Is Oil Pulling Safe for Those with Ulcerative Colitis?

Posted by Tony on 12/02/2008

hi. my name is tony. i have been reading everything abut earth clinic. it has helped me so much. however i could not figure out how to post - lol. do you think oil pulling is safe for ulcerative colitis patients? thank you so much for your time tony

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Tony: There's a comment box in earthclinic that you can post. In case you are having problems posting there, you can tell me about the comments and I will relay this to be posted at earthclinic.

Ulcerative colitis is a form of bacteria that eats up flesh, causing the condition and pain. Oil pulling does remove some toxins from the body in complement with most detox. My approach is I prefer to take magnesium supplements such as magnesium citrate and alkalize the intestinal area as well as killing off the flesh eating bacteria, for example with milk of magnesia, often taking at a lower dose mentioned on the bottle, since that dose is to cause laxative, my own dose I use just sufficient to reduce the pain and kill them. I helps to alkalize reducing the resistance between the stool and the intestinal colon as greater alkalization leads to less constipation by making the stool less hard. Primarily a regular bowel movement is primarily helped mostly potassium citrate.

One oil issue deserves attention however, and that is coconut oil, which lubricates the intestinal column and provides a barrier between the stool and the open wounds of intestinal colon which gives a chance to allow them to heal. Therefore, the coconut oil, is taken maybe 1 tablespoons before every meal may help provide that barrier needed. It works the similarly when you have a cut, and you apply vaseline to keep bacteria out from the skin, preventing further infection and pain. I don't like a couple of certain foods that delay healing such as aspartame, wheat products, mushrooms, and sugar which interferes healing, especially ice cream and hence I would avoid. Perhaps taking some iodine drops or supplements may further provide some antiseptic effects too. However, oil pulling will remove free radicals, heavy metals, and toxins that are hydrophobic in nature for the body to easily remove. For some reason or another the liver has great trouble removing hydrocarbons, hydrophobic toxins and metal and this is where oil pulling helps. But I prefer using oil pulling together with taking some coconut oil too. Still the major remedy, at least for me still remains to be magnesium chloride (or magnesium citrate) supplements, milk of magnesia (without aluminum), and alkalization (sodium bicarbonate and especially potassium bicarbonate/potassium citrate).