Bleeding with Ulcerative Colitis

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 11/10/2011

Hi Ted, I've been doing a lot of reading on your posts of treating UC (ulcerative colitis) and I am currently in a flare, as in bleeding usually in the morning once a day with a bowel movement but it is not diarrhea it is fairly firm stools. I am on 30 mg of Prednisone a day right now which is why I am probably not experiencing diarrhea. But I am also taking humic acid 3 times a day along with aloe vera oil and an aloe vera supplement. I am also taking 1 teaspoon of Psyillum husk once a day usually with dinner. And the other supplements I am taking are Ginger (6 capsules a day) as I hear this helps with inflammation, L-lysine (3 a day with every meal), and L-glutamine (3 a day before every meal). All the water I drink I have been putting in some baking soda to alkalize it as well except in the morning before breakfast.

So my main question is, what is a way I can stop the bleeding? And also I had read your latest post and you had mentioned using Artemisinin (isn't this used to treat malaria?) and Gallium Nitrate as some other supplements to add to the healing process? You just mentioned them so I was wondering if you could elaborate on how much to take and how it benefits and what not.

I have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis and during this last flare that I am slowing recovering from (all I need is the bleeding to stop) I lost a lot of weight and I am trying to get back to my normal weight while I am on Prednisone. Things I am eating would be like eggs almost every morning, turkey or tuna sandwiches with whole wheat bread, salads, chicken, stuff like that. I am staying away from fruits which is really hard because I love my fruit, and also other sugar like cookies or food that has lots of sugar.

So please help Ted!! As I am trying to kick this UC once and for all!! Any suggestions you have I would greatly appreciate.

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The bleeding is the way mycobacterium penetrates them causing severe damage, usually you need somewhat higher dose of DHEA, usually its 200 mg., and melatonin at minimum of 5 mg to 10 mg 3 times a day, and at night maybe 10 to 20 mg. I can't be exact but those are the starting doses to at least stop the bleeding. The aloe vera oil may be given rectally, because it doesn't go far, the orally helps one part of the intestines and it has to be given rectally on the other end. Vitamin K may help somewhat, but not certain.

The mycobacterium are IRON dependent, that's why artemisinin or cheaper gallium nitrate. But if gallium nitrate I used 1% solution, instead of George Eby 5% as I think it's too strong and he's trying to make a point that it works. The gallium nitrate can be taken orally at one liter per day, at 1%. The gallium nitrate works like a Trojan horse to a mycobacterium in that it appears to be like iron, so they will take uptake as iron, but it will destroy. Similar mechanism found in Artemisinin but the opposite, in that the artemisinin works like a heat seeking missile if its sees any iron, and blow it up by breaking into hydrogen peroxide. Most people don't try it due to gallium nitrate and artemisinin is expensive (by Thailand standards) but perhaps in the States it is cheaper.

If you can stop temporarily the bleeding through steroidal medicine for one week, and take glutamine 4000 mg (1000 mg x4) at least a day, and possibly lysine 4000 to 5000 mg a day (in divided) dose of 1000 x4 or x 4 for a week, once healed, then that should stop most of the inflammation.

You need to tweak these supplements and avoid milk as it is the major source of mycobacterium exposure, the other comes from the ground. I suspect the body has chymotrypsin or trypsin deficiency, which breaks down mycobacterium and that's because of pancreatic insufficiency I seen in some cases, getting pancreatitis easily. That is resolved with 1/4 teaspoon of lysine at least for 4 hours, for 3 days at least, but the healing still needs aloe vera oil or "mucilaginous aloe vera" to help healing over the long haul. Again it is possible to help the pancreas somewhat with plenty of baking soda (1/2 teaspoon after meal, and before sleep) as it is required to keep alkaline in the intestines as well as body stores the sodium bicarbonates in the pancreas. It also helps if B50 is taken if it is not a problem but must be in bicarbonates, and also this may cause flare up, but is needed to prevent liver depletion of water soluble vitamins, B50 and vitamin C, ascorbate form, NO CALCIUM. Calcium will cause flareup because mycobacterium needs for growth along with iron, found in the blood.

I don't have much information on ulcerative colitis as there are not that many afflicted with here.

The bleeding may also be caused by a hyperimmune response due to impaired immune system. Usually it is a deficient immune system and I think is caused by lack of histidine in diets. As for methionine, that reduces excessive histamine in the system, but in ulcerative colitis cases I have found that all ulcerative colitis cases are hyperhomocysteine, such as above the optimum level of 6 or 7, in several instances it is 15 to 20. The one thing that will remove hyperhomocysteine is trimethylglycine or betaine, mixed in alkaline solutions say betaine 1 teaspoon twice a day, not the betaine hydrochloride form taken 3 times a day, ideally, and methionine perhaps 500 mg and histidine 100 mg x 3 times a day, also mixed in baking soda, enough that the pH is around 7, which basically taste something like slightly salty water.


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Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me all of this, I really appreciate it! I also just started taking Apriso, a prescription drug for the inflammation, I do not want to take this but I thought it might help at least some. Do you think any of these supplements or anything will have any adverse reactions with the prescription Apriso and Prednisone that the doctor prescribed me?

I will start with the melatonin and DHEA to see if that will stop the bleeding, then if the bleeding does stop for a week I will continue to the gluatmine and Lysine to heal the colon. I have also not been doing the aloe vera oil rectally so i will start to do that, but should I also do the Humic acid rectally along with the aloe vera?

As for the trimethylglycine, methionine, and histidine, should i take this as well even though I'll be trying the Melatonin and DHEA? Or should I try them after I do the Melatonin and DHEA?

My stools are also somewhat formed like I said before but they are also a little watery as well now before the formed stool is passed, so should I continue to take the Psyillum husk? Would that stop the watery stool? I am currently taking 1 teaspoon per day.

Thank you again very much for your advice, and I will e-mail you again on this thread in about a month so you can know any results. Take care!"

11/11/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "As with most pain killers, Apriso may cause others conditions such as kidney failure, liver failure, congestive heart failure, etc. As for prednisolone it causes weight gain. And these are temporary measures, and the more permanent ones will be aloe vera oil, glutamine, lysine, etc.

have also not been doing the aloe vera oil rectally so i will start to do that, but should I also do the Humic acid rectally along with the aloe vera?

Yes, only that very small amounts such as 1/16 humic acid is mixed with aloe vera rectally. For some people this initially works best, with that, or some people aloe works consistently well over the long term.

You should try melatonin and DHEA first for a week, before you try the other ones. So you can monitor the effectiveness. Melatonin and DHEA works well.

My stools are also somewhat formed like I said before but they are also a little watery as well now before the formed stool is passed, so should I continue to take the Psyillum husk? Would that stop the watery stool? I am currently taking 1 teaspoon per day.

You can also mix a larger amount of Psyillum husk in 3 or 4 times a day and see how that goes.