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Posted by Lilyth (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) on 08/12/2006

Hi, I was hoping that you had some kind of research on holistic/natural medicine cures for nerve disorders, paralysis, lou gehrig's disease and other such related disorders. My boyfriend is 48 years old and has been suffering for over 13 years with what was diagnosed at Lou Gehrig's disease. They told him he would die within five years and he has survived it. Two discs in his neck, c-3 and c-4 I believe, have deteriorated and compressed the nerves in that area causing severe paralysis and deterioration of the muscles in his right arm. I graduated from a natural health school with a degree in massage therapy, so I've been given him massages almost every other night. When I first began working on him about two years ago there was a significant recovery period, the muscles in his arm were growing and he was even able to weight lift a bit at the gym. Then, I worked on him less and less as his recovery got better. In April of this year, however, things got worse and have been getting worse at a very alarming rate. There's hardly any muscle in his arm, it hangs limp at his side and he can't use it at all. Part of what ails him I think is his attitude, because he has seemed to pretty much give up on it. If you know of any supplements he might be able to take or any treatments for this, please reply.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Abid...The more common side-effects which are caused and experienced from taking Riluzole include:

Difficulty with breathing

Difficulty with moving

Muscle pain or stiffness

Muscle tension or tightness

Pain in the joints

Source: http://www.drugs.com/sfx/riluzole-side-effects.html

So perhaps all these common Riluzole side-effects have also been contributing significantly towards your brother's major difficulties with walking, talking or breathing.

If you also decide to take your brother off Riluzole in order to take Ted's remedy, I would first consult your doctor on this since I have no idea as to whether Riluzole is an addictive drug(which creates a dependency and which can also have severe side-effects when the drug is suddenly stopped) or not.

The most current and informative of Teds remedies for ALS -- using Lysine, Threonine, DHEA etc -- are shown on this EC page.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Lilyth: A condition of a disc disorder is a manganese deficiency. Manganese is an unusual supplements, it must be taken alone on an empty stomach and must be in the form of a powdered manganese sulfate. Because of such unusual requirement it is not surprising that the deficiency for such condition to exists quite common.

However, for a much quicker recover taking vitamin B complex, of 100 mg. Each, with exception of biotin of 5 mg. And 100 mcg for vitamin B 12, taken twice or three times a day along with vitamin C. With the condition of a slip disc, vitamin C, magnesium, and silicon is important.

Silicon dietary sources comes from oatmeal. Magnesium and zinc is extremely important, it is the bases that you always have to cover.

Finally taking baking soda plus citric acid 1/4 teaspoon twice a day and colloidal silver 80% plus colloidal gold 20%, should help the body creates its own stem cells needed to regenerate. I haven't yet had the time but a very low amperage of picoamperage of low volt should also regenerate the needed stem cells. However, the colloidal silver/gold route is much more simpler.

Once his condition is improved we can resolve the muscle atrophy quite easily. Taking 20, 000 I. U. Of vitamin D3 for about a month plus vitamin K2 should restore most of his atrophy within one month. Afterwards you can discontinue on the second month or so.

Vitamin C and vitamin B complex, especially should help relieve most conditions of paralysis, but I suspect that vitamin B5 needs a much higher dosage in the form of panthenol, instead of the more popular calcium pantheol needed for the body to regenerate the disc (along with silicon, manganese and magnesium).

I can't cover everything on Lou Gehrig's disease, I simply don't have enough time. However, you need to give magnesium in the form of magnesium citrate, manganese sulfate, and silicon (oatmeal or sodium metasilicate 200 mg/day will be o. K. ). DO NOT use tablet form only powdered or softgels. If you use tablet, grind them into powder, then add non-MSG Japanese Soy sauce or the American _____s Amino Acid Soy Sauce. They will chelate the mineral and make them bioavailable. Of course, the antidote for MSG is very likely to be its close safer cousin, the L-Glutamine, which should displace the more dangerous MSG.

Basically depression can often be cured by taking a balanced soy protein supplements with a small amount of soybean oil. Usually one tablespoon of soy protein plus 1/4 teaspoon of soybean oil. To allow absorption, one teaspoon of soy lecithin. Improvement in depression and "giving up" should be noted within about an hour or so. If not, then give narcissus oil and put on the handkerchief it will dispel the negative thoughts almost immediately. Soy is a wonderful supplements since it is high in manganese and should help the slipped disc conditions.

Healing of the back takes more time because of electrical paths lies in the center where most healings only occur in the extremities. In such cases providing positive electrical charges in that area using an extremely weak batteries using silver electrodes should help. I haven't gotten to experimenting this but you can try it.

Replied by Abid

Dear Ted

My brother has ALS and is on Riluzole He was diagnosed July 2013, and deteriorated very fast, he has difficulty walking, talking and breahing. I want to start him on the treatments you have suggested, Should he continue taking Riluzole?

Replied by Chris
Pennsylvania, US

I'm pretty sure riluzole was only proven to be marginally effective at best. And at what cost really? Knowing how many side effects come along with most pharmaceuticals, I can't imagine riluzole is any different.

I would put more faith in a good clean diet, a detoxification regimine and making sure to get a steady supply of key nutrients lacking in the modern diet.


Vitamin C

Good quality sea salt (get it at the health food store)

Build up your dose - research independently -

These WILL cause detox symptoms, but that's the idea. If they become too much, just dial back the dose. Find your comfortable dose. Iodine is about the long-game.

I feel best with a 1000mcg dose, that's comfortable for me.

I've seen these things work miracles and I have to think they could get to the root of the matter with als - knowing what I know about these things.

My father died of this ten years ago and I've been almost obsessively researching ever since.

I've found, more often than not, the real cure is so simple, it won't sound believable.

But then again, the saying goes

"there aint no money in curing people, cuz they never come back"