Posted by LeNorris (Jacksonville, Florida) on 02/08/2009

Herpes cure: Question the oils that is recomended to rub on the base of the spine do you mix them to gether or use one let it dry and then use the other one the (clove oil and the lavender oil) and is this supposed to get rid of the herpes virus in the body also the zinc salt is this supposed to be mixed with foods and how much and how is this supposed to kill the virus in the body?

Replied by David
Nyc, Ny


You said : "A Chinese herbal remedy also worked, but unfortunately the prices are so high that I had to seek other ways..." What is this Chinese herbal remedy that also worked???


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear LeNorris:

It's not supposed to kill in the body. It's used for herpes that has surfaced on the skin area. To kill virus internally requires a completely remedy altogether, such as minimum of 1000 mg of lysine taken 4 times a day, or an optimum dose of 4000 mg x 4 times a day of lysine as being the simplest of the remedy.

A stronger remedy requires a 5% copper chloride solution is dropped onto an acyclovir tablets and reacted to get Copper acyclovir.

For internal one another appropriate one that I have recently found is the bloodroot tincture of 3-6 drops taken 4-6 times a day but is dissolved in 1/2 glass of water. Taken for a couple of months should clear most of the herpes. However, a vitamin b complex, magnesium, vitamin C and baking soda are required during that period, otherwise the body will be depleted as bloodroot kills the herpes. This is the latest one that I have found. A Chinese herbal remedy also worked, but unfortunately the prices are so high that I had to seek other ways that is more or equally effective but much cheaper remedy and it turns out to be bloodroot. However, the issue came to using proper dose, concentration and frequency and the other supplements that are needed so people don't get the reported side effects associated with their use - such as gastrointestinal pain or bloating stomach. It appears that people used salve in excess which is why they have trouble with such use.

As to the use of MMS (sodium chlorite 25% or sodium chlorite 27%) given in drops mixed with vinegar. they also worked, but they seem to cause other problems such as nausea and may cause the lowering of the body's iodine levels. As a result I have to resolve this iodine issues and have to test this problem whether the addition of iodine would reduce the problems associated with nausea or not. Still a sodium chlorite is a chlorine and in presence of sodium thiosulfate would neutralize it's chlorine. Hence I don't like chlorine that much as it is difficult on the body's system except if it is used as a last resort.