Posted by D (Anonymous) on 01/03/2012

Hi Ted, I read posts on earthclinic.com site for use of Humic Acid for Ulcerative Colitis. Could you please provide me the details on how to start the treatment?

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There are two things that work for ulcerative colitis, One humic acid, the exact dose depends on the powder or liquid. The liquid is often 3% to 5%, the powder is pure. If taken too much may lead to constipation, however it is often taken together with aloe vera oil. The exact dose on the low side is 1/16 teaspoon a day only once or twice for powder form, for liquid form 1 teaspoon twice a day. The aloe vera oil is taken 1/2 teaspoon once or twice a day. Eating unripe papaya with every meal also is good, and it helps if bromelain is taken 3 or 4 times a day. The most important is to accelerate the healing of the intestines which will be helped with 5 mg of melatonin 3 times a day with every meal and once before bedtime about 10 to 20 mg. DHEA is between 25 to 100 mg a day. The healing of intestines is expected to require lysine 1/2 teaspoon x 4 times a day, but will require a couple of months to heal them completely. Other things that will help healing are BCAA (branched chain amino acid and glutamine) which are 3000 mg each.


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Hi Ted, I have been looking for some good advise for my brother who has UC for over 20 years. It is so severe that he had the gastic surgery with bowel reconstrutions. He was OK for many years but in the last few years he is very bad again. We will try this. Hope it works. Thank you.

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Ted, You mention throughout various posts that while attempting to treat UC (using a cocktail of your suggested supplements). I am trying humic acid plus fulvic acid (couldn't easily find plain humic) disolved with a powder magnesium carbonate with citric acid (maybe between 200 and 300 mg) with a zinc oxide lozenge that does contain a little bit of fructose. I got. The first day, it stopped the bleeding (I had also taken a half of a teaspoon of baking soda with apple cider vinegar earlier in the week for three days). On the third day I got the runs. >>>Do I need to take baking soda for the bicarbonates for this combo to work?<<<

You say that the key to success is the avoidance of fats, vegetable oils and sugar (also limiting acid creating food). >>>In your opinion, are complex carbohydrates in the same boat as sugar?<<< I ask this because I have been reading about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (becoming more well know in the States), which seems to view the problem as polysaccharides and suggests eating monosaccharaides because the polysaccharides can't be broken down and the undigested carbs provide food and an acidic environment in the colon for the bacteria to grow. Some root veggies are acceptable in the SCD, but you mention that they may contain the mycobacterium. Also beginning to look at the Paleo Diet, anti-inflammatory diet, which permits nuts but excludes all grains and legumes. >>>Thoughts? Are beans ok?<<<

My colon seem to appreciate refine complex carbohydrates (white: bread, rice, pasta) and can't really tolerate oats or some whole wheat (some Quinoa either). >>>If I eat these will the remedies not work?<<<

My doctor swears that when I am having a flair up I should only be eating refined carbs and white meat (this just seems counterintuitive now that I know that they mycobacterium thrives on sugar) I haven't been following this strictly during flairs - Depending on severity, I can tolerate cooked veggies and it is best if they are pureed. I feel pretty mislead with my Dr. because he never taught me anything about my disorder, he only said you are never going to be cured and you will need to take this medication for the rest of your life.

I am 32 year-old female, 5'6", 118lbs. , Ihave always been thin (but never anemic) and I was diagnosed with UC about 5 years ago after introducing raw serrano peppers to my ceviche for a two 2 week period, although I had been experiencing issues before this but never blood (I thought I was just lactose intollerant). Lots of margarine (the connection to Vitamin K deficiency seems to fit my history), refined carbs and junk food as a child. Have been taking Mesalamine (5 grams per day) since the beginning, which my system has responded well too. >>>Can I take this while trying some of your suggested remedies?<<< I have not taken steroids since the first year because it make me feel way too agitated. I was flaring up about one per year at first but have had several flairs over the past year. I have been drinking quite a bit of wine which I am sure doesn't help.

I am not interested in taking RX medication for the rest of my life so I am seeking alternative methods of heeling. Thank you so much for the inspiration (I wish you would write a comprehensive book! ). Please respond, but I know you are busy with patients.