Mom with Multiple Myeloma

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/02/2011

Ted, I understand you have a very busy schedule and that you might not be able to reply soon. Still i am keeping my hopes high and fingers crossed that you will be able to help me in quest for finding some relief for my mom. She was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in march this year which has lesions in one of the ribs, femur bone and neck bone. She had surgery to stabilize her neck. Ever since then she has 5 sittings of radiation and also since then she is on no sugar, no milk, no artificial flavors, preservative free diet. We also started her on essiac tea, beta glucan, flax seed oil and cottage cheese mix, mutivitamins, green tea and barley leaf extract, lysine, proline. She has not undergone any chemo. However, from 8 march to 8 april, she lost 10 kgs (76 to 65 kgs). Then her weight was stable for 2 months and now she has lost 3 more kgs. She has very persistent nausea. She feels hungry, sleeps well. But its the nausea which is making her life miserable and she is not able to eat. What should i do to help her with nausea and to control weight loss. She does not have any other pains except stiff neck from surgery. Please advise, I cannot see her suffer anymore. She is 57 yrs old. Her BP used to be high but in control for last 4 months. We are also giving her fresh juice of beets+ carrots+celery everyday.

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The nausea can be eliminated by betaine HCL, which helps her stomach to digest the food. It is taken before meals and will help with the nausea. The other things that will help are digestive enzymes, taken with or before meals to increase appetite. One of the main problems I encounter is liver toxicity due to cancer, so I usually give milk thistle or another one, when is not available, thunbergia laurifolia. The liver toxicity also leads to nausea and vomiting. It also helps if a person has access to a blood sugar monitor and reaches a target of less than 90 mg/dL. Most cancer patients have blood sugar exceeding 120 mg/dL. It also helps if some raw liver is added to carrot juice and green apples. The raw liver helps with the recovery of liver, by giving nutrients that are lacking. The sugar reducing effects of blood sugar are important, so I have prepared a short list, bitter melon, carrot juice (freshly squeeze), coriander, parsley.

As to the suffering, I am assuming she can't eat and there is nausea. It may help if lemon, and vitamin C, sourness, helps with nausea too, but it takes time. For example ascorbic acid is taken 500 mg every hour, for 10 hours, will usually do it, but everyone's body chemistry is different. I feel that beta glucan is not given enough (500 mg) and vitamin c is not also. There is selenium yeast, you can try too. Blood sugar I have found to be high in people with nausea and cancer, but if there blood sugar is somehow reduce below 100 mg/dL, especially 90 mg/dL, it reduces their nausea. Then after which killing the tumor cells with lugols iodine starts responding, first 1 drops then more, if nausea does not set in. But my experience is tumor begins regressing at 5 drops x 6 times per day, then it reduces dose as patient is responding. The lemon oil and lemon is especially important, especially the lemon oil. Lemon has a nice sour taste, but I prefer lime, which is what is used. I will not use multivitamins, as they contain calcium and too much B1 can be cancer causing. B50 you give temporary for 3 days, at 3 times a day, so she can eat. so Betaine HCl, citric acid, vitamin C ascorbic acid, B50 (temporary for 3 days), digestive enzymes, is what is missing in your list.

As for DMSO/Aloe Oil, or DMSO if you cannot find Aloe, you get butyric acid. But if you cannot get it, you can make some from spoiled cheddar cheese in 2 to 3 days. Left in a bag with cheddar cheese, the butyric acid is then mixed with DMSO, say 5% butyric acid, to be applied topically to the area. Clove oil and castor oil is also mixed with DMSO, to remove the pain. So DMSO 70% mixed with 10% castor oil, 5% clove oil, 10% lavender oil, 5% butyric acid is to be put on topically for pain is just one suggestion. The butyric acid and aloe vera converts cancer cells to normal cells, butyric acid is available in most chemical supply too, it can be ingested in small amounts to give energy to the intestinal energy, that's my opinion. Should the bowel movements stink then probiotics might be needed. So lots of betaine HCL or hydrochloric acid mixed in water say 3 - 5 drops of HCl concentrated to help the stomach acid. CoQ10 and quercetin will give the person some energy, CoQ10 is 400 mg and quercetin is 500 mg. The three high energy consuming organs are liver, stomach, heart, and kidney, at this stage the beneficiaries will likely be stomach and liver for the CoQ10 and quercitin, but also alpha lipoic acid 300 mg x 2, and perhaps Acetyl L carnitine, say 500 mg x 2 is a start.

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Thank you so much for your advice. I really apologize for not getting back to you earlier. I have started her on Betaine-Hcl and enzymes. I have also bought quercertin. Her nausea seems to be better. Her energy levels are up and down. We have also taken her to a naturopath (which was big jolt to the pocket). Her weight was stable at 65kg for couple of months since she came home in april but she dropped to 62 this month, which really made me worry. After some tests, the doc said due to tension her adrenal gland is not working very efficiently, so there is too much pressure on kidneys. Also she is not able to digest food (same as ur recommendation to start her on enzymes and citric acid) I had also started her on milk thistle but he stopped it saying as per the results he is more concerned about the kidneys than about liver toxicity. He did not have the blood sugar results that day so i do not know her sugar levels. I could not understand about the Iodine treatment. In her case, because the cancer is in bone marrow, so i am not sure if the lesions can be considered as tumors and can be treated the way we treat tumors. She has multiple lesions- 2 on ribs, 1 on thigh bone, 1 on the neck vertebrae and one in the skull too. Please advise. Thanks and Regards"

08/24/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Kidney issues sounds more adrenal gland. If kidney issues I use in Thailand Assam Tea, usually clears the kidneys in a week or two, but I don't know the species, as it is a Thai name, after coming from a plant in India. Adrenal issues is helped with DHEA. Quercetin really lifts your energy level and corrects everything and is cheaper then CoQ10, the key thing of quercetin is "mitochondrial biogensis" which increases the mitochondria, and everybody who has cancer is weak. So CoQ10 ubiquinoal 400 to 1500 mg, or Quercetin 1200 to 2000 mg a day is the dose. Lugols iodine will work with DMSO, say 70% DMSO, and Iodine 30%, to be topically applied in the area where there is cancer of the bones. You may add zinc acetate a little (10 mg), and clove, selenium 1 mg and castor oil to make the mixture stronger, if necessary. To digest food you still need milk thistle to detox liver, it should have no problem with other organs, and digestive enzymes. The liver may be further supported by ascorbic acid 500 mg every two hours. It needs a lot of liver and vitamin C support. Again these are more advanced treatments.


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Her nausea seems to lessen a bit but she is not able to take black tea at all. Please help, her energy levels are really low. I could not find "DHEA" YET. Please prioritize things for me. Like for the following treatments, which should be done first or cannot be excluded from the treatment. Trouble is, she is finding it really hard to take any tablets. Please HELP."

09/16/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Take Vitamin E 200 i.u. x1, selenium 400 mcg x 2A0 and CoQ10 400 mg x 2, in ubiquinone form or ubiquinol, and quercetin. If you can afford it NADH may help if not then at night melatonin, B3, and low dose naltrexone, 1.5 mg. These help. The amino acids that help energy but do not support cancer growth are lysine and threonine, but helps if some serine is added. B50 may help, but not taken too much say for a week and maybe weekly. You don't have to have everything here. Even betaine HCL taken before meals 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon also helps.