Using Humic Acid for Ulcerative Colitis

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/21/2011

Hello Ted, how are you? I'm a 28 yr old male who has ulcerative colitis/proctitis, skin issues on scalp/face, and high mercury levels(scored a 7, when 2 was normal), and a white tongue that will not go away and always seems like something is in my throat. Well, I have read so much on this site and what you have posted. Thank you for it all. I have followed some with little results. So here goes: I recently recieved humic acid in liquid form and it says to take an ounce a day so I have been splitting it up in 3 doses and taking it that way. Its been about 6 days so far and I feel it's ok however where can I buy the kind of Humic you use? Maybe this isn't as potent? My proctitis has been better the last 2-3 weeks. I use a canasa supposity a day, take 2 grams vit C, vit E, 50 mgs Zinc citrate, and boswelli. I also alkalize using a whole lime and 1/2 tsp baking soda (using this for about 2 weeks). My bowel movements have been fine however sometimes it burns and there are alot of holes in my BM (Sorry, just wanted to explain). Tonight, I just added lugol's iodine to my humic acid (2 drops). Also, I dilute the humic acid with some water when I take it. I gonna try to get the cinnamon oil and aloe vera oil, but I definitely need the humic powder? Should I use another combo with the baking soda instead of the lime? Maybe potassium citrate?
I would like to explain why I'm taking the zinc, vit E, vit C.... I have this condition on my scalp and face where my follicles get clogged with keratin/sebum and then it oxidizes and it's preventing my beard hair from growing in some spots like the root is dead. It gets dry and oily at the same time (like it is compensating), itchy and when I get a haircut there are white little hard balls everywhere (assuming it's keratin/sebum). My hair is so rough and the sebum just wont stop and it's really weird. I do get some cyst, but I feel the zinc has helped with that but only that, not the oily, dry, rough, patches with keratin plugs. And lastly, I do have sinus problems where there is always mucous in my nose.
Thanks for reading and hopefully you can help me out! Take Care

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Boswellia helps ulcerative colitis, but also psyllium husk mixed in all foods also helped too. But the humic acid forms you need is powdered, because in the industry finds it or profitable to sell the liquid form, making it weak for treatment of ulcerative colitis. The humic acid is mixed in psyllium husk is also better. The one thing that is causing your major conditions is mercury poisoning, where did you get that? Was it vaccines or metal exposure from environment? Identifying it allows you to be able to avoid it, perhaps it comes from kitchen utensil, or even water faucets. There are some that contains high amounts there too. But the most toxic forms of mercury is methyl mercury, which is thimerosal found in vaccines.

I think the focus should be mercury poisoning and therefore N acetyl Cysteine and selenium would be ideal, other ones may be quercetin, magnesium reduces the toxic effect of mercury, and yes zinc, taken everyday. N acetyl cysteine might be 250 mg x 4, selenium yeast 200 mg x2, or x 3, and quercetin 500 mg x 2, and zinc 25 mg are some examples will respond the best. So the focus is unique from other ulcerative colitis. Gum arabic is helps increase intestinal villi surface area in ridding of toxins, and 1000 mg x 5, but is mixed in drinks or water, that will help the body detox. The most important for mercury toxicity is to concentrate on sulfur rich foods and supplements, that includes eggs (liquid yolks), MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) 2000 mg x 3, N acetyl cysteine, but if methionine must be taken with trimethylgycine 1: 4 ratio, that means for 100 mg methionine you need 400 mg trimethylglycine. When taken N acetyl cysteine some reduction in sinus problem.

Vitamin C maybe needed if especially if your urine ORP meter reports positive value or near that value or below -50, such as -40.

The bromelain is helpful for acne or skin condition, but commercialization they used 25 mg, or less then 100 mg, but that's not really effective. We are looking at 1000 mg of bromelain mixture in water this will get rid of acne and its therapeutic value is of Accutane level (isoretinoin), but without the side effects of autoimmune disease, which Accutane and other related brands is well known for.

As to your major questions of humic acid, get powder form, if not then a plant nursery all have humic acid which is the second best form, if you have trouble finding it.


Anonymous replies to Ted:
"Hello Ted,

Thanks for replying and answering so througouly! First, let me explain a few more, maybe, important details. I have used accutane about 12 years for 6 months and never had issues while on it or there after until 2006. I do understand that effects can show up later on down the line. Maybe this is the culprit. Also, with regards to mercury and how I have come in contact with this: I have had many vaccines when I was a child and also because I am becoming a nurse in the next year, I had to get my Hep B shots which I tried not to get but my school fought back. I have avoided H1N1 thus far but with school starting we shall see! I've had the vaccines that most children get as a child. I could pull my records for you if you like? Also, for faucets and shower head its a metal spout so I'm not very sure as I dont know much about this. The only found out I had mercury poison when I went to a holistic doctor and he could not get me on the right track and he ran a urine toxic test that test many things, including heavy metals, toxins from all bacteria, and vitamins. This was all done through urine about 2 years ago. It was expensive! Now 2 things came back, they were the mercury and the other showed a toxin from c.diff I think. I am not home so I do not have the paperwork with me but I think this was it. So the doctor said dont worry about the mercury cause your bowels are not working so lets fix that first and he never could. I did take things for the bacteria toxin. I took the good strain of yeast which was recommended and that was called S. Boulardii! I didn't do anything really. I took the best and most expensive and have experimented several different ways by taking the capsule or emptying them in food or even taking an hour to 2 hours after food. My GI docs had never said I had C.diff and I've been tested so it's strange. I know the smell too being in the hospital I see this with patients. It's very distinct smell. My bowels have had that smell but not recently.

As for the supplements you recommend, I will get them and use as you stated. I have a question though. I'm receiving in the mail today a shipment of products to help with the mercury that I read from your earthclinic posts. I got some cilantro, chlorella, spirulina, pysllium husk, some cinnamon oil, clove oil and trace mineral drops. Is this ok? I ordered these before I had heard from you. I read great things from you and other on the site. I'm going to start slow! I will also get the products you have mentioned when you replied to me.

Another question, I also take selenium however I'm not sure if it's selenium yeast though. Is this ok or should I get it with yeast?

I am especially excited to see how the bromelain works!!! My skin produces to much oil and it clogs my hair follicle and I get keratin plugs or cysts but never white head pimples. Its very strange... My skin looks normal one day and then it over-produces oil and then dries up and gets white, yellow, dry, itchy, red and clogs. I dont know!

I also have been looking for the humic acid powder and have found it but need to make sure it's reliable so I dont cause more problems!!! The humic should always be BLACK, correct?

One more thing, I do put a few drops of lugols iodine in my morning humic acid liquid about 4 days a week. It's only been 2 weeks. Just wanted you to know that incase it's a bad thing to do!

Thank you Ted for everything! Talk with you soon!"

Ted responds to Anonymous:
"Well, if you take Accutane, you got less intestinal villi and lack of growth, something must increase these surface area for absorption and detox of the intestines. Now, I don't like detox used by many by alternative healers as they seem to copy the formula or make their formulas that doesn't work for all cases. Each kinds of detox is different, in Accutane you have to find something that will promote intestinal villi growth by blocking isoretinoin, and that's difficult. But you can get around the problem by increasing the surface area of the intestines with gum arabic, and that requires at least, 10 grams (it's more 50 grams but no ones going to use that, except in Hospital settings, and if true, they won't use it either!)

The ten gram is realistically given at 2000 mg x 5, preferably mixed with water needed to dissolved it. However, if C.difficile, I think you got it from Hospital as they are phasing out disinfectants that proved more effective against MRSA and C. difficile, which is the use of UV in hospital rooms and surgery rooms, as well is the phasing out of hydrogen peroxide 0.5%, and peracetic acid in favor of glutaldehyde and weak chlorine bleaches. The hydrogen peroxide, UV, and peracetic acid been proven to be effective. The hospitals don't even use a more effective form of alcohol as hospital handwash, they use isopropyl alcohol while a more effective ones is propyl alcohol in weak potassium hydroxide with may sodium lauryl sufate, but that's my opinion, and that's just one formula, and what's more they don't use handwash soap and water, which is more effective then alcohol gels, but we can understand that, as it won't be practical in hospital settings. Now in house setting you won't get it because the common method of cleansing is soap and water.

The best protection H1N1 is actually not the vaccines, it is lysine and asafoetida. In fact, it was the aspirin that stopped the H1N1 (Spanish flu), and it has its origins not in Europe and Spain, but in a U.S.military base, experimenting with vaccines, before it spread to Europe. India and China was immune to it because asafoetida was used as spices in India, and in China they used asafoetida to counteract the H1N1 which proved successful. And some of these vaccines contain a few doubtful ingredients which is methyl mercury (thimerosal) which is a lot more toxic then fishes. I consider fish safe but not vaccines. S. Boulardi lowers C. difficile but won't work if you got mercury poisoning AND Accutane use in the past, if you add lead poisoning on top of that, it is even worse!

" Its very strange... My skin looks normal one day and then it over-produces oil and then dries up and gets white, yellow, dry, itchy, red and clogs. I dont know!"

The problem is that you may have some sort of zinc deficient (zinc acetate) and possible selenium deficiency and you are not addressing the basic problems!

If you must become nurse, there are vaccines out there without thimerosal, you just have to do your own shopping! But any vaccines will inevitably weaken the immune system anyway if you don't provide supplements which boost these, and I don't mean the commercial ones, it's the amino acid such as N acetyl cysteine, lysine, threonine, and then some.


Replied by Ben

Hi, I used to have the white tongue problem like yours, this is due to fermentation in your stomach, I also have proctitis so I believe I have an answer to your problem.

All you need is so simple, buy tablets of 500mg of folic acid and also get some b12 vitamins, that's all, your digestion will work so much better and your white tongue will disappear. I also forgot to mention that I was suffering from severe acne on my scalp face shoulders and back until I started the folic acids and b12 supplements. Zinc supplement would also be a good idea for you. Take all of this with good probiotics and your skin will look very good in about less than 3 weeks for the rest of your life.

This was such simple discoverie that I made while my wife was pregnant, I tried her folic acid tablets for a joke.... but then realised it had a massive effect on my digestion straight away.

Always take them with food!

Also to reply to other people, be careful with aloe vera and turmeric, both will thin your blood, do not take them while being on a flareup, instead buy natural rice pasta, b vcomplex vitamin to replace the missing vitamins you are not having, zinc and folic acids thats all you need to stop the flareup, Stop all fat and milk, ghee, butter and creme.

Do not exercise too much or your immune system will get tired and your colitis will take over. Just do enough work to feel good (a fast walk for 20 minutes is enough). Do not sit too much or your blood flow in your guts will be restricted.

Good luck all, we are all in the same boat but with all the above tricks you will feel 100 times better.


Replied by Anonymous

Hey Ted, How are you doing? I bought some humic acid powder and I'm not exactly sure how my measurements should be. It's 100% humic and is completely black and when I have mixed it, it is alittle difficult. Im not sure why, but eventually it does mix but leaves some sediment at the bottom. Should this happen and is it fine? Also, how much should I be mixing??? I have been putting regular water in about a glass liter jar and putting 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of the humic in it and mixing. I drink 1 ounce 2-3 times a day. Is this ok? Could you let me know what i should be doing? I feel no different at all or any changes with myself or colitis. Everything seems the same basically, however it's only been a few days!

Also, as i understand, there should be no taste, but i do get an earthy/rocky taste with this.... Is this normal since it's 100%?

So is you could help me with these four points, I would appreciate it so much!

1. Is this humic fine?
2. Is this normal the way it mixes and sometimes alittle clumps at the bottom (sediment)?
3. Are my measurements fine?
4. The amount I take is fine?

Thanks again!"

01/14/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Also, how much should I be mixing???

The best way is one teaspoon of sea salt used as a preservative, one teaspoon of humic acid, and perhaps 1 teaspoon of rice crystals sodium thiosulfate. Pour this into 500 cc of water in a bottle. This is your mother solution. To use as a drinking water use 2 to 3 capful of shaken bottle of the mother solution and drink that. The color should be light brown, some people like it dark brown if more is added. This is the general formula for non colitis people, but for colitis it may be better to use the mother solution and take them to lessen the diarrhea.

I have been putting regular water in about a glass liter jar and putting 1 and /2 teaspoons of the humic in it and mixing. I drink 1 ounce 2-3 times a day. Is this ok? Could you let me know what i should be doing?

If you have colitis it might need less or else it will result in diarrhea. Now there are a few others you need to follow, unripe papaya, taken throughout the day, bromelain, and aloe oils are required for most basic ulcerative colitis. The bromelain is 10% taken 1/2 teaspoon three times a day, there's no limit from unripe papaya, and aloe will help accelerate healing. There are others, depending on the seriousness of the condition and dietary practices. There is another that can be tried the borax 1/4 teaspoon with one capful of 3% H2O2 food grade in one liter of water that can be drank as a drinking water to kill the fungus also, if that responds to it, then sodium molybdate a pinch can be added also or ammonium molybdate.

I feel no different at all or any changes with myself or colitis. Everything seems the same basically, however it's only been a few days!

Well you should modify the remedy if there is no change if taken in a few days. It's not the same for everyone, some people respond to them very well some not at all depending on the stage of ulcerative colitis and the seriousness of the condition, and whether there is bleeding. What I know is Crohn's disease is easily cured, but ulcerative colitis needs more of the remedy. But again most fungus like bacteria, typically responds to antifungal remedies, such as MSM, DMSO, chromium, molybdenum, and it will be worse if any iron supplements are taken, or calcium, but typically the blood parameters can be corrected by copper chlorophyllin, and vitamin K2 M4, which is the most important, not vitamin K2 m7 or K1.

Also, as i understand, there should be no taste, but i do get an earthy/rocky taste with this.... Is this normal since it's 100%?

It's fine, but it should not.

1. Is this humic fine?

Humic does raise your immune system, but you may need more than that for people who don't respond to the remedy, but its a start.

2. Is this normal the way it mixes and sometimes alittle clumps at the bottom (sediment)?

Yes, but there shouldn't be that much clumps.

3. Are my measurements fine?

Well I think they are ok but I think it needed to be taken more often.

4. The amount I take is fine?

I think its a bit too much, but more often is the key. You must also address the undigested lipopolysaccharides, which is one of the causes of ulcerative colitis due to mycobacterium paratuberculosis by taking good digestive enzymes too, which will digest the lipopolysaccharides, which is actually the amylase found in your saliva, but needs more in the digestive tract, but is only produced by your salivary glands! What you need is amylase (one of the main thing) in the digestive enzyme form and do the enema also, that will breakdown the lipopolysaccharides that cause the inflammation. However that doesn't deal with the mycobacterium head on, that you need a lot of MSM, borax, hydrogen peroxide, etc. to kill the fungus.


Replied by Anthony

Hi Ben, you say to take 500 mg folic acid? Or 500 mcg? Thank you!