Posted by Lisa (The Caribbean) on 09/06/2012

Hello Ted, I just came accross your information at /CURES/cancer.html#TED
and this newsletter, and have been doing some tall reading regarding your insight to Bone Cancer. I wanted to ask if by any chance you have any new information regarding this type of case regarding bone cancer?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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For bone cancer it would be oil soluble supplements such as D3 20,000 iu, magnesium citrate, Borax 100 mg, and BHT 500 mg. For bone pain DMSO applied directly would help. To prevent phosphate from supplying bone cancer, lanthanum chloride, may be just 50 mg to 500 mg a day would help at least. To limit iron absorption for cancer of that order, maybe artemisinin or artemisia. As usual no sugar. No vegetable oils as these kill the bone marrow.