Prostate Cancer Cured, But Mm Progressing

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Hi Ted, I have always read with great attention and interest, your posts on I am writing to you in hopes you will have some suggestions/advice on what I can do for my father.

My father was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (MM) five years ago. He was actually diagnosed with prostate cancer when his PSA number rose and during tests for that diagnosis, they discovered MM. He chose hormone therapy for his prostate cancer which seems to have resolved it. He has been on chemo (Revlimid and Dexamethasone) but over time his kappa light chain number (KLC, used to track the progression of MM) continued to rise so his oncologist put him on Velcade (with Dexamethasone) and it successfully reduced his KLC number for several months. So they stopped Velcade but continued Dexamethasone. After about 3 months, his KLC number was rising so he went back on Velcade (lower dose) a few months ago and this is his current status.

My older sister has researched many natural supplements so he currently takes curcumin, mushrooms, Floressence tea, among other things to help offset the harm that chemo inflicts on the body. My father has difficulty sleeping and he experiences weakness and dizziness when he gets up to stand. But once he's standing, he can walk fine (sometimes uses a cane) and he is able to drive. What do you suggest, Ted?

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PSA can be lowered, and I have seen it a lot, by taking progesterone cream (for pain and healing), and the cause of most prostate cancers I have seen are the heavy metals that accumulate in the prostate, but also the bladder, and the kidneys. Most of the exposure comes from using frying pans and faulty pipes and connections (rust). Multiple myeloma, and I have seen much of that in Thailand, is actually cancer being spread, the other word for that is metastatic cancer, but is not aggressive. Zinc acetate and selenium will displace the cadmium and other metals, but it also must be excreted with the help of taurine. Lysine and threonine are absolutely essential in multiple myeloma, but mostly the energy. 1/3 teaspoon Lysine and 1/4 teaspoon of threonine taken hourly for 4 hours in the morning and the same in evening but taken for three hours. Vitamin C is helpful too but 500 mg every hour should get him more energy and B50 just once a day for at least 1 or 2 weeks.

That's the minimum, the supplements you mentioned lack focus on essential nutrients. The other that is absolutely required for all cancer is blood sugar, you must get it below 90 mg/dL, then does the reishi mushroom begin to work, or at least 100 mg/dL. The three top supplements to get lower blood sugar are chromium (I use chromium chloride) at least 1 month, vanadium 5 mg a day, at least 1 week to save money! And the granulated lecithin 1 teaspoon a day, to emulsify fats where heavy metals are lodged and help getting rid of them. But I think if he's on chemo, sodium thiosulfate will help.


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Dear Ted, Have you actually cured MM? My father believes that it is not curable since his oncologist at Mayo Clinic who specializes in MM, told him it was not curable. My father is 83 years old (Chinese) and both is parents lived to be 93 years old and they both died of old age, no illness. My grandfather was a doctor. Are you a naturopath?"

12/22/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "I have cured one multiple myeloma patient, but it seems acidosis is the main cause, low oxygen in the body, and DMSO topical application, selenium 600 mcg a day, and strong ginger tea seems to be the natural remedies needed. The patient in this instance reported unusual pain in the legs, which is a sign of acidosis. The other thing I noticed is the patient had long term diabetes, so had to be treated with B1, metformin, and chromium chloride. It must be stressed this is a unique patient and needed to be given hyaluronic acid big time for the pain. The diagnosis after the multiple myeloma was that the doctor have changed there opinion it was not, as the conditions improved. However the patient then suffered some sort of bone marrow cancer, and that was cured, again. Then the doctors can't figure out what was going on, and decided to give morphine. That morphine killed the patient. It simply reduces the immune system big time. In a patient such as these, you have to remember that if fasting blood sugar is above 105 mg/dL (not 110 mg/dL) the sugar is considered high by my standards. Now if you eat sweets, your immune system is turned off 2 hours, but imagine that your are diabetic, well it is turned off 24 hours a day! This is why getting sugar levels down is all important.

The best supplements I found are N acetyl cysteine, lysine, chromium, perhaps vanadium and lecithin for sure, I am investigating the use of glycerine, which seems slightly to improve the diabetes condition by restoring mitochrondria function, to see if that works. And for acidosis and diabetes, at least 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon once or twice a day after meals of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water ( or half glass) if you cannot handle too much liquids. Drink plenty of water during meals as it gets rid of sugar faster that way and if possible at least a 15 minute walk after every meal to burn off sugar. A simple normal walk would do, but don't force yourself.


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Many thanks for your advice. My older sister has been seeking the advice of a very credible naturopath and she said for cancer patients like my father, she would be extremely careful about removing heavy metals from their system. She said given my father's age and fragile condition, the heavy metals are more than likely lodged and stored in his muscles and fatty tissues. Removing them could cause adverse affects that he may not be able to handle given his toxic condition already from the chemotherapy drugs, dexamethasone and other medications he is taking. So she does not recommend removing heavy metals from the body without a complete evaluation because he may not be able to handle this process.

So I appreciate your simple option of lowering the sugar level to below 90 mg/dL. After reading about N acetyl cysteine, gymnema slyvestre, chromium chloride and humic acid, I think what I might be able to have my father try is N acetyl cysteine.

What is the daily dose of N acetyl cysteine and can this lower his sugar level to below 90 mg/dL or does he have to take the other things you suggested? He is also trying to avoid eating foods containing sugar.

Many thanks!"

01/14/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "The real reason why people get cancer is their immune system gets turned off, and this happens when your blood sugar reaches a breaking point, usually at over 100 mg/dL, it gets worse the higher it is. So to turn on the immune system is basically to get the blood sugar down to at least below 100 mg/dL, but ideally below 90 mg./dL. Do that successfully, and the immune system will do its job. The following is to get sugar below 90 mg/dL, but some people do get blood sugar swings and can fluctuate to hypoglycemia, but doesn't happen if it does, glutamine 1/2 teaspoon and glycine 1/2 teaspoon would prevent them, whenever blood sugar is below 50 mg/dL.

Because blood sugar is the main issue in cancer treatment, and preventing them from metastasis, besides avoiding bananas, sweet fruits, artificial sugar, is the supplement to get sugar down and you must be aggressive in getting the numbers therefore all of it is the minimum to be taken:

  • N Acetyl Cysteine, 1/4 teaspoon 3 times a day.
  • Gymnema sylvestre 400 mg 3 times a day
  • Chromium chloride 2 mg x 3 times a day.
  • Humic acid (liquid 3%) is 1/2 teaspoon a day.

The last one does not get rid of blood sugar but somehow I found it is involved with the immune system. The white blood cells and immune system amino acids are as follows (these can be mixed together):

  • 1/4 teaspoon of lysine every hour for 4 hours
  • 1/4 teaspoon of threonine every hour for four hours
  • and green tea extract 1/8 teaspoon maybe three times a day

These are the minimum things that's needed. The lysine will drive up the white blood cells and threonine is the immune system, but if if the person has craving for sugar, then glutamine will stop that perhaps added to it at 1/4 teaspoon for every hour for 3 hours. Glutamine is glucogenic so we don't want to take excessive of that can cause sugar to be higher, but does prevent cravings for sugar.

I have more successes for cancer in dogs, in more than 90% of dogs treating for cancer as their blood sugar is usually below 90 mg/dL, if they are not, then their owners are giving them sweet candies and carbs, but once stop their blood sugar is under control.

The lessons I learned from dogs is this, their liver produces a lot of vitamin C and structurally similar to glucose, and if given vitamin C 500 mg, every hour, for a couple of days, the patient improves. But humans don't produce vitamin C as do dogs, that's two reason why treating cancer is easier, the other is the human belief system that believe in authority figures or institutions. The last thing is morphine will kill you every time, if they are used. There's no remedy for that one, maybe one, Natrexone, but hardly enough.

Getting sugar under control is not as easy as you think, ask any diabetics. Can they get sugar below 90 mg/dL, you will get 90% no. But this is the best combination I can do to get sugar under control so far. I will continue to try more supplements whenever I can afford to come with a good one, but this is the best I can do for now.