How Much Is Too Much?

Posted by Bob on 04/22/2007

Molasses cure: How much is too much? I love the taste. I'm taking it for irregular heart beat and to improve my terrible short term memory.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Bob: The limiting factor for taking blackstrap molasses is the amount sugar you can consume. Normally people will take anywhere from one teaspoon to two tablespoons, being the dosage range. However, I look more on the sugar concentration of whatever we drink should be in a concentration that has ideally no affect on changes in the blood sugar levels.

Basically a normal urinary sugar, is about 1.5%-2% sugar concentration. Therefore, if you take 1.5% - 2% black molasses and 98% you add water, you can take almost any amount of black molasses you want as long as the concentration of sugar remains low and unlikely to effect the blood sugar.

In fact, a simple way to reduce blood sugar in diabetes is to drink enough water until the urinary sugar goes to between 1.5 - 2% and in which case the body would not be overburdened with the sugar. In the case of diluting them, your only limiting factor is how much water you can drink in one day and this depends usually on not getting the urine color to be too yellow, but just a faint pale yellow should be sufficient to be not to be too water logged and at the same time, not dehydrated.

The reason why soft drinks are not safe is that their sugar concentration is between 10 -20% concentration, which is at least 5 times (10% minimum sugar soft drink concentration /2% maximum allowed urinary sugar) more in concentration than what the body needs. Also most soft drinks contain no minerals and vitamins.