Father in Law with Stage 4 Bone Cancer

Posted by S. on 12/31/2010

Hi Ted, My father in law has stage 4 cancer, he has a tumor in hip bone, cancer in lungs and colon. The doctors want to remove the tumor by surgery and then do chemotherapy. Please advise what to do so that surgery and chemotherapy can be avoided. I started the castor oil hot pack treatment but I can't find some of the chemicals/herbs you mentioned in your remedies. I have been reading your posts on earthclinic and I think you are going a great job in helping all the people around the world. Keep up the good work!

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Replied by Ted
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Basically a lot of supplement I used stops metastatic cancer from spreading on day three. A short but updated protocol is as follows or rules that I used and this is the simplest I can make it:

1 Get blood sugar below 90 mg/dL. So no sweet fruits or sugar.
2 Lysine 1/2 teaspoon and n acetyl cysteine 1/2 teaspoon every hour for 4 hours at least.

3 1/8 teaspoon of tannic acid and/or 1/4 teaspoon green tea extract three times a day

4 For bone cancer I used two thing that are most important in addition to 2) and 3) strontium chloride 1/4 teaspoon twice a day plus vitamin K2 100 mcg 4 times a day

5 vitamin c no calcium added 1000 every 2 hours 8 times a day plus selenium 600 mcg and zinc gluconate 10 mg once a day.

Blood sugar in some case may normalize with the n acetyl cysteine after a couple of days but further research is needed.

If you are good in getting supplies then tryptophan 200 mg with diindolemethane 50 three times a day. There are more than this but this should cover most of problem except loss of appetite which requires vitamin B50 three times a day.


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Dr Robert O Young has the knowledge and research to reverse stage 4 cancer with out http://www.phmiracleliving.com
God Bless you and yours, Laura-Lynn

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You could GOOGLE "The Doctor Who Cured His Own Stage Four Cancer". I have found his advice extremely helpful over the years.

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Laura-lynn, the link is not good. Is there a typo?

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