How Long Does Baking Soda and Water Take to Work?

Posted by Paul (Franklin, MA) on 11/16/2006

Ted, I have made some good impovements with the Baking soda and water cure for ulcerative colitis. I was wonder, Does this take a while to fully heal the colon? Can I continue to take baking soda until I feel the colitis is gone? Should I try taking this more times a day to speed up the healing process? Thanks in advance for your feedback, Paul

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Paul: The baking soda is what I refer to an unrecognized deficiency that our body needs. My body consumes at least 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda per day, and if it runs out and the food or water does not have the necessary bicarbonates, the body is forced to produce itself through various shortcuts that has unfavorable effects.

Assuming your acid stomach digests the food, the acid food must somehow be neutralized by this acid and it is the intestines that does bulk of the work. I mean it is about 20 feet long compared to only a mere 6-10 inches of stomach. Whenever the intestines does not have the required bicarbonates, harmful acid gets absorbed into the system, causing havoc. For example, a food rich in oxalic acid, without the necessary bicarbonate to neutralize to form sodium oxalate, will go into the body and react with the body's calcium to produce calcium oxalate. This will cause kidney stones, or if excess acid occur in intestines, without the available means to neutralize it as such, it is the intestines that get digested, and may even cause ulcerative colitis in a very few instances.

As such, baking soda is a dietary food just like water, and the body needs it all the time. You need not take everyday, since the body, works in cycles, and therefore you can take it between 3-4 days and don't take it for 3-4 days also. However, in the event that you are sick, usually it is wise, in my opinion to take it for about 5 days and 2 days of no bicarbonates.

Therefore you should continue taking it with some brief off period to allow the body to rests or adjust itself.

Should you take more? This all depends on your urinary pH. An optimum urinary pH is between 6.5- 7.4. If your urinary pH is below that take more of the bicarbonates as necessary to raise it to normal figures. Normally, you can check your urinary pH after 1 hour of ingestion of baking soda to monitor whether you actually took enough of it. So yes you can take as many times as you wish, if the urinary pH are still below normal values.

The fish in aquarium shops are often healthier because they have all the proper tools to keep them healthy depriving ourself of such health. So you need to do what you do to the fishes, namely buy a litmus paper to check for your urinary pH instead of the fish tank for once. Another helpful way is to reduce your drinking water's chlorine by adding some dechlorinator, also sold at fish shops. The fluoride additive in drinking water can be neutralized by adding a pinch of borax. The safety record of borax is good, it's toxicity is fairly close to that of an ordinary sea salt. People always asked me why is the sperm counts for most developing countries goes down year after year, the answers easy: you have been drinking fluoridated water. But also fluoridated water in general may slow down healing of ulcerative colitis as well as chlorine too. Just neutralize both of this and it will help healing faster. Ted