Seeking Proper Diet for Ulcerative Colitis

Posted by B (Anonymous) on 01/10/2012

Ted, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis three years ago. Due to multiple flare ups, my disease is reaching the chronic stage. In desperation, I searched the internet to educate myself about ulcerative colitis. By reading posts, mostly yours, I realized that my doctor either doesn't know anything about uc or doesn't want to inform me about the horrible disease. He told me the disease is an autoimmune disease that attacks the colon, it's probably hereditary (even though no one in my family, that I know of, has it), he doesn't know the cause of it, and there's no cure.

On January 1, 2012, after suffering a seven week flare up, I changed my diet. No sugar, starches (rice, pasta), vegetables that grow under ground, bread, dairy, oils (except coconut), and fruit. Only water to drink. It's the candida diet because I think all the antibiotics and steroids my doctor prescribed, over the years, caused candida overgrowth. I AM STARVING! I try to make the best of it but I grew up with meals consisting of rice or pasta, and bread with every meal. I've been reading about coconut flour and xylitol. and Gives me something to look forward to. But first I must suffer through three months of curing this disease, which I am determined to do.

I have read your treatment for ulcerative colitis. So far, this is what I understand: Take 1/4 tsp aloe vera oil, 1/16 tsp humic acid, and DMSO orally (before meals) 3 x daily. Also 1/4 tsp aloe vera oil, 1/16 tsp humic acid, DMSO and one drop Lugol's 5% solution, rectally, 3 x daily. Take one tbsp coconut oil, orally, a few minutes before each meal. Take Cinnamon oil, one drop Lugol's iodine solution in one liter of water (with baking soda to alkalize?), orally, 3 x daily. Alkalize all water. After three months, and all symptoms are gone, maintain with humic acid once or twice weekly, betaine hydrochloride with every meal, and alkalized water after every meal. My concerns are:

  1. What foods should I avoid while killing the mycobaterium? Can I go back to my normal eating habits after three months of strictly following the treatment plan, (except for refined sugar, hydrogenated oils, seasoning with soy sauce and msg, and consuming dairy products. I never want to consume those poisons again)?
  2. What cereal is safe while killing mycobacterium? I love the taste of milk but I don't want to consume animal's milk. Is soy milk safe?
  3. Where can I find 100% humic acid in powder form?
  4. How do I consume the humic acid and aloe vera oil orally? Do I mix them with water? How do I take it rectally? In a douche bottle diluted with water or liquid? Make a suppository? Wouldn't know how to do that. So confused.
  5. What is DMSO and where can I find it?
  6. How much DMSO should I add with the aloe vera oil and humic acid, orally?
  7. Should the DMSO be added to the rectal solution of aloe vera oil and humic acid? If so, how much?
  8. Do I alkalize the cinnamon oil and iodine solution? 7.5 to 8.5 ph?
  9. What part of the day should I drink the cinnamon oil and iodine solution? Between meals, after meals?
  10. How much baking soda per so many ounces of water to alkalize bottled drinking water? I've been using 1/4 tsp. baking soda per 10 oz. water.
  11. How do I sterilize humic acid with h2o2 (peroxide?) if the humic acid is powder?
  12. How long before meals should I take the humic acid and aloe vera oil orally?
  13. Do I take humic acid once weekly, betaine hydrochloride with every meal, and alkalized water after every meal for the rest of my life to keep the disease from returning?
  14. I understand that I must give up dairy products/ calcium, iron permanently.
  15. I read about two types of whole grain flower, teff and spelt, but they both have iron. Is any iron safe? What about vegetables with iron? So confused.

Thank you so much for your time and patience with me. I am anxiously waiting for your response. Hope to hear from you soon.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I have updated the ulcerative colitis remedy to include digestive enzymes, although not necessary, but unripe papaya is necessary or at least bromelain will help. The cause of mycobacterium is simply a fungus type of bacteria, and as all fungus, it responds also to antifungal diets. The elements of minerals and nutrition that is essential to killing them are MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), DMSO, interferes with the fungus sulfur cycles. Once the living mycobacterium are dead, they continue to be inflammatory from their lipopolysaccharides which the body doesn't digest them. I think you are at that final stage. But to kill these disease you have to understand first that they are fungal in nature (hence natural fungicides) or essential in human diets the following substance are necessary:

  • Sodium molybdate or ammonium molybdate (a pinch a day)
  • MSM (1000 mg x 5) or DMSO would do too, but I prefer both
  • Boron is found as Borax, in the States, it is referred to as 10 mule team borax, here I can get pharma grade Borax.
  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% in one capful of drinking water would eliminate in blood to prevent their spread.
  • Milk Thistle would facilitate the removal of lipopolysaccharides through the liver.
  • Sarsasparilla helps in getting rid of it too.
  • B3 niacinamide is rather toxic to most fungus, including mycobacterium found in Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's disease. 250 mg x 3 times a day 500 mg in the evening is just one suggestion.
  • Fish oil will counteract the lipopolysaccharides by reduction of inflammation due to DHA and EPA content,

I cannot cure everyone and I cannot have a complete cure until I can cure everyone. So it's never perfect no matter, but this is good enough for now! The prime source comes from milk, milk products, cheeses, and the like, but it is also found in dirt and roots of plants too. They resist heat and traditional sterilization which you have to use other means, non traditional, such as ammonium molybdate, ammonium carbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, borax treatment or cinnamon oil treated to kill them for example, you can used also enzymes that breakdown polysaccharides, and other means.

Fungus for these generally "grow" inside healthy cells and the white blood cells have to attack them, so the doctors blame on autoimmunity, when it is really the fungus is the problem. Taming the problems by dealing with deficiencies that are antifungal makes more sense, such as copper chlorophyllin (alias chlorophyll), boron, molybdenum are but examples.

Now for your questions:

  1. Answer: if you add cinnamon to all of them, you can. Or regularly small pinch of sodium molybate or borax may also help.
  2. Answer: Take soy, as milk product is common source.
  3. Answer: most plant nurseries actually have humic acid. That's fine just get a clean one. If not liquid humic will do, you don't need that much.
  4. Answer: You mixed with water humic acid until a light brown solution. Aloe oil can be consumed directly or with food or empty stomach. You can do enemas with very little humc acid and aloe oil. Say 1/16 teaspoon humic acid in a liter of water added with aloe oil, you only do just half or less then a half of liter of water.
  5. Answer: Well FDA rules makes it illegal, but they do sell it over the internet. It is also sold under the counter. They don't want the cure so you have to find your own sources.
  6. Answer: Just 10 drops should do or more then this you smell like garlic.
  7. Answer; I prefer MSM added rectally with the others.
  8. Answer: Cinnamon is added at 1 drop per liter would be enough, as to iodine maybe 10 drops per liter. You don't use the entire liter for enemas, you just use what you are comfortable with.
  9. Answer: any part of day, but must try separate, not everybody likes iodine or cinnamon, and see if your body agrees with it first. You can get allergies I even have a woman here who is allergic to cotton, so she wears polyester!
  10. Answer between 1/4 to 1/2 is sufficient
  11. Answer: say you add humic acid first, add 1/4 water in one liter and just 5 drops of H2O2 3% and wait for 5 minutes, then your ready.
  12. - 15 Answer: Yes you do.


Replied by Stuart
London, Ont, Canada

I was actually in hospital on a pregnasone drip and other medication in a build up preparation for the removal of my colon. This was Sept 2009, Since April 2009 I had lost 80lbs in weight, Anascol, Pregnazone, Remocaid, and you name it, did not stop my colon from nearly shutting down, The medical and surgical team had no other options than to remove my colon. I had been suffering from chronic colitis for 7 years.

3 days before the operation my son convinced me to sign myself out of hospital and visit a naturopath in Toronto that he had investigated. I visited the Naturopath and was informed the Dietician at the hospital who was building me up for the operation was aggravating the situation even more due to the foods that I was given to eat.

To cut a long story short. After 6 weeks of treatment I was visiting the washroom 1-2 times a day with a reasonable formed stool. What a relief from visiting 15 times a day constant diarrhea, I am taking no drugs at all!! My natual supplements are all that I am taking, and I buy them all on line from the USA ( 50% CHEAPER) Slippery Elm, Probiotics, _____ fish oil. That's it! I now eat and drink whatever I want with no after effects. This may be a mistake and I do have to cut down on my drinking and spicy food intake. However I have put on 60lbs and feeling good.

The doctor and surgeon are now realizing there was an alternative to drugs that saved my colon. The secret I believe was being totally dedicated to the diet I was placed on for 6 months, It was hard!! But I believe it cured and healed my internal abcesses, That is really what colitis is. I have now 4 people who have recieved the same treatment as I have with the same results. In conclusion the Doctors are not experienced in some health concerns in preventive natual healing, they have been taught to treat the symptons of sickness with drugs. Go find yourself a good naturopath and stick with the reccommendations 100%. P.S. Research a natourapath who specializes in chronic colitis.

Good Luck

Replied by Care
Surrey, B.c.

Try this BREAKFAST SHAKE the first thing you eat in the morning if you are in the midst of ulcers the bran may sting a bit but the oil will soothe

2 bananas

5, 6, 7 med. Sized strawberries/or 1cup of frozen rasberries

2 heaping tsp honey (or less if you prefer, keep in mind honey's qualities)

1 cup of probiotic yogurt

2 heaping tbls. Of wheat germ/or other form of bran

place all ingredients in a juice jug and blend with a power stir mixer. serves about 3 cups /3 people

This makes you feel so much better!

You should follow up with:

Saffron Oil for a few days (I take the pills. Follow instructions on bottle for quantities)

then switch to

Olive Oil approx 1 to 2 tsp. a day for 2 days then move onto Cod Liver Oil then Flaxseed Oil or an Omega 3 pill. Switch your oils around as to NOT over work the liver.

You don't have to take large quantities of oil and stop for a day or so if you notice fatigue on the liver.

Have a cup of Coffee 1or 2 a day it works well as long as you stay hydrated with Water if you notice dehydration stop drinking coffee and rehydrate

This works simply

Replied by Cigxman
Dc, Md, USA

Hi Ted, I have every med I have read you talk about from humic, to cinnamin, to zinc to aloe and iodine. I have UC. It is under a little control, but along with some formed bowels I have mucus and a little diahreeah. I am not sure if I need to heal or maintain or something or what. I see Aloe, Humic, DHEA, Cinnamon and maybe baking soda you have mentioned as healers I think when the lining is weak. Is that what the mucus is?

Once healed I think its L glutamine and Lysine and aloe for a few months to strengthen? I am not sure if that is correct. I have some urgency to go after meals and the mucus so I think my lining is not healed. I don't want to take something that makes it get worse and feed the bacteria. Please advise my steps and what order to take things when I get what result. Thanks. me

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

This is for Cigxman from Chicago, Il. For UC [ulcerative colitis], mucus is normal in stools. But mucus is not does not indicate the normalcy of stomach, SI, LI. Mucus can be due to infection, weak intestine, leaky gut, inflamed intestine, ulcer or when intestine could not digest the food that becomes partially digested. Mucus is a defence mechanism of the intestine.

Immediate urge to go for a bowel movement is mainly because of parasitic infection either bacteria and amoeba or a combination of multiple parasites. Even if your intestine is weak it will cause an urge to go for a bowel movement because of the reflux of food traveling through the intestine. Eliminating the parasites and strengthening the intestines will totally reduce the symptoms and slowly put in remission.

There are variety of ways to treat the infection either fulvic acid, cinnamon, garlic, acv. First avoid foods causing inflammation. Foods containing Carageenan, GMO foods like sunflower oil, vegetable oil, corn oil, gmo wheat, gmo bread.

Next treat for the infection from top to bottom. For infection (I am not sure whether you will get in your city)

Bael Fruit Powder, this one of the potent and top anti-parasitc, anti-viral, anti-biotic, anti-amoebic food.

For healing and rejuvenating the intestines

Licorice Powder - Licorice heals your intestines and stimulates the enzyme and other fluid secretion necessary for digestion.

Use the following recipe to use both bael and licorice for your UC

In a glass of luke warm water add 1 tsp of bael fruit powder and 1tsp of Licorice Powder mix it well and it set aside for half an hour. Filter it and separate the medicinal juice.

Drink this in an empty stomach early in the moring and evening. This fluid coat your GI starting from the mouth, esophagus, stomach, SI and LI. This juice tastes bit sweet. You can see very good improvement in 2 - 3 weeks.

Next take probiotic foods like saurkraut, kefir, natto, kimchi, miso thereby you are re introducing multiple strains of good bacteria and yeast for your intestinal defence.

Finally, take ted's alkalizing formula 2 times a day because without alkalizing your body you cannot heal.

Good Health thanks