Where Can I Go to Get Help for Genital Herpes?

Posted by Tony (Thailand) on 07/01/2008

hello ted, my name's tony i like yourself live in thailand ive been reading about you on earth clinic, my problem is ive had genital herpes now for two years i have looked for a cure for this problem week in and week out. it's taken over my life and i feel i have no where to turn, i read where you said you have seen herpes cured which as given me hope, i understand that you could not go into great detail for known reasons. ted if there's any way of helping me i/e where two go ? what to do? even to come and see you if possible please please help tony

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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As I understand from previous conversation with you was that you sell ice cream so obviously 50% of all sweets comes from cola, fruit juices and dairy products. Since you had no effect on taking daily 25 mg zinc gluconate without improvement form supplementing, it is the fact that it is the sugar that acts as gatekeepers shutting off the immune system, where zinc is required by the white blood cells needed to kill off the virus. Therefore sugar control or dietary control is necessary element, to open the gates of zinc filled white blood cells to reduce the viral herpes.

For me an external herpes condition, taking just supplements simply only won't work. It has been my experience that external topical application is needed to effect the killing. Frequency of application seems to be critical such as applications between every 30 minutes to 2 hours are needed to keep zinc concentration at a constant to get a complete kill. In one case of the application every 30 minute the herpes simplex for about 12 hours, it went away completely. Perhaps I was just lucky but it did stop and there is likely to be other factors too, such as no sweet diet that came into play. It should be noted that I didn't expect the topical solution completely kill the virus, but it did. So thre is a chance of a cure for this problem.

The ones to use in a topical applications is BHT, zinc chloride and magnesium chloride. I may have to adjust the concentration of zinc to a lower percentage likely between 1- 5% to avoid the stinging of skin and magnesium chloride concentration at about 25%, and a BHT may be mixed with lavender and aloe vera oil as BHT is an oil soluble component. However, some stinging may be possible with lavender and a lower concentration of lavender below 5% might be preferable. Some people believe there is no cure for herpes simplex virus. I have found that there is, and I maybe was lucky too using the zinc and magnesium solution, however lavender and tea tree may also worked, but it was never tested, and hence I have no way of knowing that one and remains a possibility.

As to the supplements, lysine 500 mg x 3 times a day is what I would take, along with zinc gluconate 25 mg, and 500 mg of magnesium gluconate supplements. Alkalizing also reduces the virus herpes, and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water will help. Other things that lowers the immune system may defeat its purposes such as sweets, cigarettes and alcohol.

Most flare ups of herpes is often the ice cream, sweets, sugar, but non sugar products such as sugar substitute can even be worse such as aspartame found in vitamins, diet colas, and even hidden in xylitol gums.

The body's immune system maybe raise by a couple of more supplements such as 1000 mg of fish oil with EPA and DHA, granulated lecithin, sodium iodide, are some other possibilities.