Molasses Vs Muscovado

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/08/2011

Hi, Ted! I am really happy to find the very informations about molasses that I have searched on your website. Now I have some questiones to ask about the differences between Molasses and Muscovado sugar. There are various kinds of raw sugars such as Muscovado, demerara and even 'molasses sugar' of Billinton's. I know these kinds of raw sugars have many minerals and vitamins like molasses but perhaps not as much as the effects of the curations of molasses.
I want to know about the truth and your opinion.
Thank you!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Both of them has sugar, so I consider harmful. Generally the darker the sugar, the more the mineral. So I would have to say molasses and muscovada is a close one depending on the brand you are using. If you wanted to look at the quality you look at two things, total mineral content per 100 gram, which is more, that's the winner. The second one is total carbohydrate (mostly sucrose) the less the better. The one that is worthy of any health effects is not molasses or muscovada, it's the blackstrap molasses, which has both the highest mineral content and yet as the lowest in sugar content.