Hydrogen Peroxide for Bone Cancer?

Posted by Anonymous (Jamaica) on 02/20/2012

Good morning sir, I have a friend who is really sick, he just found out that he has bone cancer and would love to try your remedies. Would love to talk to you. He has a lot of pain in his body, want to know how to take the Hydrogen peroxide treatment he is a male 68 years old. Your urgent response is appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most multiple myeloma I see is the result of the medical incompetence, often they will try to treat cancer with chemo, x-rays as the means to kill cancer and this causes to the cancer to spread within 1 week of the treatment, to make it worse. The real cause in 97% of cancer is the blood sugar exceeding 90 mg/dL on fasting blood sugar and at least 100 mg/dL in blood sugar after meals 1, 2, and 4 hours. The prime cause of cancer to spread are due to (in order of importance) are diabetes (from ribose, fructose, glucose, sucrose), chemo, and x rays.

Since 97% of all cancer is driven by sugar, the most effective ways to control sugar really quick, is glucose oxidase, but that is hard to obtain, but gymnema slyvestre (400 mg) can be taken at least twice a day (12 hours a part) but initially it is taken four times a day, for at least 3 days. The sugar needs very strict control, and that means no carbohydrates, particularly the fruits, rice, wheat and all grains. However there are amino acids that cause a RISE IN BLOOD SUGAR, such as glutamine and glycine that cannot be consumed, and phenylalanine. The single most important amino acid that blocks glutamine and glycine is the lysine, by way of increasing the lysine relative to other amino acid especially the glutamine to lower the blood sugar.

The lysine is taken at 1000 mg EVERY HOUR for four hours in the morning and the same in evening for as long as possible, at least 3 days for sure, but preferably 1 month. The other amino acid that is needed is NAC (N acetyl cysteine) taken at same time as lysine, 100 mg to 500 mg also. These I know for sure, in getting both the diabetes under control and the cancer and will definitely improve the outcome in 3 days.

Beta glucan is preferably taken at least twice a day powdered form mixed with lysine also works, one in morning and one in evening at least 1/2 teaspoon. If he can't eat, then vitamin C ascorbic acid, 500 mg, every hour will get cancer under control in about one day. The reason why vitamin C is effective is structurally, vitamin C resembles glucose, and it fools cancer cells into thinking it is glucose (trojan horse), and kills cancer cells that way.

The pain from multiple myeloma or cancer in general comes from lactic acid, and the condition of anaerobic as the cause. the more anaerobic the cancer the greater the pain, if the cancer were near oxygen, the less the pain. To increase the oxygen would reduce the pain, by oxygen 100%, hydrogen peroxide 3% one to three capfuls in one liter of water, would do.

You CANNOT GIVE morphine to a cancer patient, because it would lower the immune systems, which would cause cancer to grow. Diabetes is the second factor that causes the immune system to be lower, that is why for normal person the immune system shuts down for two hours after eating, its from blood sugar. You can eat pumpkin, carrots and carrot juice, broccolli, green apples as part of dietary requirement in cancer and does not cause a rise in blood sugar. The only pain killer that doesn't cause a immune system to shut down is buprenorphine (under the tradenames, Suboxone, but also Tamgesic, Sabutex. Buprenex, Norspan, etc). The others that sometimes to help, is aspirin 500 mg with niacinamide or niacin, and lugol's. Lugols is given at 5 drops everytime a pain is there may help, the standard is 2.5% potassium iodide and 2% iodine, or SSKI (super saturated iodine) which is primarily potassium iodide, would do also.

Chromium is also given (I prefer chromium chloride, but chromium polynicotinate 1000 mcg is also acceptable) twice a day, its one of the few supplements that get blood sugar down after the gymnema and N acetyl cysteine. It is the three major supplements to get sugar down effectively.

DMSO applied to the area topically can oxygenate very quickly the organ effectively reducing the pain also. Just apply thinly for DMSO to absorb, by applying with cotton balls by the stick if possible, DO NOT pour, and it helps a lot of aloe vera oil or a bit of lavender is added to DMSO to reduce the irritation. There are two supplements I know that converts CANCER CELLS into NORMAL CELLS in about 3 to 5 days, which is DMSO and Butyric acid.

Under no circumstances are maple syrup and sodium bicarbonate to be used, because most cancer victims are diabetic, so it really isn't even useful. or anything of that nature, including honey. NO SUGAR or carbs of any kind at least until the blood sugar is under control and that means below 90 mg/dL, but primarily 85 mg/dL is my goal. I have achieved below 90 mg/dL fasting blood sugar and 1 hour after meals, therefore this is a reachable goal with the supplements given.

If patient cannot eat, there are three supplements that have helped, hydrochloric acid (betaine HCl), digestive enzyme, and B50. Given at least 3 times a day. The digestive enzymes can be used and also bromelain, as they will break down the cancer cells.