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Posted by Nancy (Englewood, Florida) on 05/31/2013

Dear Ted, we could really use your input. My friend Denise with ALS (diagnosed in 3/2012) is showing more signs of imbalance and limb weakness and her left foot is dragging at times causing her to stumble and fall. Her ALS presented as bulbar, so her biggest issues have been with swallowing/choking and speech. She currently is NPO with a PEG tube for all nutrition & hydration and is non-verbal and uses an iPad app to communicate. That said, she is very positive and proactive and working hard to maintain her ambulatory status.

Her current regimen includes Lysine/Threonine 4 times a day, glutamine 4 times a day twice a week, betaine 3 times a day, and Centella twice a day. She has followed this routine for about a month & a half now and has recently added humic acid daily.

Based on her current regimen and her recent limb weakness and balance issues, is there anything you would recommend to add to or adjust her routine? Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated and we appreciate all you do.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You forgot the two most important supplements to control virus-caused ALS: zinc and lithium. The zinc is ideally zinc acetate or zinc chloride, given in frequent doses: 5 mg x 6. Lithium is 5 mg given at night in the form of lithium carbonate. I know more than I mentioned in the post as there are things that are specific to four different types of ALS, but this is the general ALS treatment. Lugol's Iodine has also been proven helpful.


Replied by Marty
Rye, NY

Butch Machlan talks about solving als, runs in his family, using magnesium chloride, along with coconut oil.