Ulcerative Colitis and Related Ailments

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 10/27/2011

Hi Ted, HELP, I really hope you can do more than my DR has. I thought I had the flu, stomach cramps so bad I couldn't get my breath, vomiting, severe diarrhea (w/blood in stool), sweating, no fever, neg energy, almost felt like I couldn't breathe, bad headache. This went on for 17 days I finally went to ER, they did a CT scan, told me its was the worst case of ulcerative colitis he's ever seen. I might add my stomach has been extended for 2 years making me look as tho I am 3-4 mo pregnant. I was diagnosed with a bladder stone about 2 yrs ago at which time they told me it would pass, as I was in excruciating pain, but to my knowledge it never did pass?

Anyway at the ER I was given an IV of antibiotics sent home with 2 antibiotics for 10 days. I was later told by another DR. that you can not diagnose UC without doing a scope test? Well, I lasted about 3 wks and again was put on another batch of 2 antibiotics for 10 days. I went another 5 wks or so and sick again. This time 1 antibiotic for 10 days. This time it seemed to go in remission, I lasted about 2-3 mo. I am now currently on the same antibiotic again for 10days with 2 refills for when it hits again.

Since being on all these antibiotics I have a whole host of new symptoms, My bladder never seems like it empties completely, when I am done or think I am done going potty, I then go again about 1-3 tbls. I am sweating profusely with hardly expending any energy. On my left hand my ring finger and pinkie are completely numb & tingly and have been for 3mo or so. When I take antibiotics I develop a cough that's awful it can go on for 30 min to an hr. Almost a feeling as tho I have fluid in my lungs.

I am on pain meds for other conditions and have been for 17 yrs, which those I know suppress cough, and I do smoke about 3/4 to pack a day. I have fibromyalgia, migraine HA, DDD, arthritis in my spine as well as other regions, ankylosis spondilitis and now this whatever it is?

I am worried that all the antibiotics have caused a secondary issue as in maybe candida? I have a new pain in my ankles that is incredible I cannot cross my feet/ankles when laying down. I have a very high tolerance for pain but I cannot walk for at least 5 minutes once I get them uncrossed which is so painful to do. I am 51 and thru menopause but I have always taken care of my self physically altho I can no longer run and exercise I have kept my weight down I was in a size 2-4 last summer now anywhere from an 8-12 depending on size of stomach. Which that in turn depresses me. I am a massage therapist but have filed for disability. Other symptoms are my teeth are breaking, the old mercury fillings breaking and falling out, bad breath of course, my hair seems to be thinner than usual and at first my face broke out in the grossest tumor puss filled I don't know what that actually left some scars.

I thought I might be vitamin and mineral deficient so I started taking a multi w/minerals, flax seed oil, and the wild fish oil for omegas.

Thank you in advance anything will help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Well if you want to take anything try to avoid the calcium and most vegetable oils except linoleic acid, which is the major component of flaxseed oil. But you will be helped the most with aloe vera oil or aloe related products such as mucilaginous aloe vera. Humic acid will help acid reflux and ulcerative colitis, at least initially.

If you want a few supplements I would try 10 mg of melatonin before sleep and 5 mg 3 or 4 times a day with meals. More melatonin can be taken, it helps the immune system in a big way. The melatonin is produced in large amounts by your intestines, more so then your pineal gland. The aloe vera and aloe vera oil and 12 mg of DHEA will help the most. Avoid vegetable oils, acid drinks, and make sure all the water is alkaline by adding some baking soda, such as 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda per liter of water, but do not use this in morning hours before meals. Anytime after that would be just fine. I believe that the cause is mycobacterium, can be killed by artemisinin and gallium nitrate, but that is another story by itself, and I think that's too many things already, if things improved maybe that can come later.

If you want doctors to examine anything, it would be homocysteine. And I expect it to be very high, over 10 mg/dL for sure. To reduce that, trimethylglycine 1/2 teaspoon x 3 times a day, with some histidine 1/8 teaspoon every two hours until the ulcerative colitis subsides, usually within a couple of days. But it must be alkaline with some baking soda, say 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon. You are also low in magnesium, the preferred form is magnesium citrate 400 mg and selenium yeast 200 mcg x2, in event of ulcerative colitis. The ulcerative colitis, Crohne's disease are caused by mycobacterium.


Replied by Pbiskey
Poconos, Pa, USA

10mg of Melatonin sounds to be alot! 5mg makes me drop to the floor and halucinate. Maybe decimal points are missing?

I've been starting aloe and humic enemas and in three days I've seen a difference for the better. I'm off sugar, dairy, iron and calcium as well as white flour. WOW, I slept through the night for the first time without a bathroom run and my bleeding dropped 90% in three days. My Drs want nothing to do with this and just pump me with steroids and asacol and now they want me on remacade. Also this homemade enema has relieved my internal hemorrhoids in days! I'm also taking DHEA 100mg per day and had a normal bowel movement for the first time in 5 months with NO blood! I am otherwise a healthy athletic 48 year old male and am baffled by this disease.

Replied by Kim
Mount Rainier, Md.

I wonder if the DHEA or 7-Keto helps with production of melatonin in the Gastrointestinal tract? This is a reply to the discussions on Melatonin-etc. for UC.