Has Had Ulcerative Colitis for 35 Years, Now Son Has It Too

Posted by Gloria (Sonora, CA) on 05/04/2006

What I would really like is information on how to control or cure Ulcerative Colitis. I have been suffering since my teens, I am in my fifties now and it is so bad. The doctor gave me prednisone and it got better but I gaines so much weight and now I am struggling with it again and don't know which way to turn anymore. I have cortisone enemmas and suppositories but they don't take the symptoms away. I take asulfadine and does nothing for it. Now my 15 year old son has it and much worst than I do. They prescribe asacol and his kidneys were bleeding, so now he takes asulfadine also, but I am really worried for both of us. Please someone help me.

Replied by Sony
Los Angeles, CA

In response to this reader's question:' "5/4/2006: Gloria from Sonora, CA writes, What I would really like is information on how to control or cure Ulcerative Colitis"

Answer- try turmeric. Go to Turmeric Cures webpage of Earthclinic. My wife tried turmeric and she's happy.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There are several simple ways you can deal with ulcerative colitis. While I don't have the luxury of having any medical equipments or tests, most of the problem can be handled by just understanding certain causes and this should deal with a great majority of ulcerative colitis conditions. While I don't know the exact causes of everyone, I have seen people being cured based on certain possible causes as follows. You will find the remedies is amazingly simple:

If the issue of ulcerative colitis is one of a specific strain of pathogens, usually baking soda (bicarbonate deficiency) is by far the most common cause.

Method 1. The reason is simple. For the intestines to function it must be in an alkaline condition. If it is in acid condition, the intestines would digest itself and certain pathogens would grow because they tend to grow best in an acid medium. When this happens, the ability for the body to absorb minerals and other nutrients becomes immediately impaired. I will suggest two ways to alkalize yourself and you determine which ones works best for you. 1. One half tablespoon of baking soda in about 1 glass of water on AN EMPTY stomach for at least 1-2 hours. If you were to eat anything salty during this period, you will go into an immediate diarrhea, so please avoid eating anything during this 1-2 hour period, bot before or after, especially salt! 2. For my own conditions, I find alkalizing myself almost on a daily basis that using 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid usually works best for me. This is taken best before going to bed or very early morning, but again refrain from eating at least 2 hours after taking it. Other formulas are possible such mixing baking soda, malic acid, vitamin C, and citric acid together, where final pH or solution is around 6-7.5. If this works for you, you need to take this, at least for rest of your life (it is cheap and safe) to maintain a stable pH for your body. The solution usually is effective at the most 2 days, but in practice taking once or twice a day is best. Measuring your urinary pH will usually tell you that how well it is working or whether you do in fact have a bicarbonate deficiency.

Method 2. Of course if the above doesn't work, but they usually do to some extent, then you could have another form of bacteria, which tends to be more active and related to IBD (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). In which case an amazingly simple remedy would be to give yourself 1/2 tablespoon to 1 tablespoon SEA SALT(always start with small doses first!) in one full glass of water. Only ONE DOSE is needed to be cured and the pain and other things should slowly subside over the week with most noticeable pain reduced in the first 30 minutes. The sea salt acts as a hypertonic solution (as opposed to hypotonic solution) to kill the bacteria. Again sea salt must be taken on empty stomach for 1-2 hours. This means that the last time you eat was about 1-2 or more hours or that you will eat in more than 2 hours from now. Hypertonic solutions are effective in killing osmotic sensitive bacteria.

Method 3. Of course if the conditions of the first two don't work, but you find that method one works slightly better, then we would be looking at getting a higher alkaline solution such as 1/4 teaspoon of potassium carbonate in 1/2 glass of water. Of course, this is for the more bioweapons disease if you needed to go this way, such as Gulf War Disease which resulted in a ulcerative colitis. I am sure this is not needed, but I just want to mention here since I once had a condition which called for this kind of treatment for my sore throat or sore stomach that nothing seemed to be working.

Method 4. This works more in killing off the pathogens through the use of benign minerals such as Magnesium chloride and I have seen that after taking this improvement can be seen amazingly enough within 15 minutes. This is when the intestines or stomach becomes non-functional in which case magnesium chloride worked. The usual doses for my own test were about 250-500 mg. on 1/2 glass of water. If it works, you can just go 1000 mg later on or add more if you respond better. I can't guess at your conditions because I don't know your weight, but just try 500 mg. based on your conditions. If that is not better, then I have seen royal jelly to respond best when magnesium chloride solution did not worked. I used one half teaspoon of fresh frozen royal jelly. Should you feel better from the above four, especially method one, you need to get your intestines to heal or regenerate itself. The best way is just to take 1 tablespoon of aloe vera oil 1 tablespoon of evening primrose oil and then take lecithin. Finally, take B12 shots, vitamin Bs, magnesium and copper, selenium and zinc especially. This should clear most of the conditions. The secret in effective mineral supplements is the bioavailability of them and how the tablet can quickly dissolve in the stomach or a glass of water in less than 15 minutes, 30 minutes tops.

Again, I am living on the other side of the world, so people here and your area might respond differently, but this is what I found, at least where I live to work the best. I never take doctor's medication if I know these worked and they seemed to work for me. However, should I take it and found these are working then it may very helpful to stop taking them. I found some of my friend got morbidly obese just taking certain doctors medication. Apparently suppressing the body's immune system is not the way to a healthy body. The body is out of balance, but it is probably not the immune system. It may be a simple things such as pH, mineral imbalance, vitamin imbalance or even salt imbalances! In the long run, taking fulvic acid has more broader spectrum of minerals then most mineral supplements on the market.

Replied by Virginia
Miami, Florida

Hi Ted,

I have been living with UC for 3 years. I am only 24 so this has been a big struggle for me at such a young age. I have tried mesalamine, rowana and steroids when a flare has occurred and it has taken months to get back to remission. I was currrently healthy and symptom-free for for nearly 2 months and now that I have started a new job, the stress has caused another flare. I have at times horrible abdominal pain that is releaved with a trip to the bathroom. I feel naucious at times and have lost a few pounds in a week. This will be the 3rd flare since I was diagnosed 3 years ago. I am currently not eating any dairy and trying to stay away from unhealthy food. I was wondering about the Humic Acid many people are commenting about. I have tried many natural remedies and none have worked. So I am a bit skeptical about Humic Acid. How does it work? What is it? Is it safe? Should I try it? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Replied by Kiki
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My name is Nikita, I am currently 22 working and going to school. I was diagnosed with UC in 2006, I currently experienced stress from my job and wanting to go back to school, and my mom cursing at me for no real reason. Right now I am having a bad flare, and don't have any insurance since my job is a temporary position. I am just stressed to the max. And my UC is flaring, feel so horrible like where is the hope. Feel like crying but have no tears, trips after trips to the bathroom leave me feeling weak, from losing blood, feel so bloated and crampy with excruciating pain to the stomach. Feeling like only God can help me, rrrr why me? still don't have the answer to give myslef to this question. Will go and buy baking soda tomorow after work and try hope to God it works. Any advice from my fellow sufferers of this horrible disease? Any will be greatly appreciated.

Replied by Natwell
Colorado Springs, Co, Usa

Cannot find safe powdered humic acid, please provide some sort of company names and links if you will. Also, please directly address how to reduce bloody stools, the ulcers are in the transverse colon which is harder to reach. Butyrate enemas stopped blood at the rectum. Ovamed stopped ulcers and blood in the left side of colon, but the transverse inflammation is severe and the ulcers are present only in the transverse. It causes weight loss, bleeding with about 6 stools a day, and I am throwing up most of my foods either within an hour to 6 hours. Please any advise would be helpful- is humic acid in pill form helpful? I did find that- thank you

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Natwell, have you had no luck with herbs & diet recomended for U.C. ? Food allergies? Personally, I have U.C. but not near the severity of yours. A couple recomendations. One, purchase a magnetic belt and wear it 4 or more hrs daily directly over the damaged area. Second, vit-A and Zinc are critical first line defense for bowel health. Get your A levels up and then try a distilled water enema w/ 100mg Zinc Oxide or preferably Ionic Zinc. This should provide some critically needed healing for you.

Replied by Namebrand
Vancouver, Canada

Hello Ted, I have ulcerative colitis and have tried almost every single remedy out there without any satisfactory results. The SCD diet used to work for me but stopped, bentonite clay helps, the nicotine patch actually put me into remission but then stopped working.

I have read alot of UC and wanted to ask you for a treatment plan based on my situation. I know my UC was caused by the use of NAIDS/anti inflammatories. At first I was taking msm for my shoulder when I noticed a little blood in my stool, when I told the doctor, he told me I had UC and that I had to start taking medicine before things got worse. When I was first diagnosed they gave me asacol and that was my first flare up, I then tried mezavant and got the same reaction..

I didn't want to overwhelm you with details so if you need any please let me know.

Now that I have given you an idea of how it started can you tell me what to take to correct the matter? Forever greatful



Replied by Jl
San Juan, Pr

Hi Ted, I've been reading all the posts but, have a single question: Which of the mentioned formulas are the most reliable for UC cure? Thanks.

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Can you explain how microbacteria is killed by artemisinin and gallium nitrate?