Constant Outbreaks Since 2007

Posted by B. on 05/31/2008

Hello Ted: I came across your answers you had posted on Earthclinic and was hoping you could provide me with some advice. I am HSV1 and since September of 2007. Since then I have been trying alternative treatments. I actually started in Dec of 2007 and even though I contracted the disease in Sep after the initial outbreak I had no symptoms. Once I got on my first set of treatment which was through a site a homeopathic treatment made by PHP labs I started having outbreaks when asked I was told I am just going through healing crisis. I have been consistently having outbreaks since I started treating herpes. About 2 months ago i came across a site and read of a few posting from individuals that have tested negative after going through their full body detox and antiviral program. I am currently in my fourth week of that treatment with 2 more to go. I am still having outbreaks and on their site it is noted that it is body expelling the virus out and I do not need to worry. My diet since I started with dherbs have been only vegetarian, fruits and nuts. I have also started taking Sea Salt 2 boxes and 35% hydrogen peroxide diluted 2 cups to 10 gallon baths (30 - 45 min) daily. What in your opinion do you think i can do differently to help myself be cured of this virus. From reading your posting I am not sure if you had this virus or if you were cured or someone who never had it. I am deeply sorry about this long e-mail but I would greatly appreciate your response and advice. Thank You.

Replied by Ted
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The reason why I know which remedies helped, at least the HSV I found here is that the energy levels and congested liver were easily seen and more noticeable, still my luck, I don't see any outbreak of HSV, with exception of raising the immune system with iodine. Some take tyrosine to be more synergistic with the thyroid problem to raise it, which did resulted in acne problem.

Whichever remedy that is used, and there are many, avoiding fruits and acid forming foods (from wheat, vegetable oils - free radicals free fatty acids, fruits, and common table salt), but also fluoridated and chlorinated water were primary starting point with any antiviral problems. Hence alkalization is important.

There are some people experimenting with MMS (25-28% sodium chlorite solution with vinegar) mixed with vinegar or citric acid, usually 6 drops plus a tablepoon of vinegar with reaction time of 3-5 minutes in a half glass of water to help with herpes. The improvement were relatively quick but nausea and vomiting may occur from excessive used but did improve very quickly and was taken frequently enough While the sodium chlorite is a helpful remedy, especially epidemics and bioweapons and one of those things I will put into my first aid kit, I prefer the more milder remedy, unless I am in a hurry to use the sodium chlorite drops..

As to taking a bath in sea salt and hydrogen peroxide, most condtiion isn't going to be helpful unless the body is already properly alkalized, and the method tor reduce HSV using sea salt and hydrogen peroxide is usually taken internally anyway, with exception of skin outbreaks of HSV, but in event that happens I prefer a solution of zinc chloride and magnesium instead. Even if I don't have that available, I would get lavender oil applied every hour until it goes away. My experience is zinc chloride and magnesium chloride solution works better than lavender oil, but then on the other hand, it also depends on the strength of the virus. Most people do say lavender does help, on topical application. It should be noted that even without any skin showing herpes, still transdermal absorption of the lavender oil will be in the blood stream usually within 30 minutes and is found in the kidneys by then. Hence a cycle time of lavender oil is applied every thirty minutes in hopes of killing the HSV can be accomplished too.

The reason for divergence in remedy is simple: budget, availability and belief.