Chemical Reaction in Water Mixture?

Posted by Wilson (Tema, Ghana) on 02/17/2007

I used boiling water to mix black strap molasses and then cooled the mixture. I filled PET bottles to enable my wife take the necessary equivalent dosage in combating fibroids. After a few days serious pressure developed in the bottles with one exploding. What caused the gas and will the mixture be effective. No alcohol fermentation took place though.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A bacteria doesn't necessarily ferment alcohol, but they do create gases, such as carbon dioxide. It is best taken by mixing with water directly with the molasses when you need it to be consumed immediately. You can take the same thing by making a molasses syrup taken directly much like cough syrup. If you insists on diluting the mixture, then dilute it with only apple cider vineger. The acidity of apple cider vinegar will prevent bacterial growth.

The high concentrated syrup of molasses prevents bacterial growth, but when you dilute it enough, it becomes food for the bacteria. Therefore such procedures of mixing with water and storage is not recommended and it may cause food poisoning such as botulism when such measure is employed.