Best Kind of Olive Tree to Treat Herpes?

Posted by Shari (New York, NY) on 09/10/2008

i've seen on EC growing your own olive tree reccomended for fresh leaves to treat herpes. what is the best variety to grow for that purpose?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I am not specific to the types of olive leaves based on my experience. But a good olive leaf if eaten fresh or directly, will have a distinct sour taste, and after effects makes the tongue feels like sandpaper a little. Those seem to have a good quality one.

A more direct test is a sore throat condition and it's reduction in these sore throat its sourness seems to be the important point. Sore throat is sometimes viral in nature. There are some reports of people having improved conditions of herpes from the use of olive leaf. A couple of years ago, I went across a Chinese herbs that I was not able to spell properly but is effective in treatment of herpes and seen people cured of it after taking continuously for 6 months. The name of the herbal preparation is Pien Tze Huang. I believe that part of the preparation has musk, which these musk (or any other similar musks) have properties in dissolving the herpes musk also.

The key I believe for an effective use of olive leaf is is to eat like it was a salad or mixed in a salad of some sort, and is eaten frequently such as three times a day. The key issue seems to be the amount and the frequency. Although other supplements are helpful such as colostrum, lysine (6 times a day 500 mg), and maybe curcumin.