Posted by D. on 10/10/2008


I have recently been diagnosed with Genital Herpes. In addition to blisters and multiple outbreaks I have pain in my middle back and lower abdominal region. I have been given Acyclovir to take 5 pills daily during a outbreak and 2 pills daily for suppression. I am going to try your suggestions and am curious about the olive oil leaf. If this a topical remedy or oral? Also where can I get the products locally 5% concentration of Zinc Chloride and a 5% concentration of Magnesium Chloride I live in California. I am assuming this is a topical remedy. I am depressed over this situation and would appreciate any help you could provide.

Thank you

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear D:

I have decided to update my remedy on this one because genital herpes is relatively a painful condition regardless of what is applied there! The least painful solution I have recently found, but still painful anyway is the use of betadine solution applied every two hours and the conditions in many cases should subside in a matter of a week.

The reason why a betadine solution is less painful then a lugol's solution is the polyvinylpyrolidone or PVP that acts as a buffer with the iodine from causing the stinging sensation. Acyclovir required a large dose and is relatively expensive to use. In a some cases it doesn't work at all. However, recent research indicates copper Acyclovir to work better. This method is not only easier to use but it is also easier to find. Kelp supplements can be taken which are also high in iodine might further discourage them.

A milder solution of magnesium chloride I think is less painful then the addition of zinc however. The issue why pain is put into this equation is it may cause swollen if is too painful. The second reason is iodine, such as betadine or Lugol's soltion is much easier to find.

Since magnesium chloride can't be found, then possibly a weak solution 5% of epsom salt is used instead, or needs to be modified. Epsom salt are much easier to find in most drug stores too. It should be noted that there is some good feedback I have received from the use of iodine so iodine appears a more suitable route. One experiment with acyclovir that might increases is potency, although I am not so sure is to add a drop or two to the acyclovir so that it's potency is increased is one other solution.