Bone Cancer Protocol

Posted by N (Anonymous) on 04/03/2012

Dear Ted, I am contacting you about an article on the web pertaining to bone cancer. I have taken a copy of the protocol and will purchase the items for my Dad with bone cancer. I have a question about azoxystrobin. I am here in the us and have come across it on the web but I just would like to find out more. Is this safe for human consumption?

I notice it is sold as a fungicide for plants, I am a little skeptical about my Dad taking it orally. Please can you give me more insight. One more question, how long should you follow the protocol for? I greatly appreciate your help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The cause of most of the bone cancer I come across in Thailand is due to cigarette smoking (mostly from paper in the cigarettes), eating chocolate, drinking cocoa combined with urine therapy (you get concentrated cadmium). These are the causes of bone cancer from my clients. Specifically cases where I have treated bone cancer, the remedy was strontium chloride (as a substitute for strontium renelate) as an affordable replacement and more water soluble strontium taken at 1/8 teaspoon twice a day. The azoxystrobin kills mostly the fungus based cancer, which is also sometimes the case. But I used far lower dose in liquid from mixed with water, about 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. However, the one thing that worked across all cancer that I know for sure are DMSO (with aloe vera oil to prevent skin reactions), butyric acid (smells like rancid butter), and urea, and possibly urea peroxide (at low concentrations), and lysine. Urea is now included as part of the anti cancer protocol (but I really have to tweak this), as 1/3 teaspoon of lysine, 1/4 of N acetyl cysteine, and 1 gram of urea (is approximately 1/3 teaspoon) every hour for four hours in the morning and in evening. Beta glucan, vitamin C, and vitamin B3 also helped. Zinc acetate displaces the cadmium and taken at 25 mg every day will help. Cadmium and lead are two major sources if found to cause bone cancer, and lead must be displaced by magnesium rich water and other things, such as N acetyl cysteine.

I haven't really had a fully developed protocol as most clients seemed happy with it, but is not protocol I am happy with because they seek something to lessen the cancer from spreading which it does, but I am seeking an outright cure which is a little idealistic from the client's point of view.