Posted by B (South Africa) on 05/31/2012

I found your articles on the internet while doing research on cancer treatments. My son is 16 years old and has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his left leg above the knee. According to the scans that has been done it looks like it has spread to his lungs as well. I do not like chemotherapy since it seems to do more harm than good. I have also read about Insulin Potentiation Low Dose Chemotherapy and it looks like a much better option than conventional chemotherepy but the costs involved are very high. I have read your article on cancer remedies and everything you say makes sense so we are going to use your advice as in the article. I have however also found information stating that some fruits like grapes have anti-cancer properties, but in your article you say that we should avoid any fruits. I would appreciate some information regarding this if you could. Also have you had any cases involving osteosarcomas and what was the results?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Cadmium exposure seems to be the major element in most cancer people especially with osteosarcoma, from shellfish, cigarettes (mostly from cigarette papers), chocolates, and maybe cocao. That is why zinc chloride is used in this case and that is why the number one homeopathic remedy is actually cadmium, followed by arsenic in homeopathic doses.

The reason why chemo generally doesn't work is it is designed that way, but that is another story altogether, all you need to know is the side effects will kill you more so then the curing them. I had people who failed to follow the sensible nutrition advice and all have died within three months, including the person without any cancer! If the chemo will not kill, then the morphine will, if morphine doesn't kill then the fructose from the fruits will, as they always give this to all cancer patients.

The grapes contain fructose, to get the nutritional value of these fruits is easy. just get fruit extract which contain no sugar anyway, such as red wine extract, grape seed extract, etc. Fructose is needed by cancer to grow, and glucose is needed by cancer to help their growth too, but fructose is the worst.


Replied by Sarah
Erie, Pa

Did you have success? I am treating my sister 4 years later of chemo for osteosarcoma and her cancer has spread and she is having low blood constantly. Cannot continue to be treated this way and looking for better options. Please advise.

Replied by Janeen
South Africa

I am treating my Boerboel in South Africa, with, 1st Protocol of: Baking soda and black strap molasses in a weight of 10 g baking soda to 22. 5 g Black Strap Molasses. And with a 2nd Protocol of: Aloe and Honey, mixed 50:50 weight wise. She was diagnosed the 28th of last month. I started the Baking soda protocol the day after she was diagnosed on the 29th April and started the Aloe Vera honey protocol the of 6th May this month. On the 5th of May I skipped her morning pain killers, and she wasn't able to dream. After observing her, I continued resumed her pain killlers. On morning of the 6th May I again skipped her pain meds. She was able to dream and snore. That evening, I skipped again, and she continued to dream and snore. Today, so far so good she is off her Domodol and Previcox. She gets 10 g baking soda with 22.5 g Black Strap Molasses mixed into a deboned chicken thigh twice daily. Her last dose she gets, is when she has retired for the night, so that her muscles do not use it up.

The Aloe Vera I use is the soft type, which I pick freshly from my garden, I freeze to harden, and then break it up into a food processor with metal blade on. (If using the tougher aloe, then just run a potato peeler over it's spikes to remove them.) Whiz it up until finely pureed and then go at it with an immersion hand held stick blender. Lastly add an equal amount of pure bee honey and blend all together well. Aloe-emodin-mediated photodynamic therapy induces autophagy and apoptosis in human osteosarcoma I store her Aloe Meds in glass jar, sealed, in freezer to keep fresh. Lastly, there is a guy on YouTube who cured his Rottweiler of HDD And Osteosarcoma. Then there is Vernon Johnston on YouTube has many videos. He cured his prostate and bone cancer with the baking soda protocol.