Safe with Candida and Fungus?

Posted by Peggy (Muskogee, OK) on 10/19/2006

What if you are loaded with candida and fungus? Will molassas be ok to take or is it too much sugar? Thanks, Peggy

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Peggy: For a diabetic, that would be too much. Taken in small amounts might be reasonable, but I would much prefer you consider taking zinc acetate, manganese sulfate and sodium molybdate supplements. These three should help reduce the candida and fungus problem internally.

I suspect the deficiency is very much due to heavy metals and pathogen blocking immune functions causing the conditions. Heavy metals create free radicals and seems to suppress many glandular funtion, by killing of the cells or by symbiosis with mycoplasma. For some reason or another these nanobacteria seemed to be hide along with heavy metals too.

Since heavy metals is implicated, I suggest you do oil chelation or oil pulling. Take one tablespoon of sunflower oil, swish around the mouth a couple of times, most of the metals will be taken up by the sunflower oil, and then spit it out. Do this a couple of times in the morning should help reduce the pathogen load and the heavy loads quite easily. The other thing is to eat some chinese parsley (cilantro) when you eat food. This will also take heavy metals out of your system.

Replied by Larry
Arlington, Texas

Dear Ted, I tried to find the Supplements you suggest in this thread, Manganese Sulfate, Sodium Molybdate, Zinc Acetate, every Store Rep I talk to tells me to ask you where these might be available, They have no Idea at what I am asking for human consumption, Could they be known by a different chemical name, I know Magnesium Sulfate is Epsom Salt. I have been Overloaded with Candidia since Feb of this year due to a Amoxicillin reaction, I was diagnosed with fungus of the skin, itching and redness. Doctor said I also had Strep
Throat, He prescribed Amoxicillin 2,500MG twice a Day for the Strep virus and a 7 day Fluconazole for the Fungus,

By the 3rd day I was burning on my back so bad I stopped the Amoxicillin and continued the Fluconazole until the seventh day. I have had nothing but misery ever since, I have checked my Saliva, Spit test every morning, last few mornings- it floats for over half hour. Â In the past it sinks very quickly with tornadoes so severe I know I was highly infected
with yeast. Â I found I cannot use Xylitol sweetner at all! Any help would be Appreciated and thanks for a wonderfull Site!!! Larry

Replied by Marc
Olympia, Wa

To Larry from Texas, do you have amalgam (mercury) fillings..... I believe the mercury will predispose you to fungual colonizations, amoxicillin, like all antibiotics will take mucosa out of your intestine, out with the mucosa also goes most of your matalotionine, a protein that loves to bind with toxic metals and give 'em a ride right outta your system... You got to get the good bugs back in your gut, the lactobacillus et al , from fermented vegies/cabbage sauerkraut , no sulfited canned crap, make your own. , ...... Yogurt (NO!! Sugared-up Safeway garbage yogurt, get the real stuff from health food store or co-op, take zinc, it induces metalothionine to do its thing, clean yo liver ala Hulda Clarks mag sulfate/olive oil /grapefruit juice and/or plenty of powdered vit c, Abco seems to work well or drink Burroughs' old elixir of honey and/or molasses, lemon lime juice (fresh!!! ) and cayenne. The idea is you wanna get your liver clean preferably before you get your amalgams out( from a good holistic dentist that willl dam yo mouth and vaccum as they do it , not be whipping the air and your throat and gums with a plastering of particulate mercury, this is IMPORTANTE!!

now I see your post is from nearly a year ago, I'd like to know how you are doing with this.... Dang!! Stay out of the hospitals and away!! From the whitecoats.... marc marcgiovine(at)

Replied by Aparajita
Crystal Creek, Nsw Australia

Candida can be cured with alkalyzing the body, Grow some paw paw (papaya) in pots and harvest at about 3-4 feet, pulp and simmer for 2 hours, drink small amounts daily and swish in your mouth, eat lots of parsley, greens and water. Take acidophilis. Try food grade Hydrogen peroxide drops. Good luck!