Countries with Herpes Cure Program?

Posted by Thomas (Brooklyn, NY) on 03/05/2007

This question is for ted. Is there really a way to cure herpes? I have been reading and a few of the arguments about using alternatives methods is that herpes binds to your dna. So any of these anti-virual methods won't cure it. Also does anyone know of any countries where they have a herpes cure program? I read that you can be treated in Cuba and Germany. Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Based on my own personal experience, I have seen herpes being cured but the health authorities throughout most the world made sure the treatment kept underground and away from mainstream medicine. Most who are cured keep their mouth shut and this has been the problem.

One way to prevent it from being known by the public is you can't even mention the word cure, otherwise they will pounce on you. Therefore I carefully word this posting in such a way they cannot take action. I even try to avoid any direct references or even recommending commercially products to avoid authorities checking as well.

Even if herpes do bind to the DNA, you must remember that DNA are self-correcting and there is a DNA template that appears to be non DNA so usually zinc and even magnesium will prevent the virus from replication. When this replication prevention is done long enough the virus DNA attached to cells die of by normal life cycle cellular death.

As a result, the key issue to treating herpes is to find a supplements that are used long enough to prevent any replication where a virus cannot latch onto new cells or prevent them from replication.

One well-known supplements is licorice extract, usually one tablespoon and zinc acetate 50 mg. is another one that can prevent virus from even going to work in replication also. A simple granulated powdered lecithin can also dissolve some viral enveloped protein as well. Simple electrotherapy can also kill a virus due to its small size without effecting the larger cells. Vitamin D might be helpful but often the dose is too small to get to therpeutic levels the dose used by doctors is often 20,000 i.u., but is often out of reach for most consumers.

A simple remedy to reduce the herpes is usually a couple of drops of clove oil, and alkalizing. Viruses can't exist very well in a terribly alkaline environment. Taking 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with some apple cider vinegar taken twice a day on an empty stomach if taken long enough should help. If the stomach is queasy about it just add enough water to dilute the mixture, such as up to 1 glass of water.

Hydrogen peroxide with about 12 drops of 3% mixed in water taken almost every 2 hours (or more frequency) throughout the day and if taken long enough should at least weaken the herpes virus considerably. Ozonation in the room can help reduce herpes in the blood also since ozone are relatively toxic to most virus.

However granulated powdered lecithin taken before every meal with one tablespoon could considerably improve liver functioning making it easier to rid of those herpes hidden in the liver.

Local herpes simplex is often the easiest to treat and can take only just one day of continuous 15 minute application of 1-5% zinc chloride and magnesium chloride solution for at least 6 hours.