Why Is Blackstrap Better?

Posted by Duane on 10/26/2006

I was wondering if you can tell me why blakstrap molasses is better than plain unsulphured molasses. I read somewhere that the unsulphered was the best and most nutritional because it is the second phase of the process from the cane sugar.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Duane: Ye,s unsulfured molasses may have slight nutritional advantage, but the risk of food poisoning poses a problem too as sulfur is also added to prevent spoilage and stability. So if you can find one and sure that they don't spoil somehow before you eat it, then fine.

However, for most people sulfur is relatively non-toxic anyway. Most geysers and hot springs are rich in sulfur where people come to the place to treat arthritis or skin problem. Again this is a matter of choice. I prefer to choose the ones that people have good feedback. The lack of feedback, I would be suspicious. This is where earthclinic comes in and tries to get people to tell them about their experience.