Vco and Bone Cancer

Posted by F (Anonymous) on 06/17/2012

Hi Ted, I have a sister who was just diagnosed with bone cancer. Has had symptoms for two years. Bones have started to deteriorate. Very concerned about falling. Can no longer walk. Both hip joint areas Drs. said the joints and surrounding tissue are dead (I need clarification on this point from her Dr.). Regarding your article, I will forward to her. What is VCO?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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VCO is virgin coconut oil, actually coconut oil alone has the therapeutic value in itself. Most people have bone cancer usually (not all) from past smoking mostly from the cadmium added in the paper in the cigarettes, and some from the tobacco, and chocolates (chocolate lovers have high blood pressure) mostly from cadmium, and shellfish consumption.

The supplements to take are zinc chloride -- a saturated solution of several drops a day -- and vitamin D3, vitamin K, will usually help. I haven't had any patients yet tried on rife machines on bone cancer, but it works fairly well with most cancers after only one session, which averages 3 hours, to deactivate them, By deactivation I mean blood sugar is significantly reduced and it stays like this for at least a week, with the dietary controls. However, dietary control alone will reduce blood glucose, but it is more clear with the rife device. There is a rife program, called the 1028 Hz square wave, 30% electrical intensity with 20 minutes done in 2 sessions in one day that seems effective for fractures and bone growth that may be of some usefulness, the other ones are vitamin K2 M4, and vitamin D3 10,000 iu. The best vitamin K2 m4 is Glakay brand and is not generally sold.

High fats and high sugar are the major culprits in bone cancer, and the sugar control can only be effectively control by gymnema, but also I found chromium, granulated lecithin, and N acetyl cysteine to be effective. Gymnema slyvestre is the single most effective supplements there is to sugar control, the other ones are supportive.

DMSO with iodine, or some zinc chloride is added and applied to the area topically may prevent the pain and help reduce the bone cancer.