Best Cure for Herpes

Posted by Lyle (Atlanta, GA) on 03/10/2007

Do you still believe zinc cloride and magnesium chloride are the best cure for herpes. I searched for these products but could not find any for purchase plus what form to use on your body? Also I can only find zinc gluconate for oral that as good as zinc acetate...please help me find these products. Do you know anything about autohemotherapy Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Lyle: You can use the zinc gluconate to take it internally also. If you want that route, you need to get other suitable magnesium citrate or gluconate supplements too. Some iodine supplements might help, usually sodium iodide and potassium iodide at about 10 mg/day (about 5 mg each) but only a couple of days out of week should be sufficient.

The magnesium chloride and zinc chloride are most commonly used for herpes simplex, which applied with enough frequency throughout the day actually cured the condition.

Autohemotherapy is basically ozonating your blood, rather a bit invasive. This is not easily done at your home, however a much more convenient way I do is to take a bath in 1% hydrogen peroxide and soaking it in and through trasdermal absorption will the peroxide enters the body slowly, or ozonating the room. Another alternative that seems to work similarly in many respects to autohemotherapy is to take vitamin D3 or D4 20,000 i.u. per day.

Another way is to add 3-6 drop of hydrogen peroxide 3% taken every hour in 1/2 glass of water for a whole day is another possibility. You can get similar results that way too. However I would much prefer another one that seems to be synergistic 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda is added to the glass of water with 3-6 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide taken for about 1 hour interval for 12 hours. It seems to get similar results.

Sea salt is another possibility that you can use in place of the baking soda, but you use similar measurements of 1/8 teaspoon. A fairly saline water plus peroxide can be even more effective than autohemotherapy if done right. Certain areas of the body not reachable by autohemotherapy is your skin, so wet cloth in 1% hydrogen peroxide solution will reach areas not reachable.

Replied by Hali
Los Angeles, Ca

Hello Ted, what type of hydrogen peroxide should I use? Is it the regular kind you by at the local drugstore or the food grade kind?