Alkalizing or Humic Acid for Uc?

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 07/26/2011

Hi Ted, I have often read your advice on Ulcerative Colitis over the last year or so. I have seen a natural health care provider and not much luck has been seen. Like most, I have needed steroids to control as well as all the other drugs they try. I am not happy with my current condition and know if I don't find a cure that works for me I will end up losing my colon... something I will not allow to happen.

One of your most common cures for UC is converting the colon to an alkaline condition using half tablespoon of baking soda in glass of water on empty stomach once per day. In addition you mention supplementing with magnesium citrate and zinc.

Recently though you wrote about taking humic acid to kill off the mycobacterium. I can't find how you suggest taking this. Is it safe to take the same product they sell for gardens at a garden nursery? More importantly, which one of these methods should I try first. Also, can you tell me exactly how to take these? How long will it take before I start to notice improvement?

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The most important application you can try is aloe vera oil, it works better than aloe vera extract. Generally speaking, aloe vera gel is not used as it contains sugar. The funny thing is any oil cannot be taken except aloe vera oil and perhaps coconut oil, all other oils work against you. Humic acid may help some yes.

In some cases allopurinol works in relieving the irritation not because it is anti-uric but because it has some immune modulating effects.

Should you get the colon to normal to some extent with anything, it is best to heal the colon, and the best is lysine and glutamine. But it works against you if the wounds don't heal. To prevent reinfection, I am looking into silicate compounds to help strengthen the collagen, such as the use of sodium silicate drops in water, such that mycobacterium will find it harder to replicate.


07/27/2011: Anonymous replies: "Hi again. I can't locate any aloe Vera oil that mentions it is safe for consumption... Will I get similar effects from drinking 8oz of pure aloe Vera juice with fulvic acid added each day?

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Try not to spend your time looking for it, mostly fulvic acid will do for now. Your main concentration is aloe vera oil as it is hard to find. Extract works too but a lot less for some people. Diet should be free of any oils (except aloe vera oil and coconut oil), alkalizing all the drinks (above 7) and no sugar, including fruits. Keep notes or food diary, it goes a long way in trying to avoid certain things. This is rarely observed on some people so I have to repeat myself. And no flaxseed oil--doesn't work, just like all the other oils (with the two exceptions here).