Metastatic Prostate Bone Cancer

Posted by J (Anonymous) on 04/03/2012

Hi Ted, I just came across this blog and I'm wondering if there is anything new in the fight against this disease. I'm currently trying to alkalize my body, changed my diet, and taking oxygen. Could you suggest anything else? Thanks J.

Replied by Prema
Gold Coast, Australia

Ted, for cancer, is it ok to have lime and Bicarb for alkalinity? I think that I recall that it is dangerous to raise the PH too quickly? My mother has just been diagnosed with colon cancer, this is why I am asking. Please can someone answer me, we are very afraid that she will die. The tumour is 3 cm and hasnt spread, but there are some issues in the liver, and they did a biopsy and that might have spread it. They are giving some form of morphine for pain, I am very afraid that their ways will endanger her. The doctors want to operate and chemo and nuke it, I am worried for her life if she takes that path, we dont know what to do. Please help.

Replied by Erin
Rushden, Northants, Uk

Hi Ted,

I could really do with some advice please as my dad is in the same situation with prostate cancer that seems to be metasizing. Now it has affected his chestbone and spine causing sciatic nerver pain. The background is as below. Please advise:

Prostate cancer diagnosed in 2000 after routine control then confirmed with biopsy. Since then he has been on hormanal therapy with casodex 50mg. No prostatectomy was executed. In 2005 he was being treated with radiotherapy and then continued with the hormanal therapy.

He has been doing CT body scans , RMN, bone scan etc all this while not dimostrating the presence of the prostate cells in the nearby areas( Iliac bone, iliac linfnodes).

In 2010 after a global body tomoscintigraphy(PET) reveals that a minimal quantity of the contrasting fliud was captured just around the prostrate gland.

Lombar vertebrate L4 was of no concern.

Since then he has Always been on casodex 50mg to have the situazione under control. No radiotherapy was being prescribed at this point.

Global body tomoscintigraphy done in Nov 2012 revealed that prostate cells were located on the left wing of the the iliac bone. A mediastinic lymph node was suspected to be involved in a minor way.

He was then put on a new hormonal therapy drug(enantone 3. 75mg once a month) for 6 months which uptill date he is still undergoing

In Feb-March 2013 he started lamenting pains in his left foot which was later diagnosed as a sciatic nerve pain.

Bone scan done in june 2013 shows that the prostate cells are present in the the spine, chest bone, iliac bone.

He has then been put on painkiller(tachidol made of paracetamol and codeina), deltacortene( anti inflamation drug), pregabalin for neuropathic pains.

He has been undergoing bone strengthening therapy with zometa( once every 28days).

On tuesday the 27th, we went in to the Emergency unit because he was suffering from severe left leg pains. Three different pain killers were being injected all in vain in this order: lixidol, contramal and talwin. We had to go home bc there was nothing more the doctors could do. The next morning we went back to see the orthopedic who prescribed a new pain killer( Targin made of ossicodone and naloxone 5mg/2.5mg). This dosage can be increased need be.

CT scan done a few days ago still reveals the presence of prostate cells on ilaic bone , spine, chest bone.

With the last results , we are waiting to be called by the oncologist for the next step. As he said earlier, there might be need for a change in therapy. This might involve chemotherapy and or a new hormonal therapy.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes. It seems urea 1 gram every hour for 4 hour in morning and every hour for 4 hours in evening does the job, but it must be added with N acetyl cysteine at least 250 mg or vitamin C 500 mg mixed in the solution does work along with blood sugar not exceeding 100 mg/dL after meals one hour, and below 90 mg/dL after meals, is the ideal. Blood glucose meter is a must for cancer and measuring your blood sugar after meals is a way to monitor. Lysine is definitely needed for prostate/bone cancer. The cause is cadmium due to chocolate, cigarettes (mostly from paper in cigarettes I found from one company), and urine therapy (one of my client is an avid urine therapy advocate and that was caused his cancer of the bones). The urine therapy does not help as they have cadmium, therefore the least is zinc acetate to displace it. So there is a myth about urine therapy as most urine therapy is polluted with heavy metals, the ones I see are arsenic, cadmium and lead. If so chinese parsley (coriander), is helpful in chelation, I think it was the linalool content in coriander also in the coriander, that helped the chelation, but I can't be certain. What I know is urea is fairly effective against all forms of cancer and causes them to become normal cells, along with DMSO (it has some issues so has to be mixed with aloe vera) and butyric acid (cannot use oatmeal to convert to butyric acid, due to carbohydrate content). If alkalizing is done the ideal remedy is my old lime juice (freshly squeezed whole lime) mixed with 1/2 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate 3 times a day, preferably noon, afternoon and before sleep. The last few weeks I have updated my protocols a lot, but it is getting there.

Anyway I think some hydrogen peroxide 3% added to urea might help convert some into a peroxide forms, that might help fight against cancer, but that is theoretical.


Replied by Andrea C

Hi Cayenne Pepper in Prostate Cancer was proved to completely cure 89% of long standing cases, Organic powder form, or the fresh Peppers. Give him either a level teaspoon in warm water at least four times a day, and you can put it in his food as well. With the fresh pepper's, cut the whole pod length ways, take the seed' out and let it stand in boiled distilled water for a few minutes until it's just warm enough to drink, four times a day as well. These can also be added to food, and is hotter than the powder (Organic again). Myself and a few other friends have cured Siatica by hanging upside down on an Inversion Table, start off with a minute or two until he gets used to it for a few days then five a few times a day. None of this will harm him, and once used to it me and a few of my friends used to fall asleep hanging there!! There is people on youtube of a good age, late 60s and older who have been using this method for all sorts of reasons, anti inflammitories aren't much help and cause there own problems, and usually the first thing DR's prescribe for this. Inversion Therapy is widely used for physical and mental problem's by load's of people. Hipocraties pratically invented Inversion Therapy by hanging people upside down by their ankles from a ladder, so it's nothing new, and has been used for a long time. Fish Oil is also beneficial for Prostrate cancer, and this will prove a point, the Pharmacutical companies spread a rumour it was negative for Prostrate cancer, but one of their own DRs blew the whistle that they were spreading lies, because it worked, and Cancer is a huge money spinner for those sicko's!! If I knew 6 years ago what I know now, both my parents would still be alive. Its basically not the Cancer that kills, but the Cancer treatments. I hope this is of help to you. I could't save my Mum and Dad as I did not have this knowledge then, but I sure as hell do not want to see others and their family suffer like this. I made it my mission to try and help other people as well as myself and I spend hour's researching about any thing and every thing as well as trying to fix myself. I hope this help's your Father. If he can't hang from an Inversion table, I used to lay on as steep a slope as possible with my head at the lower end, and my feet facing the higher part face up, this helped greatly when there was no Inversion table around. You can also raise one en of the bed to a tilt, and do it on the bed, but make sure he doesn't slide off. Love Andrea C xxxx