neurotoxins in your body, it just makes it worse!

Because killing the virus in the central nervous system is hard to reach, I also target them by the magnetic pulser, foot detox (the electrodes attached to the arm or other places is what makes it work, not the rust from the ion thing--that's for the show), and I will try ALS frequencies using the Rife device, the BCX ultra (borrowed of course, as they are too expensive). It may in fact kill most of the viruses that caused it.


Replied by Mary
Coosbay, Or. Usa

Thanks for your reply and help. Yes I have read about the electrodes as well through Cayce Atkins, and also massages starting from nerve endings in the feet and all the way up legs, around back spine and up the neck. I have 1 more question I forgot to ask. That is if the supplements you suggest can be taken with prozac or not? Thanks once again.

Replied by Mary
Coosbay, Or. Usa

Correction: I meant to say Edgar Cayce. David Atkinson was a man who used Edgars remedies. He also has some good advise for Als. From all the research I have done thus far, Ted your remedies sound the best. I am by far not to knowledgeable about natural remedies, but I can say I am learning alot now and all thanks to people like you who offer help and hope, Thank you. Mary

Replied by Medicineman
Harrisburg, PA

To the doctor from Thailand...

What do you think about reishi mushroom?

Perhaps combined with high dose vitamin C, it could be a good anti-viral.

I know they've been shown to synergize with each other.