Flu Shots and Genital Herpes Outbreaks

Posted by Tammy (London, Uk) on 08/03/2011

This is a question for Ted and anyone who can help regarding genital herpes. Does having seasonal flu jabs suppress the frequency of the outbreaks? During my initial outbreak in 2009 I went to my GP and I was told it was a cold sore not to worry about it and just to use cold sore creams. I had 1 to 2 outbreaks only and I could eat peanut butter, nuts and chocolate without any problem. Then last year I decided against having the flu jab, in february this year I had a really big outbreak used the creams as usual without success. I went to the sexual health clinic and I was diagnosed with genital herpes since then I am having frequent outbreaks sometimes twice a month, triggered by foodstuffs mentioned above. So my main concern now is should I get the flu jab this year to avoid getting these frequent OB? What is the long term side effects of the flu or swine jabs?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most long term side effects for yearly flu shots I have seen is further suppressed immune system. Not that immune system get stronger with each seasonal flu shots. If you get flu shots for flu no. 1, yes you are immune to that flu, but the overall immune system is weakened, and you do another flu shot for second year, yes you are immune to that flu, but the overall immune system is further weakened, making you more vulnerable to other virus attack not of that flu. Now, when you get further down the road, the flu shots won't save you because your overtaxed immune system, you will get sick of that very flu that the flu shots try to save. I give you one example, a person who is 90 years old, gets a flu shots, most of them will die from the very flu they get it. That's my experience. That's because the immune system is so weak and he takes flu shots year after year, he died from the very flu shots he's trying to protect. The same condition exists for babies whose system is so weak. The reason is flu shots have a weak virus, being weakened by the preservatives that weakened him. But if you put that very flu shot in a person say, ideally without any immune system in himself the weakened virus goes into his body, and the preservatives in syringe is concentrated, when injected becomes diluted, but a virus however weak they are, with the same powers of reproductions going into such as system, is like greener pasture with which to grow. So while most are immune to genital herpes if the numbers are few, in the environment for most people, it is deadly for a person who gets too much of flu shot to be immune to anything but the flu itself. To predict a flu one year in advance, they are also rarely right, because they mutate, by the next seasons. The other thing you have to consider is the preservatives used in these flu shot, take an extreme example of thimerosal commonly used, has a deadly habit of disabling your immune system by mercury poisoning, the worse is methyl mercury (thimerosal) but we make issues of fishes with mercury which is actually a lot less toxic then the methyl mercury. we put in our blood system. There are other preservatives and additives in those that kills your immune system or caused other neurological damage (sometimes permanent), sodium lauryl sufate, and monosodium glutamate.


Replied by Tammy
London, Uk

Thank you so much Ted greatly appreciate your advice and teaching. So in other words I need to strengthen my immune system and not have any more flu jabs. I hope I have not done any long-term damage. To replace the jabs what can I take to boost my immunity as I am prone to flu and I am asthamatic as well but not taking inhalers at the moment. Also I only get the GH on my buttock only, in terms of topical treatment what should I get?. Is there any long term effect of taking a wide range of vitamins supplements in relation to kidney failure, blood thinning etc? Thank you in advance

Replied by Anonymous
Houston, Tx/usa

Tammy, try Sea kelp, for the GH if you have not found anything yet. For asthma try cactus tea w/ aloe vera tea. Also, cut your diet down to glutten free, for your skin and asthma. My family is versed in natural remedies for everything, due to premi infants and my sisters fight with BC, and we have found that gargling with peroxide 3x's a day, using perxoide swabs in the nose and constantly washing your eyes with some sort of eye wash can prevent germs jumping onto you. This works so well, that I have not had any bouts with major sickness in @5 yrs. A tramatic "forced sexual incident" years ago may have exposed me to GH, however due to keeing my immune system builders overstocked, I have yet to experience any sort of outbreak, nor tested positive. I also never ever get the flu shot! Why would I ever go stand in line to get a shot that will make me sick on purpose to fight being sick... That never made a bit of sense. Our bodies are intended to work for our healing, so finding what nature provides for healing seems to work the best, for those of us who know that there is only a stream of health in nature, this is most encouraging. Maybe I am fortunate to be immune to GH, a/w/a other illnesses, but I have been taking Sea Kelp & other immune system builders for @ 10 yrs to stave off side effects from borderline diabetes.

Be well Tammy

Replied by Tammy
London, Uk

I well and truly appreciate your advice Anonymous, I will be getting sea kelp and the tea. I will aslo use peroxide as adviced. Thank you, being on this site and getting the advice, I no longer feels so alone since I cant tell any of my family and friends. I thank God my partner has not gotten the GH. I was not aware initially that its a sexual health because of the OB site. There is not much education over here around GH. As from now onwards I will refrain from getting any further jabs and stick to nature healing. The immune builders can you recommend the ones you have been taking please I know I am asking too much, for me its like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel I have been miserable since february this year.

Remain Blessed

Replied by Tammy
London, Uk

Ted and others who can help I need advice on the supplements that I am taking/have taken? I have not had an outbreak for the past 6 months and this is what I have been taking daily:- 1 tablet each Vit C 1000mg with Rose Hips, odorless garlic 100mg, multivitamins, vit D3, selenium 200ug, oil of oregano 1500mg, echinacea 400mg, sea kelp 30mg. Lecithin powdered 100% pure I have a heaped teaspoon in my decaf once a day. Neem moisturising lotion applied to the outbreak area.

These are the ones I do not take frequently cranberry, milk thistle 175mg, zinc 25mg, magnesium 250mg. I last took lysine 1000mg with the very last outbreak. I have also taken in the past Red Marine algae Plus still have some left.

My main concern is am doing any long-term damage with taking all these supplements? Is there some that I can do without as I honestly do not know which ones are working for me.

I really do appreciate all the teachings and guidance.

Replied by Paul
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Like the sceptics like to say correlation does not mean causation.

The frequency of outbreaks vs outbreaks does not make or break a diagnosis. herpes is herpes.

Many people state that over time the virus improves. This depends on whether your health is in decline or not. I would say this is a sign that your general health is declining.

I would look for decent lifestyle changes, cutting sugars, processed foods, eating nutrient dense vegetables and the best quality meat you can afford.