Chaparral for Genital Herpes Relief?

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 07/03/2011

Hi Ted, I've been reading your forum for about a year since I first contracted genital herpes. I am about to turn 45 and I contracted a little less than a year ago. I've read a lot on MMS, Blood root tincture, chaparral and licorice as well as others.

What I am trying to do is completely wipe the virus out of my body. I've been unemployed due to this economy for going on 3 years and it has wiped me out financially and trying to get rid of this is killing me financially as well. However, I am in the process of possibly getting a job where I will be traveling 80 percent of the time and I need to get this virus out of me. I will be working a lot and I cannot afford for this to effect me anymore.

I've managed to lessen the outbreaks to just when my cycle arrives and some residual afterwards. I did this by taking about 30 to 36 450 mg of Chapparral a day for about 6 to 8 weeks. Then I got scared because I read/heard it causes liver damage. If I understand correctly, liver damage can be reversed.

What are the exact instructions, easiest way to totally eradicate the virus from my system as I need to consider traveling, packing and what the airports will allow me to pack, etc. How long will it take? I read your blood root tincture but I am afraid of it since it is so toxic. This one seems the simplest, but I am afraid it will make me sick and I have to travel and work, etc. The capsules would be the easier solution, but I want something that will rid me of it and I can travel with it.

Please help as I am desperate to get this out of me. I am taking a high quality powder colostrum and liquid colustrum with PRP's, as well as great whole food vitamins.

Replied by Chris
Glasgow, Uk

Hi, for ted's herpes cure, is it 4 or 8 1000mg of lysine & vit c per day? If 8, is that safe? Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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First thing is chaparral is not known for eliminating the virus, because it will still come back again. The second is you go back to history about 50 years ago (I had a good memory when I was a kid, not anymore!) aspirin was used to cure virtually everything, and with the vitamin C it worked good, and the best formula was with caffeine added. Now the local authorities knew this fact so they later (to get Tylenol into the market) and I'm just talking about Thailand that was the 60s, an effort was made to get aspirin out of the market, by the fact that it caused ulcers. That was because ulcers were cased by the tablet form, not the powdered form as it dissolve in the stomach, and they remove the caffeine from the formula, strangely the authorities at the time, didn't want to get caffeine out of energy drinks as it contains sugar so that couldn't cure anything because of it. The other issues is "Reyes syndrome", during the time it was simple to just give very low doses to everyone to see if they fall in that category, it was a 1 in a 1000 people who had it. So they decided to say aspirin was unsafe to everyone because Reye's could happen to anyone! The only problem is it's a genetic problem and you test for it. I personally was cured of measles, as did other people of chicken pox, etc.

The key to aspirin dose is the secret of the dose, frequency, and duration! Will I found them from learning that a virus expands to saturation point in two hours, that was the key. So a remarkably simple protocol for your conditions is aspirin 500 mg powdered, with vitamin C powdered given every hour for four hours, in morning and in evening for 2 days. For someone without any antivirals this will do it.

If you have access to antivirals the simplest plan and safer is the second one: lysine 1000 mg, powdered and vitamin C powdered, every hour, four doses one in morning and every hour four doses in the evening. It is done for two days minimum. I prefer 3 days, but 2 days would get your virus down in first day, prevent a reinfection on second day, the third is just to kill the remaining virus.

This wouldn't require a lot and is convenient. I developed others, but since you travel, by air it is actually very convenient for a virus to spread in an airplane. Now in case you are interested in a less frequent dose, you must add 1 antiviral which is andrographis paniculata, added to lysine, I think we can get down to 3 doses of lysine, and andrographis is given in the 3rd dose. And one more before you sleep and take this one more day.

There are other formulas I developed, but much of the problem is access to these supplements is hard to come by. There is one that works very well against genital herpes, and is "sabah snake grass" and this is mixed into the third dose, or you can try the chaparral if you want. The idea is simple, lysine and any antiviral herbs will work better and in a shorter time with a lot less chaparral.


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My question may be dumb, but you say "powdered". How do you take the powder? Is it mixed with water??? How long before I will know the virus is gone from my body?

Replied by Glenda

Dear Ted, huge doses of enteric coated probiotics and others that reach the small intestine will rid you of herpes quickly and never come back. Use for one week and see how that works. It has worked for those who I know. It works for ending cold sores also! Be blessed!

Replied by Robert

Hi Glenda,

What do you consider a huge dose.


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>> "How do you take the powder? Is it mixed with water??? "

Evidently in Thailand they sell Aspirin in powder form. Instead just get the Aspro Clear and dissolve it in water - simple and safe :)