Bone Cancer

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 07/24/2011

My friend is suffering with bone cancer. I don't know which kind, he won't tell me but he doesn't want to use any of the invasive treatments here. I know about the bloodroot, but are there any other herbs or minerals that grow in north east America (around Maine) that might help him? He's very into holistic medicine and though I come from a long line of medicine women, I was never prepared for this..

Please tell me anything, ANYTHING I can do to help him. He's a really good man and a credit to the human race, and I want to keep it that way.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There are supplements that may help but I think he wants to see some results first, but the one simple one for topical is DMSO/Lugols/Castor oil/Clove oil mixture. You apply this at least 5 -6 times a day. Here is the mixture, that worked for me very well:

You prepare DMSO 50 cc,, castor oil 5 cc, Lugols, 30 cc, and Clove oil 10 cc.

The aloe oil is used to get some irritation out and help normalize cells, if you don't have it, then aloe vera extract 50 mg orally, or mix into the solution about 5 cc of aloe extract (that's about 5 grams)..

It's not the best, when mix, but it will do. Apply the area as often as you like, the solution will penetrate through the skin and go into the bone area, and convert cancer cells to normal cells. The pain should subside, after a couple of application.

The most important thing for people with cancer is the sugar is always a problem, it must be below 90 mg/dL. The reason is really simple, primitive humans, horses, dogs, cows, cats living in their natural environment are always blood sugar is between 80 to 90 mg/dL. It is forbidden to eat anything with sugar, particularly fructose found in fruits, especially bananas, pineapples, coconut milk for example being one of the worse. Avoid all fruits and all carbohydrate, with possible exception of lime, and that is taken limited too, and bitter gourd juice, carrot juice and green apple juice. Those have the effect of reducing the blood sugar. Coriander juice will work fine, but must be prepared fresh.

Lime juice you prepare yourself. Be sure when squeezing the lime, that you get the peeling oils out too, or if you are too lazy to do that, get lemon essential oils and put in 10 to 20 drops. Taken lemon 3 times or as is necessary and mix it with baking soda, until it becomes not too sour. If he or she likes sour, it is also fine. It usually works for most cancers I can think off, but if it does not work for you, you will know it in a day. If it works you will know within a day, if not you will known within a day, to continue or discontinue.

Once he get comfortable with the remedies, lysine 1000 mg, is necessary or a must, it get's the immune system up (there are others, such as beta glucan, threonine, crocodile blood pills - great to pick up immunity and anemia), also, but then most people just want any improvement and the more serious ones (the conditions or the patient) I deal with that later. It's trying to get the initial acceptance that's the problem and the simplified remedies doesn't work for everyone, but that's what the want.

The lysine is taken hourly 4 hours in morning and in evening. You must do that for at least 3 days, if you won't it wouldn't work.

There are supplements that help long term bone recovery, such as boron (borax), strontium, BUT NEVER CALCIUM, but getting the people to do the things I mentioned even if they are simple, is a problem for me. So get those, protocol up and running first. Most people won't even try, for some reason, the extent I had to hire them to cure them! I hope your experience won't be the same as mine, getting them convince to try it is the real problem for me, not the cure.


Replied by Mary
Atlanta, Ga

I have bone cancer & have been reading your posts about it. I noticed in one post, you talk about supplements, then say "BUT NEVER CALCIUM"... Why do you say we should not take calcium supplements for bone cancer?

Please let me know, & thank you!